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Are there any autoimmune diseases that a repetitive pneumothorax (collapsed lung) is a symptom of?

not that i can think of  (+ info)

How long after a Thoracotomy for pneumothorax can I return to work?

I had a Thoracotomy on 12-1-08 for a pneumothorax. What is the average time that a person is out of work for this type of procedure? I spent 8 days in the hospital.

It will of course, be dependant upon how you feel. If you have a strenuous job, you may be off work up to 6-8 weeks. If you have an easy job, or you sit at a desk, you may be off for 3-4 weeks after your surgery.  (+ info)

Can living at a higher altitude be a risk if you've had a spontaneous pneumothorax?

I've just recently had a pneumothorax(ruptured lung) now i understand that it is possible for me to get it again and more often. i want to know if living at a higher altitude can affect whether or now it will happen more often than living at a lower altitude?

Hi Aaron,

Yes, it is slightly more risky because your lungs have to work harder. I am not sure of the altitude you are talking about but at 5000 feet above sea level (Albuquerque, NM, USA) many of my patients did well.  (+ info)

How long should i wait before playing sports after being in the hospital for 2 weeks for Pneumothorax?

I had a pneumothorax and had to go the hospital and had surgery (I also had a chest tube). Its been 2 weeks since ive been released and 3 weeks since i've had my surgery. How long should I wait before playing sports again?

I had surgery for pneumothorax 4 weeks ago. The doc said I could resume activities except for lifting heavy things.

I have been doing light activities like walking on the treadmill, and playing catch and playing in the batting cages.

I'm still getting winded easily though, so I won't resume full sports activity until I feel up to it.

I say go for it if your doc clears you, but definitely pay attention to how you are feeling!  (+ info)

Can you fly after having spontaneous pneumothorax surgery?

I was playing Hockey and my lung collapsed. I was rushed to the hospital and was treated for spontaneous pneumothorax. They inserted a chest tube and was took out a couple of days later. My lung is 100% inflated. Am I able to fly about a week and a half after the chest tube was taken out?

Med student is right on the money but I would add that there is a risk in flying post op even in a pressurized cabin. Airlines usually pressurize at the equivalent of about 8,000 ft above sea level because it causes the least structural strain to the airframe while not causing altitude sickness to the passengers. But the risk to you is best calculated by your doctor who knows how large the pneumo was. Yikes though, spontaneous pneumo is a scary deal to go through!  (+ info)

Does holding my sneeze give me a higher risk of having spontaneous pneumothorax?

I have a habit of holding my sneeze and currently have a repeated history of having pneumothorax. The doctor told me that my right lung has developed a few bullae (bubbles) that could be the reason for me to have pneumothorax frequent. He (doctor) further explains that our lungs are made of elastic tissue. I came to that assumption (the question) because i believe the pressure build up in my chest that isn't released (because i hold my sneeze) could have caused the formation of those bullaes. According to my doctors, my left lung is normal. The biggest bullae found on my right lung is 7mm. I'm trying to fix my habit now.

Blebs and bullae can break when pressure within the lungs becomes severe. They could break because of extra pressure from diving. Holding sneezes is just not a good idea in the first place. It may also harm your ear drums. If you need to sneeze, let it go in a direction where people and food are not.

Lots of people have blebs or bullae and don't know about it. You do, so please take care of yourself. They should be stable as long as you don't strain your lungs with extreme pressure. For example, this would be: violent coughing, holding your sneezes, diving, and flying in unpressurized aircraft above 10,000 ft.

Sometime people who are tall and skinny have a tendency to get spontaneous pneumothoracies. If you are like 6ft and 140 lbs, then you might be a candidate for this. It's just something that happens for that population.  (+ info)

Are you at a higher risk of a pneumothorax if you already had one?

If the cause of the pneumothorax was asthma, then are you at a higher risk of getting it again than the general population? I know that if you have had a spontaneous pnemo then you would be at a higher risk. Does you risk increase if you have just had a pneumothorax, the type doesn't matter?

To my understanding of the medical peer-reviewed literature ... yes  (+ info)

What is Catamenial Pneumothorax? What makes the lung collapse?

My wife wants me to read the only book on this subject called, Living With Lung and Colon Endometriosis/Catamenial Pneumothorax by Glynis D. Wallace DMD. If this is a real disease, why is this the only book on the subject?

It is a real manifestation of the disease. Simply because there are not specific books on it, doesn't mean it's not real. There have been extensive mentions of this topic in all the various and sundry other Endo books that have been published over the years [example; a search on Amazon turns up the term referenced in over 40 books], and the medical literature is literally replete with coverage of it [ref: PubMed]. Even the book discussed above shares the title with "colon Endometriosis." I assure you, this is a real thing which is affecting real women. The book above is a must-read; highly recommended.  (+ info)

Can I go to a concert after having a pneumothorax?

I originally had a pneumothorax in mid-july, in Israel. In early august I went to a concert where a lot of people were smoking, and there was powerful base, which somehow triggered a relapse. currently, most of the pain is gone, however sometimes i feel a much smaller version of what i originally felt, which lasts a few days, and then subsides. would it be a bad idea to go to a concert in a month?

Zack ... sounds like it .... the environment definitely is not helpful ...  (+ info)

Can I smoke weed after a spontaneous pneumothorax?

About a week ago I had my first spontaneous pneumothorax, not due to smoke inhalation, but due to my tall lean figure. Would it now be okay for me to smoke marijuana just once?

dear black,
NO  (+ info)

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