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poland syndrome?

does anyone here have poland syndrome ?

In respond to Rev Trask, Poland Syndrome has nothing to do with Polish people. This condition is also called Poland anomaly (PA) and was named after Sir Alfred Poland not Poland the country. To answer your question...no, I don't have Poland syndrome. Good luck on your search.  (+ info)

Poland syndrome?

hi, do people with poland syndrome need silicon implants or can they have a muscle like put in, its just that my mate was talking about some1 he knows and its like tha guy needs a boob job lol

My cousins baby had polands disease (she is a girl), we think it was due to the steroids my cousin was given as she had gone into labour too early int he pregnancy.

Anyway, she was born with a concaved chest and webbed fingers. She will have the fingers 'cut apart' basically in a few years and will need a few operations to readjust her chest into place. When she was younger she had to go to child physiology and do some exercises because she wouldnt use her left hand (the webbed hand), but she is fine now. I dont think its a boob job more a reconstruction.  (+ info)

Have you ever heard of POLAND syndrome when people are born with nipples in the wrong?

place on the chest or up and down the chest. Or missing nipples.

I've seen a guy with 4 nipples and Carrie Underwood, the season 4 winner of Idol, said that she had a third nipple which was removed.  (+ info)

I might have Poland Syndrome?

I am 16, and have two very different sized breasts. My right breast is a DD, and my left is a B. Through personal research on the web, I have found a syndrome called Poland Syndrome. My question is, what type of doctor would I visit about this assumption?

actually, Seth, you're kinda wrong.

this sounds like a 'mild' case of Poland Syndrome. you know, when you're not the worst case ever.

i know a guy who has this thing, and you would never notice it. unless he takes off his shirt. he has perfect symmetric hands.

and to answer the question. My advice is to get it checked out by your GP1, maybe even suggest poland syndrome yourself. this anomaly is usually diagnosed by looking at it, and taking a CT scan.

good luck.  (+ info)

Poland Syndrome - anyone had it treated with NHS?


Has any1 had a surgery for Poland Syndrome from NHS? I have my appointment in 3weeks and i am sooo nervous about what they going to say. I so hope they will get it done, as it upsets me so much.
Has anyone had it done with NHS, preferable in Manchester?

many thanks for d answers


You might be able to get it done on the NHS as it distresses you. Less bothersome conditions that Poland's get cosmetic procedures done for psychiatric reasons sometimes.
A site that might help you...
http://www.pssgcharity.org/  (+ info)

i have a breast implant because of poland syndrome i was just wondering if i could still produce milk from i?

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Poland's syndrome?

Does anyone have a child that has poland's syndrome, if so can you describe some of the things that you have had to go through with your child?

I havnt got a child with it, but the sites below may be of use;  (+ info)

Does Anyone Here Have Poland Syndrome...?

I recently discovered I have a rare birth defect called Poland Syndrome. Symptoms include a missing chest muscle.

Here's one link:

Google for more...  (+ info)

Anyone have knowledge of Poland's Syndrome?

Okay, so, I'm 16 years old. Within the last year and a half, it doesn't seem as if either of my breats have grown. One of them is significantly larger than the other. Well, okay, depends on your definition of significantly, I suppose. The bras I buy are usually B, but if I had to guess, one is more a C while the other is an A. I don't know if some people would call that significant. To me, it seems to be. Anyways, so, I started doing some research into it and found out about Poland's Syndrome. Is the size difference ALWAYS huge or does mine seem typical of Poland's Syndrome? Should I not worry yet because this much of difference is common in females my age? I am really confused, worried and self concious. I don't want surgery, but I hate how much I notice a difference. Someone please help me.

I do not think that you have Poland's Syndrome. As Poland's Syndrome is described as the absence or underdevelopment of a persons chest muscles (also refered to as your pectoralis) on one side of a persons body. Also Poland's Syndrome also presents with webbing of the persons fingers on the same side. Not only is this condition present at birth, but it is also extremely rare. Poland's Syndrome is also three times more common in boys than in girls.

I think the best thing you can do (yeah I know this sounds so cliche') is to talk to you Mother or another female adult you can trust and confide in.

You may also want to make an appointment with your family doctor as having symmetrical breat shapes can be an early indicator of breast cancer (do not let this worry you, you are only 16) But your doctor will be able to talk to you about this and anything else that you can do to make yourself feel more comfortable with your body.  (+ info)

Is this Poland's Syndrome?

I was watching Embarrassing Bodies the other night and there was guy on there and his pectoral muscle hadn't grown. The left side of my chest at the top, it caves in slightly and there is a big difference, compared to my right side where there is a bit of cushion if you press it. I heard that with Poland's Syndrome you get webbed hands and other deformities. Anyone know what it is?
Just to add when I press down on the left side I can just feel the chest bone and it goes round near my armpit too, as you can see theres more "cushion" on the right side.

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