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what does 'peripheral nerve, polyradiculopathy or myelopathy' mean?

Hi. I recently had a EP (Evoked Potential) test and my test results says "no reproducible response is obtained from tibial nerve stimulation, though there is adequate toe twitch. The etiology of this response is uncertain, with possbilities being either 'peripheral nerve, polyradiculopathy or myelopathy.

What does that mean? If any one knows, any info would be appreciated :) thanks! :D
is this associated with any disease other then MS?

The test is not seeing any electrical signal (potential) being set from your tibial nerve when it is stimulated, and it should. This means you have a problem (....pathy) with either your peripheral nerve roots (polyradiculo....) or the fatty sheath (myelo....) of the nerve fibers .  (+ info)

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