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Postpartum hemorrhage?

I am currently 8 weeks pregnant with my second baby and am already worried. When I gave birth to my first daughter not only did I bleed a lot during the actual delivery I also had postpartum hemorrhage. It was the scariest moment of my entire life. It was about 5-6 hours after the birth of my daughter and they don't know why it happened. Has this happened to anyone else? And if so and if you have more than 1 child what was the second birth like?

I had a bad bleed after my 3rd child and needed a couple of shots, my uterus also collapsed into the birth canal. It was only a 56 minute labour (from first contraction to birth) so it was put down to the fast labour.
Then with my 4th my labour was only 15 minutes (5 contractions) and I hardly bled at all but then passed the largest clots I have ever seen in my life!
So with my 5th they decided to induce me again but to only leave the drip on a small dosage to try to slow the labour down. I delivered in 4 hours but had a really bad bleed. I ended up with 6 shots to try to control it and I was passing out, my husband said they were saying if it was not controlled in 2 more minutes they were going to transfuse and take me to surgery. I can't remember this - they did manage to get it under control, thankfully.
Afterwards my OB said that he would recommend a C-Section if I had another child as my uterus is obviously weakened and has post delivery contracting problems.
He said it is quite common and if it can be controlled with a shot or 2 then it is fine, but that in my case it was just too close to disaster to risk again.
I am 4/5 weeks pregnant again, (have had 2 m/c since last delivery) and will discuss it with my OB if this pregnancy is successful. I think you should do the same.  (+ info)

postpartum hemorrhage?

i had a postpartum hemorrhage after i gave birth to my son and i just need to know what are the odds on this happening again if i have any more babies? thanks

I had one when my third baby was born. I had retained a small piece of placenta, luckily they discovered it right away, but I was still almost to the point of needing a transfusion. Luckily the shot they gave me was enough to stop it (I think it was vitamin K but don't quote me on that). I didn't have that problem with the first two, nor with the three I had after. I don't think that the odds are great of it happening again.  (+ info)

I had a postpartum hemorrhage with my first child, what are the chances of it happening again?

I had a baby 4 months ago, and had a postpartum hemorrhage. It was really severe, and had to have 2 blood transfusions and 2 surgerys, I almost lost my life because of it. I really want to have another baby some day, what are my chances of this happening again?

If they used pitocin to augment your labor it could have caused the hemorrhage.

If it happened during a natural labor (no drugs whatsoever) then I would think you would be at risk.

Most hospital births cause more problems than they solve. Find out the cause of the problem and try to prevent it. Inform yourself and settle for nothing short of the best care for you next time.  (+ info)

What are the chances of having postpartum hemorrhage in future pregnancies?

After 4 weeks of delivery I got postpartum hemorrhage and now I am really afraid of getting pregnant again. Can anyone help me that what are the chances of getting postpartum hemorrhage in future pregnancies after having it once?

you may want to check a site like Cafe Mom where there are plenty of women to help you with this question. possibly someone who's had the same problem after delivery.  (+ info)

Is the second delivery harder after postpartum hemorrhage from the first one?

I gave birth to my first born 6 months ago and I had postpartum hemorrhage which was life threatening to me. I'm okay now but im always scared that maybe the second time I might not be so fortunate. My husband are not planning to have another child yet but the thought of losing my life scares me for the sake of my son!!
I will be talking to my doctor before my husband and I decide to have another kid.

Ok now my second child was much harder than the first. Each baby will do its own thing. But this time around your dr should be looking for things like that since it has happend before. And i would defanitly talk to your dr before you decide you want to try again just to see if it is going to be ok. Or maybe there is something you can do to prevent this problem from happening again. I didnt hemorrage but i did almost die when i had my daughter almost lost my bp not good when you are in labor. But like i said before i would talk with the dr and make sure before i decided to have my next baby. Good luck!  (+ info)

What are my chances? postpartum hemorrhage?

I've experienced postpartum hemorrhage with my first baby girl 12 weeks ago, i had trouble contracting afterwards and the placenta was forced out, and there was retained placenta left after 2 weeks, I had to have a d&c, thank god im still here with my girl, i've had such a hard time and wonders if the next time it will be risky? what do you think my chances are for next time?

These are questions you should be asking your doctor.

But basically they're going to tell you to hold off having another baby for a while to allow your body time to fully heal. As well, every pregnancy is different. Just because you had trouble with this one, does not mean that the next one will be ANYTHING like it.

But your OB/GYN (if you have a different one next time) should be made fully aware of your previous problems.  (+ info)

does postpartum late hemorrhage cause a difference in blood pressure?

Yes, it can!

http://www.fairview.org/healthlibrary/content/wha_pphem_wha.htm  (+ info)

How common is Postpartum Hemorrhage?

With my first son i hemorrhaged right after he was born, i lost so much blood i almost died, all i remember was them poking me with like 15 needles and then i was out and woke up in ICU. I am 5 weeks pregnant and have not been able to see my doctor yet untill feb 8th, does anyone know if this is common, has any one ever went through the same thing. If it happened once will it happen again. I am sort of gettin scared that i could lose my life while having this baby. It is a real concern, Does and one have any advice.

Thank you in advance.

I would honestly have to say that hemorrhaging that puts you in the ICU is not common after having a baby. I would strongly suggest looking at your charts and see exactly every single thing they have written in there. That will give you a clue as to whether your hemorrhage was just a rare wacky thing that happened or if something might have been responsible, like any of the drugs they gave you or procedures that were done.

Some induction drugs can cause hemorrhaging, namely Misoprostol (aka cytotec). It is used "off label"- its a drug for stomach ulcers and Dr's use it because it's cheap and effective at induction even though women and babies have died because of it.

Cord traction is also a reason that can cause postpartum hemorrhaging- this is where the Dr pulls on the umbilical cord in order to deliver the placenta faster- totally not necessary as the placenta will naturally be delivered within 15-45 minutes of your baby being born.

There are other factors that can cause hemorrhaging but I STRONGLY encourage you to get your file from the hospital where you had your last baby and look through it carefully. If you have the same provider you could even go over it with them and ask any questions about the care you received. And if you find anything 'questionable' bring it up.
And if the answers are not satisfactory- find a care provider that you can trust. It's never too late to change.  (+ info)

Has anyone had postpartum hemorrhage?

I gave birth to my daughter on Aug 15. I had postpartum hemorrhage. The night I gave birth. The nurse made me use the bathroom and as soon as I stood up blood gushed out and I sat on the toilet and clots came out, lemon size clots. It was so scary. I stood up and I almost fainted and It felt like I almost lost my hearing. Now my bleeding is still like a period. Is that normal for a person who had hemorrhage?

i did, i bled out for 5 hours, they had to give me 2 shots of something to help stop it, then i bled very lightly for 2 weeks then i was at home and started passing huge clots and lost half my blood before we got to the hosp, turns out i had retained plecenta, they did have to manualy remove my plecenta after the birth and my uterus was to tired even with pitocen helping to contract down, thus the massive bleeding in the hosp, i had to have a D&C to remove the rest of the plecenta.

after that bleeding was light and then went away for good

some bleeding like you say is normal, after laying down, if it didnt go on clot after clot for a good hour or more, i wouldn't really call it a hemorrahge, tho the faint feeling and "hearing" loss would be common with that event you had, also it is common to have a 'normal" period for 3-6 weeks after birth

call you DR to see if they want you to come in to be on the safe side, and if you start passing large clots again, go to the ER  (+ info)

how to make nursing care plan on a postpartum hemorrhage?

i'm having a hard time doing this... so if any body can help me, it would be most greatfully accepted...

I am not 100% sure what you are asking, but I am taking a guess.

If you happen to have postpartum hemorrage (or have already been diagnosed as "going to have it" the following are possible ways to treat it.

Treatment for postpartum hemorrhage may include:
medication (to stimulate uterine contractions)
manual massage of the uterus (to stimulate contractions)
removal of placental pieces that remain in the uterus
examination of the uterus and other pelvic tissues
packing the uterus with sponges and sterile materials (to compress the bleeding area in the uterus)
tying-off of bleeding blood vessels
laparotomy - surgery to open the abdomen to find the cause of the bleeding.
hysterectomy - surgical removal of the uterus; in most cases, this is a last resort.
Review all of these options with your doctor and make it clear if there is a procedure that you DON't want.

Usually you don't need nursing care. It is taken care of in the same place as where you deliver. (There is a more likely chance of hemorrhage if you have a c-section) You will be in the ward until the bleeding is controled. There is a chance that is is delayed. If you are discharged, keep a close eye on your bleeding, and report back to your doctor immediatly if signs occur.  (+ info)

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