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Is lower abdominal pain and excessive hunger a first sign of pregnancy?

For the past week I have been having lower abdominal pain on and off. It isn't unbearable but it is a little uncomfortable. I ran for a bus yesterday and the pain got a bit worse and hurt to sit down. I also have noticed I am hungry a lot more and eat a lot more too.
Could this be a first sign of pregnancy?

Yes, definitely could be! I know at the beginning of my pregnancy I was hungery all the time. It only lasted about two weeks though & any weight I put on then has come of already & i'm only 16 weeks gone now.  (+ info)

How can you flatten your belly after pregnancy if your ab muscles are stretched from the abdominal wall?

My sister had twins two years ago and is still having trouble getting her stomach flat again. She has done a ton of crunches, but it hasn't made a difference. She says that it feels like the muscles stick too far out when she is exercising. We've heard that these muscles can stretch away from the abdominal wall after a pregnancy. Is there a way to get her abs flat again without plastic surgery?

I think it's somewhat of a myth that crunches will flatten your stomach (but it can't hurt). I think a more well-rounded plan such as a combination of pilates and yoga will give you that look; however, I don't think it will be 'overnight'. Besides the sculpting effect, pilates and yoga have so many other healthy benefits. Strengthening your core through Pilates is sort of the groundwork for doing many other activities with added benefits. Yoga is just great for toning everything else.  (+ info)

I am in my second pregnancy and pulled my abdominal muscles has anyone experienced this?

I am in my second pregnancy about 7-8 weeks and the first pregnancy ended up being a c-section and he is now 10 months old. Could the closeness of the pregnancy make my abdominal muscles tender (sore) and weak and strain easier and what is the best solution to helping these muscles stay strong with a little one to care and chase after?

I think I pulled something to adjusting myself during the middle of the night! It bothers me sometimes and at other times I forget I hurt it! This is my first pregnancy so I don't think yours has anything to do with you having given birth 10 months ago! Just take it easy and call a dr if your concerned!  (+ info)

Did you develop an abdominal hernia either during or after pregnancy?

I am pregnant with my second child, and apparently with the first I developed an abdominal hernia. My doc says it could be normal but they won't really do anything about it until after my 6-week checkup. In the meantime, I'm consistently measuring a month ahead because the hernia is now about the size of a grapefruit. Did anyone else experience this during a pregnancy? And did you have to have surgery, or did it heal up on its own?

Friend of mine got hers during pregnancy and they induced her early. Just a couple weeks. Only because she was in so much pain. I think it just went away afterwards. They didnt have to do anything with it. Thats what they told her..that it would go away after having the baby..and it did...  (+ info)

Is there abdominal pain in the first couple weeks of pregnancy?

My girlfriend and I are scared that she may be pregnant. She's been having abdominal pain that lingers but when she moves it's a sharp pain. Also she's been quite moody lately. Is abdominal pain a normal symptom of early pregnancy? We took a "special day" and spent hours having sex on and off frequently, so could the pain just be a result of having too much sex in a short amount of time?

nope there shouldn't be any ab pain in the beginning of pregnancy. Although if she is pregnant she could be having an ectopic pregnancy, where the egg implants in the ovarian tubes instead of the uterus. i would have her make a doctors appointment.

I never had any ab pain in my pregnancy till about 26 weeks.  (+ info)

Can you get abdominal pain during early pregnancy?

Is it common to have mild abdominal pain and cramping during pregnancy with no bleeding? If so what does it feel like?

Yes, that is very common. It feels just like you described. It comes and goes as your uterus stretches. In the second trimester it begins to feel more like muscles stretching than dull period like cramps, but because it is your uterus, it does feel similar to period cramps. As long as you aren't bleeding, and the pain isn't severe, it's normal.  (+ info)

I have lower left side pains in my abdominal and my back. Is this just an early pregnancy symptom?

There is a high chance I am pregnant. I have some sharp back pain, my lower abdominal area gets sharp pains off and on I have fatigue, and I have been moody and nausia. The pains in my left side are off and on as well. Does these symptoms mean early pregnancy? Or what possibilities are these symptoms?

Pregnancy symptoms can vary from one woman to another. In fact, some pregnant woman may not have any pregnancy symptoms at all for a while and another woman will know she is pregnant very easily just from her symptoms alone.

Some of the early pregnancy symptoms are the following:

missed menstrual period
morning sickness
frequent urination
mood swings
swollen and tender breasts
sensitivity to smell
fatigue  (+ info)

Is it normal to have abdominal pain in early pregnancy?

This is my 3rd pregnancy. My 1st pregnancy was successful and my 2nd resulted in a miscarriage at 5 weeks7. I had abdominal pain and bleeding with the miscarriage. I'm roughly 7 weeks pregnant now and suddenly today my lower abdomen where the baby is started hurting. Its really tender and I didn't really experience this with either of my previous pregnancies so I'm not sure if I should be concerned.

cramping is very normal through out your pregnancy. You uterus is making room for your growing fetus! If you start to bleed then you need to head to the er to get things check out. But cramping is totally normal.  (+ info)

Is this kind of abdominal pain normal during pregnancy?

I'm between 14 and 15 weeks pregnant. The last 3 days, I've been having consistent abdominal pain. The pain is low in my abdomen...it's similar to constipation...but I've had regular BMs throughout the entire pregnancy. It's not severe...just kinda uncomfortable...it makes sleeping through the night difficult. I know transient pain is normal (round ligament pain) but this is constant...lasts hours...and it doesn't get better/worse when I change positions. Is this normal...could comething be wrong?

soounds totally normal to me..i remember having the same thing..  (+ info)

Are sensitive teeth and sore gums and abdominal pain a pregnancy symptom?

I went to the dentist a few months ago and had some fillings done. Everything was fine until recently my gums are swollen and slightly sore and my teeth are sensitive to pressure, hot and cold. and now im having abdominal pain I've had a child before but dont remember this.

I am trying to conceive so pregnancy is entirely possible.

I have no idea about the gums, but with my three pregnancies I would get cramps kinda like period cramps but sometimes a little higher, whenever I didn't drink enough water, remember 8 glasses a day. This would happen especially during the first trimester.  (+ info)

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