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Pregnancy Complications???

My cousin recently anounced that she is pregnant....she has been to the dr. a few times...and says she went to the emergency room..she said she vomited blood a couple times...and has passed out and has a fever...and a severe pain in her stomach so bad she can't walk sometimes...she is about 8 weeks pregnanat....the thing is she is ALWAYS doing things like this for attention she has faked illnesses in the past...I don't not want to not believe her but she always gets everyone so upset and scared and then their ends up being nothing wrong...but considering this is about the baby I am concerned....no one has been around when any of this stuff has happend and she said the dr. said she has some kind of pregnancy related disease but hasn't told anyone what it is yet.....does anyone know of what kind of complications or diseases can happen during pregnancy so I know what to research and look up....

thanks so much!!!

There is a condition in pregnancy, an extreme condition of morning sickness called hyperemesis gravidarum (excessive vomiting during pregnancy). It can cause you to vomit blood.

If the vomiting is severe, the doctor will do lab tests on blood and urine to check for medical conditions. Moderate or severe morning sickness may require medication to reduce nausea and vomiting, hospitalization, IV fluid treatment, and the slow re-introduction of food into the diet.

Some of her symptoms may be due to her psychological condition and attempts to get attention. This is secondary to concerns about how it may hurt her baby, and she should be given the opportunity to seek counseling. If the condition gets worse and she refuses counseling, and her behavior puts the baby's health at risk, she should understand that involuntary commitment can be used to prevent her from harming herself or the child.  (+ info)


I am constantly worrying about the 101 things that may go wrong with my pregnancy. Pls, is this normal?

Yes! Its normal, so u r not alone there. I am constantly on the internet researching "possible pregnancy complications", and no matter how scared I am by the things i learn, i always go back to search for more!!

While a number of potential problems can occur throughout pregnancy, the fatigue and hormone fluctuations during pregnancy can cause a woman to fret about potential issues more than she typically would. Fortunately, most pregnancy complications are rare, and very treatable if they are caught early. Since we visit our doctors on a very regular basis( I hope that U r, Sweets), problems are generally found quickly.

Personally, I believe that learning about common pregnancy complications and conditions can leave us better informed and equipped on how to deal with them in pregnancy.  (+ info)

Pregnancy complications?

Have any of you women out there had so many complications that you don't think you will have a healthy baby? I have a history of preeclampsia, pre term labor, and now I have a rash and itching that wont go away. Oh and with my last baby my water broke at 24 weeks. Luckily it sealed itself and I had her at 38. I just want to hear good stories of babies that made it. I am really sad right now. I hope my baby will be alright but I am only 21 weeks and I don't know. Thanks

I had preeclampsia with my first born. High blood pressure and I was a swollen mess..anyways..because of all this, I had to be induced 7 weeks early and I was scared because my daughter at the time was only 3 lbs..she fit in the palm of my hand. They kept her in the hospital for 2 weeks and today she is 4 years old and probably one of the most intelligent kids of her class..she's active in every sport...a picky eater but i can get over that..So, dont give up..Keep your spirits high.  (+ info)

pregnancy complications...?

I have been in the hospital ALL day. I am having bleeding and I am said to be around 5 weeks pregnant.

They were un-able to tell me much at the hospital, they are sending me in for a follow up on Saturday. I DO know that according to the doctor, during my ultra sound, they were unable to see a baby. She said that could mean 3 things:

1. im too early on... earlier on than we thought
2. Tubal pregnancy
3. Possible misscarrage... beginning stage.

The lady who gave me the ultra sound told me she wasnt supposed to tell me this and she showed me what appeared to her as being a forming sack.

If this was a tubal pregnancy, would I be able to see the sack?
im hoping this just means I am early on

Sorry to hear about this! I think if she was able to see a forming sack in your uterus, then it's not a tubal (ectopic) pregnancy. Ectopic pregnancies are very rare, and if they thought you had one of those, you'd be in surgery right now, before your fallopian tubes burst.

Chances are that it's either possibility 1 or possibility 3. From personal experience, I would lean toward possibility 3, an early miscarriage. I sincerely hope it's not that (I miscarried my first at almost 6 weeks), but in most cases, when you're bleeding severely and you're pretty sure about how far along you are, and they say they can't see much in your hormone levels or on ultrasound, it's early miscarriage. Early miscarriage actually happens in one out of five pregnancies, maybe even more, but some women may never realize they were pregnant in the first place (they think it's a late period).

I hope for the best for you! If it's an early m/c, that's not an indication that the next pregnancy won't carry to term, so take heart! I now have a beautiful 6.5-month-old son, who was conceived less than two months after my miscarriage.  (+ info)

Are there complications during pregnancy from surgeries or scars?

I had over 10 surgeries on my belly after a really bad car accident, and I have a large scar down my belly, and another going down the side. I was just wondering if anyone knew if scars on the belly would present complications during pregnancy? Would it restrict how much my skin would stretch, or would the rest of the skin just stretch more?

You'll probably just have to be in constant communication with your doctor, that's all. You may also have to have a c-section because the scar tissue can cause birthing complications.  (+ info)

what if i have had a healthy pregnancy no complications and scheduled for a induction?

Im 41 weeks and 2 days. I haven't had no complications at all throughout my pregnancy. Baby's healthy. I haven't dilated at all. And im scheduled for an induction at 42 weeks if she don't come on her own. What are my risks and the benefits of this.

OK, there's a risk of needing a c-section with an induction, but there's new evidence that your risk of needing a c-section due to a failed induction is no higher than it would be if you went into labour by yourself, provided that you've passed your due date. There's a slightly higher risk of uterine rupture because the pitocin they use to induce can cause very strong contractions.

If you don't give birth soon, the placenta begins to degrade. It actually slowly begins to degrade from 34 weeks onwards. Parts of it begin to calcify and it doesn't do quite as good a job as it was during the rest of the pregnancy. By your due date, your baby is only getting enough nutrients to sustain her. The placenta dies by 44 weeks. Anything beyond 42 weeks compromises the pregnancy and increases your risk of stillbirth significantly.

There are far more benefits to induction for an overdue baby than there is to wait for natural labour to occur. Induction is safe, the biggest con to it is that you spend more time at the hospital because you don't get to labour at all at home like most women who spontaneously go into labour do. But some women find that their bodies were just ready to go and their labour was very quick regardless.

You'll be fine, your baby will be fine. Doctors are only inducing to safeguard your and your baby's wellbeing. Best of luck and congrats!  (+ info)

Can a faint line on a pregnancy test mean complications?

I have taken two pregnancy tests spaced out by two days. Both have a faint line, which I'm assuming means pregnant, but I've heard that means the HCG levels aren't high enough. I would be on my last day of my period if I had started, so it's not like I took the test way too early or anything. I'm just scared that means I have a higher chance of miscarriage or other complications. Does anybody know?

Nope! You should be fine. When I first found out I was pregnant, I took a bajillion tests because I kept getting a faint line and I wanted to know FOR SURE. Matter of fact, the first test was so faint I threw it in the trash thinking it was negative! All it means is that the particular urine you used didn't have a high concentration of HCG yet, so you should go to your doc for a blood test. Some women NEVER even show a positive in their urine, only blood.

BTW, I'm currently 23weeks preggo with a beautiful, healthy little girl  (+ info)

What are the chances of having the same complications with the 2nd pregnancy as you did with the 1st?

Thing is... I may be pregnant now and with my first child, I had gestational diabetes from the second MONTH, and pre-eclampsia. Because of my condition, my doctor had to do an emergency c-section at 36 weeks. To say the least, the whole pregnancy and "birth" and recovery was torture. Wondering how likely I am to experience these same complications with the next pregnancy. I'm scared because I have no doctor or insurance.

Your fear will make it worse. Take day by day. Patience with yourself. Don't get upset or yell (don't do anything really out of the ordinary as far as the physical), Remember what you carry within is much more than you know. It could be like the first, but chances are not likely! Every pregnancy is different. I have 5 kids, I know what I'm talking about! Find things to read to better your health and practice what you learn as much as possible! Eat as much healthy stuff you want, stay away from preservatives and artificial foods. Do any craving you wish and take care of ya self. PS, don't eat fast foods, high hormone levels in processed foods cause a lot of damage in the baby's long term growth, and in puberty! email me I'M me if ya want I have lots to share! Good luck and Blessed Be!  (+ info)

What can happen if a woman doesnt eat as much as she is suppost to during pregnancy? like what complications?

My friend is 16 weeks pregnant she found out a week after i did that she was pregnant. she never eats like she is suppost to. like she only eats once or twice a day and that is it. what can happen to her baby? like will it cause complications during her pregnancy?

That is sort of like saying what can happen to your car if you don't put enough gas into it, don't change the oil etc. Food is the only source for all the work your body and the baby's body is doing. Some medical professionals believe strongly that *all* complications that are not genetically inherited can be prevented by proper nutrition.

Not getting enough folic acid can lead to spinal tube defects. Not getting enough protein can lead to preeclampsia (swelling that can be fatal to mom and baby if not treated). Poor diet can be related to developing gestational diabetes, which may lead to an overweight baby and increase the chances of a csection. the list goes on and on.

Food is medicine. Your friend probably wouldnt skip out on antibiotics proscribed to keep her kid healthy. For the same reasons she needs to be getting a well balanced diet of greens, fruits, lean meats and whole grains. If weight is her concern she can talk to her doc about suggestions for a diet that is high in the nutrients and proteins her body needs but won't promote undue weight gain.  (+ info)

Can an employer in California fire a pregnant woman for missing work due to complications with pregnancy?

my cousin is having complications with her pregnancy and has missed a couple days of work for doctor appointments. Her boss told her if she missed a weeks worth of days she would be fired. is this legal in ca with valid doctor excuses/notes?

Check the family leave laws: This is for California
Family and medical: public employers and private employers of 50 or more employees are required to offer 12 weeks in any 12 month period for leave to care for the birth or adoption of a child or upon the serious illness of the employee, a child, spouse or parent; employees who are temporarily disabled for medical reasons, including pregnancy and childbirth, can receive partial wage replacement through the state‚Äôs Temporary Disability Insurance (TDI) program  (+ info)

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