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Metlife Short Term Disability Pregnancy Complications?

I just had a baby last week and I know I get the 6 weeks of maternity leave through MetLife's STD program. I know I can get an additional 6 weeks based on any complications I may have had during pregnancy. Have any of you had success in getting the complications approved? If so, for what type of complications would they approve?

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What are the chances of teens, about 18 or so, and 6 months into it, having complications with a pregnancy?

Are they more likely to even have complications? If so, what complications and why?
How likely is it that the baby would be born premature? And how many premature babies make it?

Most babies after 32 weeks make it! My friend has one at 30 weeks and he was fine!Anything after 34 weeks will be great the doctors always aim for that! Teens can have many of the complications as anyone else. They can get gestational diabetes, i had problems with my asthma. There are so many and for many different reasons.  (+ info)

what are the complications that occure during pregnancy?

During a womens 9 months of carring an infant what are the complications that can occure and how does it affect the infant? Also does complications occure mostly in your fist, second or third trimester?

There are tons of complications that can occur. Don't be so paranoid about it. Worry about a complication if it happens. Many pregnancies have no complications at all.  (+ info)

Is it possible for a baby to be born out its mothers anus due to complications of pregnancy?

My brother is trying to convince me that I came out my mom's bum because there was problems during my moms pregnancy. And now he is making fun of me calling me a poo baby. Is this even possible?

No but it is possible for your mom to poop and give birth to you at the same time. So you could still be a poo baby if you landed in it.  (+ info)

how can my mom avoid complications during pregnancy at 43?

mom is getting remarried in april and she and her fiance are saying that if she gets pregnant, then she gets pregnant. how can they avoid complications that could come from her age? she is already on prenatal vitamins. her fiance is 47 if that matters.

She could go to her doctor and they could tell her all about the risks and complications that she could experience....just try and help her stay with a healthy diet and exercise and that will help a lot. You could probably even call your doctor and ask them. They may be able to give you some websites or something. Good Luck.  (+ info)

Can complications during pregnancy be genetic?

For Example: my mom didn't have complications with me, so is it possible that genetics can play a part in me not having complications?

Yes some complications are genetic, but some are not. Also remember it is not just from your mother that you get your genes. So look to your father's mother in regards to complications during pregnancy as well.  (+ info)

Rh incompatibility rarely causes complications in a first pregnancy and does not affect the health?

why does it not affect the health of the mother or child in the 1st pregnancy? I understand why it does affect it in 2nd and beyound pregnancies! Help

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what complications can someone with epilepsy have during pregnancy?

i have epilepsy, and have seizures when i get emotional, stressed or see blood. i am thinking of trying to have a baby in the next few years but am worried about complications, if i could harm the baby if i had a seizure whilst being pregnant or giving birth. i would preferably want a c-section but i know that is not likely. if you have an advise please help :) thanks

my sister in law had 3 babies and she suffers from epilepsy. i know that in the last stages of her pregnancy she was not allowed to drive. i don't remember why. i think the treatment for epilepsy wasn't working or something anymore. anyway she had 3 healthy boys without any probs during labour.  (+ info)

What complications could result in pregnancy after having rheumatic fever?

I had rheumatic fever in September 2009. My doctors have advised me not to become pregnant. I have mild damage to my mitral valve and have to take 250mg of penicilln two times a day. I've asked the doctor why and he just keeps avoiding the question. If someone knows please tell me.

In pregnancy lot of water is retained in body there by increasing the volume of the circulating blood; thus increasing the load on the heart. This will further damage the valve and may cause hypertrophy and weakness of heart muscles. This will lead to edema and collection of water in lungs, breathlessness and less oxygen to your body and to the fetus also. So both lives will be on risk.
That is all your doctor means to tell U.  (+ info)

Are there any complications in pregnancy if an older man and younger woman are partners?

Lets say a 60 year old man gets a 35 year old woman pregnant. We know an older women getting pregnant can cause development problems. But what about this scenario?

Im 18 and my boyfriend is 31 and my pregnancy is going great. I also know a man thats 50 and has a newborn and he is fine, so I don't think there is a problem.  (+ info)

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