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Are there any complications to the baby if it is in the wrong position in uterus after 36 Weeks of Pregnancy?

My wife is 36 Weeks pregnant, she went to the doctor today who after giving her an ultra sound told her that the baby is lodged in the wrong place in the uterus. What I would like to know is if there would be any physical deformities or complications because of lying in the wrong position?

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What should one do to avoid complications in a first pregnancy?

For example, to avoid miscarriage.

ask your doctor, as they are the right person to guide you on this  (+ info)

What are some complications with the mother and the baby during the seventh month of pregnancy?

This is a very vague question. By the seventh month you can usually know any complications you will be having. G Diabetes usually has been tested for at this point. Strep B will be tested in the eighth month. Some things I can think of are early labor. Good luck and God bless!  (+ info)

Who has had complications during their pregnancy and eventually miscarried?

Did you have early miscarriage or late? Did u need hospitalization? Did you get depressed?

I am also wondering if emotional stress can actually cause a miscarriage?

hey i had a early misscarriage about 3 days ago i still have to go to my doctor to get a another exam to make sure everything has cleared out. I was really sad trying to forget about it i just can't stop think. Why did this happen i really wanted to have this baby. I am depressed but then we just have to try hard to not think about why it happen.Everything happens for a reason just not meant to be i think that emotional stress can be miscarriage thats why when you are ready to get pregnant again make sure that you are happy dont stress your self out so you can have a health pregnancy.  (+ info)

What are the complications of a pregnancy if you have a Colostomy bag?

Im in nursing school, and I can't find any information on this question!!

hi ash, I am a female ileostomate, similar to a colostomate, since 1986. I will try to help you out.

From what I have learned is that when the woman's abdomen gets bigger, she may have to get a bigger size wafer as the stoma will swell. Also, partial bowel obstruction may occur but it varies in each pt. Oh, no enemas are allowed to be placed in the stoma at all or anything for that matter unless the person is being scoped for a medical problem.

If you go to the united ostomy association of america site, they may be able to offer more assistance or try calling Convatec (they supply ostomy products & have an ET RN on call). Try asking an ET wound care nurse at the hospitals you work at as well or a visiting home care RN. They should have ETs working there.

Good luck to you. RNs RULE!!!!  (+ info)

Could pregnancy complications result from two A+ blood type parents?

My fiancee and I are both type-A-positive blood type, and she's concerned that because of our blood type combination there may be some health risks in pregnancy.


The blood type concern only happens when the mother is negative (this refers to the RH factor; it's the + or - after the letter) and the father is positive. You're both positive, so even if the baby ends up negative (it's possible), there won't be an issue with blood types.

If one parent is positive, the baby may or may not be positive. It's possible that some of his/her blood might mix with your fiancee's (it's actually a rare situation, often caused by trauma, but it could even be a light trauma like tripping and falling that causes it to happen). This causes her immune system to react if the baby is positive, but the mother is negative. She's positive, so you don't have to worry. There are shots to prevent a reaction, and it usually isn't a big deal on the first child--it's the second positive child that causes problems.  (+ info)

What complications can a woman going through pregnancy experience with a retroverted uterus?

I am not sure on what your really asking, but this site below may answer your questions.. let me know if there is something more you would like to know about it ok..!!

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what are some complications you've had in your pregnancy that your open to share?

im pregnant with number 1 and scared. Its a high risk pregnancy because of certain things...one being I'm 18, and I haven't had a period in months,and then I had one and got pregnant after that. My doctor says I shouldve waited at least 3 months because my body wasnt ready for this yet.

I was pregnant for the first time at 16. Perfect pregnancy and labor. Delivered when i was 17. Second time around I was 17. Had a miscarriage at 14 weeks. Third time pregnancy was great labor was hell and I was bleeding a ton. This time I am about 27 weeks and the only problems I have are light headedness! And that sucks.  (+ info)

Can any complications occur if you get ill late in your pregnancy?

I am currently 33 weeks pregnant. I have the chills and sweating really bad, but no temp. I also have no energy what so ever, but for the past 8 Months energy has not even been in my vocabulary. I am just worried that if I get sick It can effect the baby.

Usually the baby is affected if you have the flu b/c vomiting and diarrhea will cause nutrients to be carried out of your body. Your baby should be fine, but you need to call your doctor just to make sure. If you develop a fever, you should take Tylenol to reduce it b/c having a high body temperature is not good for the baby.  (+ info)

What are the complications in pregnancy and childbirth for someone with type 1 diabetes?

Talk to your Ob/gyn about a referral to a perinatal group. These doctors deal with high risk pregnancies.You need to be seen well before you even get pregnant.

Good luck.  (+ info)

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