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Does anyone know a natural cure for Proctitis?

I have taken suspositories and enamas before and it only temporarily "cures" it but after i stop taking them the proctitis symptoms come back.

accroding to these pages, Aloe vera juice http://www.proctitispages.co.uk/FAQ/FAQ.htm  (+ info)

What is the treatment for proctitis radiation and chronic cystitis?

After 2,5 years of prostate cancer radiation, I am diagnosed of having both side effects mentioned above. I look for the treatment available

i dont know but hope you get well  (+ info)

How can I get rid of bleeding disease of radiation proctitis. Tell me allopathic and Ayurveda treatment .ble?

I am suffering from the rectal bleeding from the last one year .This is the outcome of radiations applied to cure my pro stat cancer. Cancer cured but bleeding started. I shall be thankful if tell me the suitable diet I should take.

for radiation proctitis, you may please contact Dr. Tarang Krishna, of Cancer Healer Center.
He has given various seminars on radiation proctitis and have cured many. I do not have his no. but website i think is www.cancerhealer.in  (+ info)

what is the earliest and most effective method or perhaps ways of treating or curing acute proctitis?

how can acute proctitis be cured at the earliest?why is there blood in mucous while excreting through the anus?what is the most effective rememdy against it?

Proctitis due to inflammation of the rectal mucosa. So hydrocortisone0.5% preparation as ointment applied locally. To avoid constipation. If constipated mild laxatives, Find out and treat the cause and treat the other symptoms if any.  (+ info)

Cystitis and proctitis with prostate cancer?

Is it common for prostate cancer patients to develop both cystitis and proctitis after surgery or do they usually just have one or the other?

It would be helpful to know what kind of surgery you are referring to. You should have been given discharge instructions before you left the hospital that usually spells everything out for you or you can call your doctor if you are having problems.  (+ info)

Have you ever heard about Ulcerative Proctitis ?This unknown desease needs special food.Do you know any ?

Ulcerative Proctitis is an unknown desease which may never cure. I have problem about food. Milk, beans, beef, fat,sugar, spices, fried foods,oil .... are harmful .I tried to find some recipes for a good healthy food .As my country foods are so oily , I really confused to make a healthy & delicious dish.I just wanna know where can I find the recipes . Thank you so much.

The user above has provided one great link already, but heres are some extra info that web site did not provided (or least I didn't thikI read it).

It's not your fault even though no one really knows what causes Ulcerative Proctitis. Research does tell us that FOOD AND EMOTIONAL STRESS ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE food and that Ulcerative Proctitis is NOT TRANSMITTED FORM ONE PERSON TO ANOTHER.

Many scientists now believe that some outside agent (such as a virus or bacterium) may interact with the body's immune system to trigger the disease.

Regardless of how your Ulcerative Proctitis began, it is important for you to remember that the cause of your disease is not emotional. You DIDN'T CREAT IT. There is NOTHING YOU COULD DONE TO PREVENT IT.

You can work and play as usual though it can be troublesome, Ulcerative Proctitis shouldn't debilitate or disable you. In fact, you should be able to conduct your recreational and career activities with little difficulty-in short, be as active as you feel like being.

Remember, though, that living with Ulcerative Proctitis requires vigilance. To control the disease effectively it is important that you adhere to the medication schedule that your doctor gives you. Also, it is equally important to do periodic check-ups-even if you feel fine, as the inflammation caused by Ulcerative Proctitis is reduced, you will feel less rectal discomfort and urgency to defecate. Your rectal bleeding will also diminish.

To verify your improvement, your doctor will need to visually examine the small area of bowel lining affected by your disease. This is usually done with an instrument called a "Sigmoidoscope," which your doctor may have used to first diagnose your disease.

Though it may seem intrusive or embarrassing, keep in mind that visual examination of the rectum is necessary to verify that your disease is indeed getting better. But don't be alarmed-the examination is usually painless and well tolerated.

In the event your Ulcerative Proctitis returns following a remission, your doctor will re-evaluate you to determine the extent of disease and to find out if your condition is being complicated by infection, drug reaction or some other factor. When drug treatment is resumed, your doctor probably will prescribe the same agent you were treated with previously If the drug you are using doesn't seem to be working, your doctor will discuss alternate drug treatment with you.

You DON'T HAVE TO CHANGE THE WAY YOU EAT!!!There is no evidence that specific diets will make your Proctitis better-or worse. But there are certain THINGS YOU CAN DO THAT WILL MAKE YOUR DISEASE EASIER TO LIVE WITH.

For instance, foods that are HIGH IN FIBER may prove useful if you are frequently experiencing painful bowel movements or urgency to defecate. If your symptoms should include constant diarrhea, a LOW-FIBER DIET that includes soft, bland foods can help, but only temporarily In addition, some Proctitis patients are unable to properly digest lactose, a sugar found in milk and many milk products. This condition may cause cramps, pain, gas, diarrhea and a bloated feeling in the stomach. If you fall into this category, a lactose-free diet may be beneficial. Your physician can advise you on this.  (+ info)

Is it possible that you could get Proctitis from your partner who is clean?

: O

if he is clean then its not probable  (+ info)

hi, what is non specific proctitis? i had colonoscopy and my biopsy results showed non specific proctitis?

Actually i had a frequent stool some 8 months back and had a colobnoscope and my biopsy results showed non specific proctitis? what is non specific proctitis? Now i am having mucus with stool some time. My doctor says probably i have ibs now. Since my results are normal. What is the permenent cure for ibs? But stilli could not eat spciy food. Please advice

You should really ask all these questions to your doctor at the time of examination. Your doctor is the one who has looked at your body and knows your specific details. You may get lots of answers on here but they are generally (not always) from unqualified people.  (+ info)

Radiation proctitis is the name, curing it has become a game.?

This "leftover" from cancer is really getting to me. I've had 4 surgical treatments, several cortisone treatments and antibiotics, periods of bleeding, discharge and extreme urgency issues that have me on disability. I just made it back from the store barely. I can't go for walks, interact with people, or can I afford more professional intervention as my health insurance stopped and the new policy won't go into effect until next year. I was told it would start right away but it turned out to be a lie. No one cares as I contacted media and State people who are supposed to step in and help when trash like this happens. I guess they do if it's high profile enough to make them some bucks. I'm venting here some, but I'm looking for someone that has been there and found a way back.

Idiopathic proctitis is most often treated with Rowasa enemas, CANASA suppositories, or steroid enemas (Cortenemas). Most patients don't like having to insert suppositories into their rectum or give themselves an enema. But, the best results can be obtained by applying these medications directly to the affected area, the rectal lining. This is somewhat like applying a salve directly to a skin rash and allows high concentrations of the medication on the inflammed area without exposing the whole body to potential side effects. These medications don't cure proctitis, but reduce the inflammation and usually relieve symptoms in a short time. Radiation proctitis does not respond as well as ulcerative proctitis to the use of enemas and suppositories.

Infectious proctitis is caused by sexual transmission, especially in gay men. Prompt medical attention should be sought if an infection is suspected. Further sexual contact should be avoided until symptoms have been evaluated and treatment completed. It is important that sexual partners be advised so that they may be evaluated for treatment.

Most patients have no return of symptoms when the medications are discontinued. But about 20% of patients with idiopathic proctitis eventually have a return symptoms. These patients usually respond to re-treatment. If the flareups are infrequent and relatively easy to control, treatment is prescribed for each attach. If a patient has severe or frequent symptoms, chronic therapy is usually prescribed. Each case is different. Some do well with rectal suppositories only several nights per week. Others are only controlled if they take the medication once or twice every day. In severe cases, oral mesalamine and/or prednisone may be prescribed in addition to medicated suppositories and enemas.  (+ info)

Anyone know Proctitis remedies?

I am 26 years old and I got diagnosed with mild proctitis in June...I had a colonoscopy done...everything was fine up until a couple weeks ago with a little blood now and then, itchy to where it bleeds when I scratch and sometimes painful bowel movements...my doc told me to add fiber to my diet when I left after my colonoscopy and I have...how can you make these symptoms go away?

Chronic proctitis is generally a symptom of some other problem rather than a medical condition in itself. The doc should have discussed with you the cause of the proctitis, which is usually either a problem like Chron's or irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), or due to some type of infection. Dietary fiber, amount of fluid intake, amount of physical activity, and spices, and food allergies can also cause short-term bouts of proctitis.

So, depending on the cause, you might want to read up on managing IBS or Chrons, and if neither of these conditions seem to fit you situation, you could talk to the doc about taking a course of antibioitics to get rid of problem bacteria that might be in the intestine.  (+ info)

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