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I have a Proctitis question?

I am 26 years old and I got diagnosed with mild proctitis in June...I had a colonoscopy done...everything was fine up until a couple weeks ago with a little blood now and then, itchy to where it bleeds when I scratch and sometimes painful bowel movements...my doc told me to add fiber to my diet when I left after my colonoscopy and I have...how can you make these symptoms go away?

I would suggest seeing a dietitian for some advice.

There is a prescription probiotic VSL-15 which has been evidenced as reducing proctitis symptoms.  (+ info)

Mild Proctitis Question?

I am 26 years old and I got diagnosed with mild proctitis in June...I had a colonoscopy done...everything was fine up until a couple weeks ago with a little blood now and then, itchy to where it bleeds when I scratch and sometimes painful bowel movements...my doc told me to add fiber to my diet when I left after my colonoscopy and I have...how can you make these symptoms go away?...this is my3rd post, trying it in different catagories...Thanks!

There are over the counter hemorrhoid creams that will stop the itching. Dramatically increasing your daily water intake will also help as will adding lots of fresh fruits and raw or cooked vegetables which will ease the painful bowel movements and provide a natural fiber for your diet. Keeping your bowel movements soft is the key to stopping this.  (+ info)

Question bout Proctitis?

Does Proctitis may be result from anal trauma? like from example because of anal intercourse? does it follow that a person was infected by STD if he suffer from Proctitis?

Yes, proctitis can occur from anal trauma, though I wouldn't necessarily classify most anal intercourse as 'trauma'.

It is more commonly caused by sexually transmitted infections, but there are other causes, so no, it doesn't follow that every person with proctitis has, or has had, a sexually transmitted infection.

Chron's disease, ulcerative colitis, exposure to some chemicals, trauma, irradiation, and some cases have no known cause.  (+ info)

are proctitis & thrombosis linked?

i have proctitis and for over 12 yrs my left leg gets tired & restless after toilet visits. lately my leg is alot worse and i cant sit for long or drive without it causing me alot of discomfort

are you certain you have proctitis. i was misdiagnosed for two yrs, my symptoms were mucous frequent urges to have bm, blood, pain in coccyx area and down both legs i would esp. have leg pain and restlessness after a visit to the tiolet. it ended up i actually had rectal prolapse and have had adbominal surgery to correct the problem. apparantly this is often times misdiagnosed. make your dr check for this you will have to go into the bathroom and they can check for it after you beardown.  (+ info)

What could be causing my rectal bleeding?

I have had large amount of blood in my stool for the past four months. I had a colonoscopy done two weeks ago which found a condition called proctitis which seemed be imflammation in my rectum. But I do not understand why I have it or why it is causing my anus to have blood discharge. Any help would be great?

Proctitis is inflammation of the rectum that is the part just above the anal canal. It is usually associated with inflammation of the colon forming Procto-colitis. Bleeding for 4 months can not be attributed simply to proctitis, that may give painful defecation or pruritis ani. I think cause of the bleeding should be investigated more thoroughly. Didn't they take biopsy? Suggest it to your doc if the bleeding persists.
All the best!  (+ info)


Is there any treatment for ULCERATIVE PROCTITIS in Homeopathy or Ayurveda ?

The treatment of ulcerative proctitis depends on the extent of the inflammation and the number of flare-ups you have had. For mild inflammation medicated enemas, suppositories, or foam are usually prescribed. If this is your first flare-up, the medication is stopped once the inflammation is gone. If the inflammation becomes more severe, oral medication may also be prescribed. Patients with repeated episodes are often prescribed oral medication to reduce the chance of further episodes. Regular examinations are important for monitoring your disease and staying current with the best approaches for ongoing care of your ulcerative proctitis.

In addition to medication changes in diet may be helpful. A high-fiber diet and plenty of water or juice daily are helpful. Patients with diarrhea often find that avoiding milk and milk products, spicy foods, and raw fruits and vegetables will improve the diarrhea. If you have questions about how to change your diet, ask your doctor. Regular visits with the doctor are important to adjust your medication as your symptoms change. Patients who participate actively in learning how to manage their disease find the quality of their life improves.  (+ info)

36 Weeks With Ulcerative proctitis.....?

last year i found out i had ulcerative proctitis i think thats how you spell it. I was put on enema for about 5 months until i found out i was pregnant i called my doctor and he told me that since i was pregnant i would have to wait to give birth to continue my prescription ..well now im a little scared my symptoms have gotten a litttle worse rectal bleeding is like an everyday thing now and im a little worried it can interfere with my delivery... would giving birth naturally make it worse??

I have had 3 children all nautural and yes I think it could make itworse,because you use those muscles to push and normal women end up with hemmoriods . my sugestion is to have a c section so that you do not strain any muscles. Good luck!  (+ info)

why are there so many contradictory diet suggestions regarding ulcerative proctitis?

I got on the net to find out what foods might be a bad idea with my Ulcerative Proctitis and it's nothing but contradictions. One site says to avoid spicy foods, then offers recipes with jalepeno peppers and hot sauce! WHAT?
One says avoid tapioca, then next says to USE IT in place of gluten.
I've already been through hell wiht a food diary, trying to help my son with migraines. Now I'm supposed to guess at my own diet?
Can't anyone tell me what foods are definitely ok so i can go grocery shopping in peace for once?
I'd rather eat a half dozen whole foods for the rest of my life than try to figure this stuff out anymore.
Yes, I asked it there as well, but I thought that perhaps some people began to follow a Vegan/Vegetarian diet in efforts to combat digestive troubles. Thanks

The reason there are so many conflicting opinions on what diet to eat is simple - you are looking online. Even articles on medicine-related websites, that seem official, aren't written by doctors half as much as they're edited carefully by some contributor or reporter for the site from multiple sources. They probably run across all the same sites you do, mull them over, and maybe deduce what they will from it.

When it comes to assessing a patient's condition and the impact of diet on it, it's very tricky. Even among sufferers of very similar conditions (like similar ulcer or IBS or other gastro-intestinal issues), a food might have a very adverse reaction in one and little to no reaction in the other. Some people have painful reaction to nearly everything they eat, others barely realize they have ulcers.

Food cures are old fashioned medicine, just like herbology, but they're still used today. You'll hear everything under the sun as a cure for any condition - look up cures for hiccups if you want a good laugh!

Anti-inflammatory diets are always a suggestion, but while there are general foods that make ulcerative proctitis worse, it's really something you will know best through trial and error. Some people find that eating soft, bland food during period of inflammation is easiest. It's pretty common for people to avoid very high fiber food or very spicy food because it causes discomfort and pain.

Many people cut out dairy because dairy is in essence unnatural for human consumption - we are weaned past infancy like all mammals, we CHOOSE to force our bodies to keep digesting the breast milk - of another species, in fact, of a cow. And well into adulthood. People cut out dairy successfully and see a great improvement in a vast array of conditions. I know a singer that stopped eating dairy because of it's mucogenic effects, and now she is doing much better and her voice is stronger and she isn't experiencing the bronchial mucus and phlegm she dealt with, especially after singing through two or more shows a day (she's in a pretty popular play).

You should eat a well-balanced diet regardless. Erring on the side of comfort might result in loss of many vital nutrients. While whole grains or some fruits and vegetables might cause inflammation, maybe find alternatives within the foodgroup so you don't make the mistake of cutting them out entirely. Things you CAN avoid easily include meat, dairy, caffeine, or particular spices if they cause inflammation because you either don't need them or can find a safe alternative.

Best of luck and hopefully you will find a diet that works best for you.  (+ info)

Is Proctitis Curable?

That depends on what is causing it. You can take any body part and add "itis" to it and it means inflammation. So many things can cause inflammation. If you have not seen a doctor yet, that is what you need to do to see what is going on and get the correct treatment. Good luck.  (+ info)

proctitis diagnosed 6 yrs ago, haven't used the suppositories or been back to doc. been preg or breastfeeding.

I went in to the doc because of hemmeroid.he wanted a colonoscopy asap because i haven't been seen in 6 years or used meds.i said just do sigmoid because it was only first 6 inches.He wants to do colonoscopy in 6 months when baby is 1 yr old. my babies wean closer to 2 .i wont pump and dump. we share nursing as a bond not just food.he'd think i was mad at him.i don't want to put my baby through that.he's a sling riding, co-sleeping, nursing on demand baby.thats why i avoided docs.question: is having sigmoids to the extent of locating healthy tissue for 18 months ok?waiting that long for colonoscopy?another question:do they have to knock me out for colonoscopy?i don't like that, safety ,and also the feeling. whatever they gave me made my reasoning loopy.i allowed my smallkids to cross a parking lot to catch up to their stupid father who ignored the warnings of the drug's effects.i have to be sober as long as i'm married to him.he's very goofy WITHOUT meds. ive no memory of doing this!
i had those loopy drugs when knocked out for my first colonoscopy 6 years ago. would like to avoid being out. would like to avoid colonoscopy altogether until baby is 2. proctitis needs colonoscopy instead of sigmoid?

It's possible to have a colonoscopy without being knocked out. I've done it 3 times. I like to be awake, see what condition I'm in and talk to the doc as he goes along. They give me 3-5cc of morphine to kill the gas pain. No loopy feeling at all.

As to whether you need a colonoscopy it's a mater of age and family history. 50 is the general age to have one. I started at 40 due to my family history of cancer. There are varios other things that may also warrant one.

Always remember the doctor works for you. If you don't agree, get another doctor.  (+ info)

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