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Why would anyone think that having a side effect from cancer means that I'm gay?

I think that the connection between radiation proctitis and what it has done to me was relatively clear, but I hate to disappoint anyone that thinks it is related to being gay. I have done the direct applications of cortisone but allergic to sulfa drugs, hence cannot take Rawata. The doctor has sedated me and attempted 4 repairs with a combination of Formalin applications and argon laser treatments as we are long past the stage here where topical cortisone is helping.
But thanks for the input as maybe someone else can be helped by it.

Ignorance. Many people provide their ignorant opinion instead of learning the actual facts. It's pure laziness on their part and easier for them to belittle others to cover their own inferior character for being ignorant.  (+ info)

Intravenous antibiotics side effects?

All you medical people please.My mam is currentley having treatment for severe cellulitis via intravenous antibiotics.My question is having previously had radiation proctitis would
the antibiotics make this return (as it has)or is it just coincedence?

This condition is a side effect to significant X-ray exposure to the colon (as in treatment for colon cancers, etc..).

Antibiotics do not cause this, however, the diseased and injured intestines, which house many bacteria, can normally become inflammed from bacteria which normally are not thriving there.

When taking antibiotics, especially broad spectrums, normal gut bacteria are killed off, leaving the stronger (more virulent) bacteria to thrive in the intestines, which can cause much discomfort. (Cramping, bleeding, and profuse diarrhea, much the same as the radiation proctitis).

Most likely, this is what happens when your mom is taking the antibiotics. You may suggest having her stool tested for C. Difficle, a common bacteria that occurs during antibiotic therapy, and is becoming quite an epidemic in America today!  (+ info)

Any Doctor Pleeeeeese help me on my report

The report of my brother is as follow any one can help me i shall be very thankful. Report is as follow
Gross Examination :- Received 2 Filter paper mounted biopsies measuring 0.2 cm dia each

Microscopic examination :- Rectal biopsy:- Shows multiple tissue bits lined by colonic mucosa showing cryptitis crypt destruction and focal crypt distortion. The lamina propria shows dense mixed inflammatory cell infiltrate.
IMPRESSION :- Rectal biopsy: Consistent with idiopathic ulcerative proctitis

Please tell me about report in simple language and give me suggestions what can be done please

it's a report after having looked at small pieces of the large intestine.

Crypts are mucosal folds or grooves along the inner-most lining of the rectum (which is part of the large intestine, just above anus) and it says that there is "distortion" and "destruction"- meaning they don't look normal but appear rather damaged.

The "lamina propria" is the second layer of the large intestine/ rectum (think of the large intestine as a multi-layered tube, and it's the second inner most lining) and there is swelling within that layer ("inflammatory cell infiltrate").

by the way, colon is equal to large intestine.

"consistent with idiopathic ulcerative proctitis" means that there is local swelling and inflammation in the rectum, and also shows sores/breaks in the lining but the overall cause is unknown.

This is good news as it isn't something serious like cancer and treatment will most likely include diet restrictions and possibly some medications as well.

Take a look at the link below for more information on proctitis.  (+ info)

Losing weight on Lexapro?

I started Lexapro, only 5 mg, about a month ago. I have lost 10 pounds, unfortunately I am already too thin as it is and dont want to be losing weight. Is this a side effect anyone else has experienced. My doctor says it may go away, but not sure. I also have had a sudden diagnosis of proctitis after starting lexapro, which has led to bleeding.

Everybody is different...you'll find 100 that gained weight on it..and then 100 who lost weight on it.

That's every person,every drug...it all works differently.
But...just so I can TRY to be helpful,I will say this much...Paxil is well known for causing weight gain,(there are some others too,but I can't think off hand,if I do later I will email them to you/or add to my post here)..

But again...that doesn't mean it/they will work that way for YOU:-(

For me personally(which again does little to help you but...),Paxil caused weight gain,Effexor caused me weight loss,Prozac caused weight loss....and on and on LOL

edit; well,i never looked it up before lol but..yup,paxil was the TOP one to cause weight gain,also listed was Zoloft,sooo maybe try one of those...but again,it all varies w/each person:-)

And if you have bleeding...gosh yes,get off the lexapro(you never know that could've caused it)!

Good Luck!  (+ info)

Ulcerative colitis, steroid question...Anyone?

Was just wondering, i started using medical steroids 3 weeks ago for Ulcerative Colitis (Proctitis actually). Anyway was just wondering if anyone else has carried on bleeding like crazy, like me? I even have leaks, a bloated stomach and stomach pains still. They are probably taking away the inflamination cos of the leaks (didn't have that before). What are these steroids meant to do? Are they meant to work this way? Any ideas ?

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I am having a "lady" problem?

i do not mean to gross anyone out-
seriously need a lady or doctor opinion
i am having orange vaginal discharge and i am very worried.
i am taking medicine already for ulcerative proctitis and i am wondering if it could be a side affect

i am 14 and am not having sex

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Is this Rectal Prolapse?


Is this definately rectal prolapse?? (graphic pic) ^^^
What could cause this to start suddenly in a 30 year old male with a history of mild proctitis?

It certainly appears that way - although the photograph does not show all the landmarks one would require to confirm the diagnosis.

There are a number of conditions that could cause sudden rectal prolapse in a patient described above. I would expect that the most common pathophysiology would involve regional trauma/insertion of rectal foreign material/anal intercourse or something of that nature.  (+ info)

i have a "lady" problem?

i do not mean to gross anyone out-
seriously need a lady or doctor opinion
i am having orange vaginal discharge and i am very worried (my periods are normal).
i am taking medicine already for ulcerative proctitis and i am wondering if it could be a side affect

i am 14 and am not having sex

oh hunny you have an infection, honestly no big deal. just see a doctor .:)
all should be well.
xoxoxo<3  (+ info)

constant urge to poop, tenesmus?

YO, food poisoning 3 weeks ago, 3 days ago after a thin loose poop i got the feeling of incomplete evacuation, like my anus was still relaxed, and it hasnt gone away, i feel it all day and it is kinda painful at night, whats the deal? inflammatory bowel?? colitis? proctitis? 19 year old male no problems in family history, and abdominal discomfort and loose stools for 3 weeks but discomfort has decreased dramatically

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Chonic Colitis Q?

I had a colonscopy a bit ago and was diagnosed with proctitis then biopsy followed colonscopy and found i have chornic colitis, what should i expect the dr to say besides change of diet? will i be given allergy testing, celiac dease testing, how often does one have to have surgery? anyone know the next steps, i have bowel problems daily, anything i seem to eat brings me to the bathroom almost instantly, god forbid i cant get to the toilet right away, it seems to be taking over my life

make an appointment with your GI doctor and discuss the results, future, and treatments.
make a list and go prepared to have all of your questions answered.  (+ info)

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