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how to take prostat fluid to check that prostatitis cause by bacteria or not?

Your doctor can handle that for you. Talk to him or her.  (+ info)


Is it possible to be diagnosed with prostatitis but have no inflamation or swelling of the prostate gland? I was told by my doctor that i had prostatitis but when they checked my prostate there was no size increase or swelling. Had an appointment with urologist and he said my prostate was fine but maybe something was wrong with my bladder so now i don't know who to believe? My symptoms are frequent urination, burning on urination and a burning pain in my bladder/prostate area, anyone ever have this?

It sounds like you have a UTI, it is a wounder though if they did not run a UA to see if you had one. Nothing but a good antibiotic would clear that up. You could take AZO cranberry for a day (get it at Walgreen's), if you experience relief, go back to your doctor and tell him you need antibiotics for a urinary tract infection. If the AZO relieves your symptoms, do not continue to take it more than 3 days. Even if you are feeling better, you still have the infection and if you continue to let it go it could become a kidney infection (bad news). If it really is prostate problems they should give you Flomax. You will feel relief after taking it, if it is enlarged prostate. Other than that I don't know what to tell you.  (+ info)

What are the best natural remedies to treat prostatitis and urinary tract discomfort?

Prostatitis is an inflammation of the prostate gland. It is not the same as enlarged prostate or prostate cancer. Once can have prostatitis and not the other two.
I believe certain foods (e.g., wheat products) can cause an allergic reaction in the urinary tract. Some men just have chronic inflammation without any injury.

Betasitosterol is a substance found in many vegetables and herbs that can reduce prostate enlargement. It is the active ingredient in saw palmetto. Please don't take herbs as they are not strong enough. Instead take the concentrated active ingredient and yuo will find that in a few weeks your prostatitis will be gone. Unfortunately doctors don't prescribe it because drug companies cannot patent it and they don't make any money. But you can order it online at


It also reduces choleserol and improves cardiovascular health. Zink also helps.  (+ info)

What are the common treatments for prostatitis?

I was diagnosed with prostatitis and I was wanting to know what the common treatments are to resolve this problem. The doctor has already put me on 2 rounds of antibiotics and is sending me to a urologist. I just want to know that the options are for this problem.

Same when I had it. One antibiotic was maxaquin, don't remember the other. They also gave me some pyridium to ease the battery-acid pissing thing. Over the counter it's called prodium, it's like pepto-bismol for your peepee.  (+ info)

How can I heal my prostate gland from prostatitis?

I am 38 years old and I've been suffering from prostatitis for 4 years now.I have seen all kinds of doctors and have taken Flomax,and other pills to help me with this,but nothing has worked out for me.I have the cancer analysis taken and it was negative.For two years now I've sleeping with a pillow between my legs.Is there a way anybody know that's effective in healing the prostate gland?

There is a urologist at Stanford who has quite a different view of our problem. He has written a book called "Headache in the Pelvis" that has been well received. You can get the 4th edition at Amazon or another book store.

His idea is that you don't have a urinary problem. The reason it has been untreatable is because nothing has been done that addresses the real problem. The problem is knots in your pelvic floor muscles that refer pain to various nearby areas. To understand this, you might want to find a copy of the Trigger Point Therapy Workbook by Davies.

A lot of men get relief from a specially trained physical therapist (often one trained to work on women's issues, but the pelvic muscles are the same), from relaxation techniques, and from drugs that relax like valium and xanax. There is a high correlation with underlying anxiety and this pain.

There is a group of guys to talk to at chronicprostatitis.com. It has been well worth the fee to join for me ($20 so they can pay their online costs). At least I know we aren't alone.

There is a fair amount of research. Sometimes it is called nonbacterial prostatitis, sometimes chronic pelvic pain syndrome (CPPS).

I was able to find a urologist who had read the book and understood the problem, but it wasn't easy. Urologists make a lot of money out of us by convincing us its the prostate.  (+ info)

How common is chronic prostatitis among men in their 30's? Is it true there is no cure?

I've gone thru a lot of pain lately. I already went to the urologist.
He told me I have chronic prostatitis even though I have no signs of infection nor inflammation. So why does it hurt?
The dull pain usually appears in my testicles, specifically in the area between my testicles and my anus. He prescribed me with some antibiotics and something to relax my bladder. He said it is going to be a long treatment. Why did I get prostatitis? Help! If there is somebody else going thru this nightmare...let me know if a support group exists...please. By the way, I am 32.

Answer to question 1: Very common.

Answer to question 2: Yes, it can be cured.

All the details to the answers above are answered at

It's caused when the prostate becomes inflamed and irritated by a variety of different reasons but there are many theories. At the time I got mine, I hadn't dated anyone for a couple of years. There is no way it was STD related. However - I was taking weight lifting supplements with ephedra in them. Ephedra is a natural decongestant. Decongestants also thicken fluid coming from the prostate. I was also on claritin-D for allergies. Double whammy on the juices. I was also cycling every day. Triple whammy on the prostate. I was in my thirties, a time when your prostate tapers off slightly from the fluid production experienced in your twenties. Quadruple f***ing whammy on the prostate for me.

I battled this for 2 years. I went to half a dozen doctors. I finally told the last doctor "if you don't know that you can cure me, save me my time and money or I am going to be very angry. I'd already been through the mill with a bunch of other doctors that had no idea what they were doing and I'm sick of it".

They did cure me. The place I went was the Dallas Men's Health Institute.

The problem is - you have a blood barrier around the prostate. It's hard to get antibiotics in there. Once it's inflamed, it shuts off the inflow of new antibiotic laden fluid, and the outlet is also swollen shut. You need to get good fluids with meds in there. The way to do that is 1.aggressive antiinflammatory therapy. 2.Strong antibiotics 3.something to open up the blood vessels.
I took a month of either bactrim or biaxin (I can't remember
but it was one or the other. This is the antibiotic.
They also gave me a month of hytrin. This is blood pressure medicine that opens up the blood vessels. They also had me on a very strong prescription anti-inflammatory.
Also - and simultaneously - I went to an herbalist and was on several different herbs that would strengthen my immune system and increase the fluid production in that area. I don't remember all fo them, but echinacea and marshmallow root (not the same as the candy obviously) were 2 of them.

During the month of therapy, you'll need to do everything possible to give your body the upper hand. Cut out all alcohol and coffee because they are diuretic and dry out the body. Never take decongestants again. They dry out the prostate. If you have allergies, treat them with antihistamines such as zyrtec, and steroidal nose spray such as flonase. Take a hot bath once a day for about an hour. Use water as hot as you can stand. This is to boost circulation in that area.
This is the gross part - you can also help by buying something called a crystal wand - or by stopping by the doctor every couple of days, but you need to put gentle pressure on the prostate in order to move fluids into it and push out infected fluids. It has to be done right, or it's like pushing air to the wrong end of a balloon, and it will make things worse. It's best to not mess with this aspect unless you can find a doctor that knows what needs to be done, and why. You can sometimes find this therapy at alternative medicine clinics.

Now that I've covered prostatitis, please go to this site and read all you can stand: http://www.fqresearch.org/
It's about 2 of the most common antibiotics prescribed for the urinary tract - cipro and levaquin. You need to refuse any drug in this family. If your doctor doesn't believe you (most won't because they are uninformed), you can take him a print-out of the AMA research papers on these drugs and their vicious side effects. I was virtually crippled by tendonitis and a partial tendon rupture in my achilles tendon by levaquin. I know it was the drug because I was doing nothing else, not working out, not anything. I went from being able to do 4 sets of 25 toe raises at 200 lbs, slowly, with huge calve muscles, and cycling almost every day - to super weak problematic achilles. I have never been the same since. Don't let this happen to you. These drugs are banned in some countries. The FDA and drug lobbies won't let it happen in this country but you don't need to be a victim. All the info you need is scientifically based and available at the website above.

Good luck.
Kevin  (+ info)

What can be done about Epididymitis caused by Prostatitis?

I am a 26 year old male, and for the last 18 months I've had pain in my testicle (usually the right one) accompanniedby short-term swelling in my epididymis, and some urine pain every 6 weeks or so. The major pain only lasts maybe an hour or so, and then for another day or two it might be sensitive. Sometimes it is worse than others. I should point out that I probably urinate more than most people, even when I'm feeling fine. And again, sometimes more than other times. BUT- its not like I feel I need to go, and not much comes out. I pee when my bladder is full.

I've seen a few doctors, and most didn't seem overly concerned about whatever it was, and the last Dr. believed that I had Prostatitis that was triggering flare-ups of Epididymitis every once in a while. He seemed to make the most sense and the symptoms are pretty dead- on.

He recommended I try antibiotics for 6 weeks, but it sounds like my symptoms could/would probably come back anyway.

Is there anything that I can do?

Treatment options include: antibiotics, elevation of the scrotum, cold compresses applied regularly to the scrotum, hospitalisation in severe cases, check-ups to ensure the infection has cleared up. Pain is frequently so severe as to require opiate analgesics such as hydrocodone. If traditional treatment options have been exhausted, then a procedure called a cord block would be done. This consists of an injection into the nerve that traces along the epiditymis. The injection is a compound of several medications including a steroid, pain killers, and a high dosa of an anti-inflammatory. This treatment usually quells the pain for 2-3 months in ideal conditions. Some patients may only experience an even shorter duration of 2-3 days, while the fortunate ones in rare occasions are never bothered again. This procedure would of course have to be repeated when necessary, until the problem goes away completely, or until the routine is simply too bothersome. In that case, a patient may then decide to have the epididymis completely removed, thus rendering all pain obsolete. In the case of a scrotal abscess, this may have to be done long before other treatment options are considered.  (+ info)

Can not bathing for a long period of time cause prostatitis, epidydimitis, or other infections?

Can the bacteria that cause prostatitis, epidydimitis, or other bladder/urinary tract/tube-related infections be introduced by not bathing enough? Can not cleaning the area down there cause such bacteria to be introduced to the internal stuff through the penis' slit?

yep, not as common in men but definately. lots of bacteria on the outside of our skin that doesn't get access to the inside because our skin is an amazing defense. but not washing can let bacteria get into your bodies easily, even through the smallest cuts.
sex is probably not a good idea either, unless your parter likes urinary tract infections  (+ info)

The best book for prostatitis treatment and cure?

Hello, can you help me with the best book for the prostatitis treatment. There are a lot, but i dont know which one to choose.

Methods of treating your prostatitis
There are several methods and themes for treating prostatitis, some of which stand in stark contrast, others of which can be complementary. Because there is no scientific consensus on prostatitis and because some patients continue to suffer despite even the best methods, it is up to you, the patient, to decide what works best for you. Methods, themes and special topics are linked in the columns on both sides and described below. Note that the importance of these methods for you may not be related to where the links appear or the order in which they are mentioned in the following text Among them:

In the USA, Canada, and much of Europe, your doctor is likely to treat you by prescribing antibiotics. This is often done whether or not a culture of your EPS or semen is performed. The antibiotics may help if your prostatitis is caused by bacteria, or it may help due to anti-inflammatory effects of antibiotics. Or it may not help at all. (See Dr. Shoskes interesting newsgroup comment on antibiotic use.) The quinolone family of antibiotics can cause serious side effects for some people.
In January, 1996, Prostatitis patients began hearing the ideas of Dr. A.E. Feliciano of Manila, the Philipines, who advocated careful culturing of EPS for bacteria and basing antibiotic therapy on culture results, plus using prostate massage or drainage to enhance results. Many men improved by using these techniques, or having their doctors try them, and some US doctors reported improved results with modifications of the Feliciano technique. But many patients, especially some North Americans who had already had a lot of antibiotics, were not helped. (See note below for more on Feliciano.)
There have been doctors and patients all along who felt prostatitis had little or nothing to do with bacteria in most cases,and instead might have something to do with pelvic floor muscle tension or tension disorders. This site has a growing list of inter-linked pages on this method of treatment. There are studies, scientific papers and books.
There's growing interest in the idea that prostatitis may be caused by immune disorders or allergies, in which case treating the inflammation is the way to go. The natural bioflavinoid called "Quercetin" has potent anti-inflammatory properties and has been shown to help some prostatitis patients. There are research trials underway with the drug Elmiron, which addresses auto-immunity and mast cell responses. And antibiotics themselves have anti-inflammatory benefits. There's a range of illnesses like Reiter's syndrome which cause prostatitis along with other symptoms.
The Gout connection occurs when a man's uric acid metabolism is disordered. Allopurinol is a prescription drug for uric acid problems, which helps some prostatitis patients.
Ejaculatory duct obstruction/seminal vesicle infection. Pain on ejaculation (instead of relief felt by most prostatitis patients) may indicate that you have an obstructed ejaculatory duct or seminal vesicle infection. In this case you should look at the information on seminal vesicle removal, and at the EDO page.
There are a variety of herbal remedies and traditional (mostly Asian) medical approaches to prostatitis. This site has an alternative medicine FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) file, a link to a page on another website on Saw Palmetto (an herbal remedy) and a page on traditional Chinese remedies .
Sometimes doctors will recommend surgery or any of several high tech methods of heating or destroying prostate tissue to treat prostatitis. The track record of these methods in prostatitis is poor, because pain often persists. Collected from the newsgroup archives, the prostatron page contains a number of comments on the ":Prostatron": device which cooks the prostate gland with microwaves. T.U.N.A. comes under this general heading.
Be sure to look over the clinics page. Clinics exist which deal with prostatitis on a pain management basis and in more conventional ways.
The "Feliciano method" is also known as "The Manila Protocol," "The Philippines Cure" and other terms. (There are two doctors [Dr. ANF and Dr. AEF ] named Feliciano from the Philippines involved in treating prostatitis. One [Dr. AEF] has an association with The Prostatitis Center in Tucson, AZ, USA. Click on the links to see their respective web sites.

Hope this helps you make a decision.  (+ info)

Anyone out there have encountered Chronic prostatitis ?

I am in my 2nd year with this debliting non-bacterial prostatitis problem. Two different urologists and a lot of ani-biotics and different tests and no improvements. Anyone experienced it or any doctors out there with any suggestion that he could help for cure.

I've had non-bacterial prostatitis for about 3 years now. Don't even waste your time and money on doctors and urologists. I've spent thousands of dollars and the antibiotics and treatment they have recommended have done absolutely nothing for me. I do have some recommendations for you that will help MINIMIZE your symptoms that have definitely helped me. 1. cut out all caffeine, alcohol, and spicy food 2. make sure you eat healthy and stay hydrated 3. do kegel exercises to strengthen your PC muscle 4. I know its difficult but please try to avoid stress 5. frequent ejaculation (3-5 times a week) 6. make exercise apart of your daily regiment (especially yoga, it can do wonders) I have a couple of relatives that are doctors and they could care less about making money for these pharmaceutical companies and their only concern is my health. I have received the information I shared with you from them. They also told me that green tea (caffeine free) and cooked tomatoes will help. I know how difficult and annoying it is to live with this, but please try to be positive and just be thankful it isn't anything more severe like cancer or paralysis. You can still live an amazing life with prostatitis. I wish you the best of luck. By the way I'm only 23  (+ info)

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