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How likely is it for a vegan living in the UK to get a protein deficiency?


I'm not anorexic. I kind of understand why some people are but not entirely

I don't think that where you live is important as long as you have access to the foods you need. For vegans, good sources of protein include tofu, whole soy (soy products are okay, but actual soy nuts and beans are excellent for you), nuts, and legumes. There are also many great vegan recipes that incorporate these ingredients so your meals don't get boring. If I'm not mistaken, there are also products that give you the benefit of dairy (such as calcium and Vitamin D) that are made from soy, nuts, and rice.  (+ info)

I am suffering from protein deficiency So can I correct it by taking protein powder?

If yes then which is best protein powder

Yes. Taking a nutrient in that you are deficient in will help to recover from that deficiency. If a doctor or practitioner told you that you are deficient, I would give them a call and ask how much you should be taking daily to make sure you don't get too little or too much, just to be on the safe side.

As far as brands, any answer given here will just be personal opinion (I can give you my opinion if you'd like). There are many higher quality companies out there that are readily available and well priced... just make sure the company has a good rating with either the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) or USP (U.S. Pharmacopoeia), as those are the main quality assurance organizations (USP is for the U.S., GMP is for the U.S. and worldwide).

As far as the type of powder, part of that depends on your body and part of it depends on personal preference. What I mean is that Whey protein tends to be one of the easiest to absorb, but some people can't handle Whey (a milk-based protein) as easily as others. However, the biggest difference between all of them as far as what people buy would be the taste of it. Since you would be taking this daily, if you don't at least somewhat like/tolerate the taste, it's going to become a horrible chore to take it every day. I would recommend trying a small bottle of any protein powder that you try so if you don't like the taste, it's going to be the least loss possible.
Good luck and I hope I helped!  (+ info)

A friend of mine is complaining of inflated feet, she was told that she has protein deficiency?

This case has more than one month, She's 40S, married, good health, active. She's in England now, her doctor is planning to take biopsy from her kidney, he said "it's very dangerous to do that ". Can she go ahead and do it, what is the risk involved in this operation.Thanks

Protein deficiencies...
The first kind is called Marasmus. This kind is a form of near starvation and is less common in the western world. It occurs most frequently in the third world in infants who are given diluted baby formula.
The other kind of this type of malnutrition is called Kwashiorkor. It is common in cases where the affected person has a diet that is very low in protein, but high in carbohydrates. The indicators include: muscle wastage, fluid retention, and the liver becoming enlarged and fatty.
In the western world, people most at risk for this dangerous condition are strict vegans and people suffering from anorexia or athletic anorexia.

A kidney biopsy may be recommended for any of the following conditions:
* hematuria, which is blood in the urine
* proteinuria, which is excessive protein in the urine
* impaired kidney function, which causes excessive waste products in the blood

Symptoms of Kidney Disease
- Changes in urination
- Swelling of face, hands, and/or feet
- Feeling more tired than usual
- Nausea/vomiting
- Headache, feeling dizzy
- Having trouble thinking clearly
- Severe itching not related to a bite or rash
- Shortness of breath, or feeling that you can't catch your breath
- Loss of appetite, or change in the way foods taste
- High blood pressure

There are some facts.
We cannot take a decision for her. She needs to make an appointment to see her doctor and ask for an explanation she can understand as a protein deficiency (if she really has one) would not necessarily lead to a kidney iopsy unless they were pretty sure the kidney was damaged in some way.  (+ info)

Is it true that thin people that have a large belly could be deficiency of protein?

I heard about this somewhere, is it true? And could you provide evidence of your answer (even if your answer is No)


A child that is short of protein over several weeks and months develops kwashiorkor – with very thin limbs and a swollen abdomen. This is because fluid accumulates in the abdominal cavity because of the imbalance of protein in its diet – and this contrasts with its very thin limbs, which are wasting away as the muscles themselves are digested to be used for energy.

This is typically a disease of impoverishedcountries often seen in the midst of drought or political turmoil. However, one government estimate suggests that as many as 50 percent of elderly persons in rest homes in the U.S. suffer from protein-calorie malnutrition.  (+ info)

I have protein deficiency If daily I drink 2 glasses of cow milk can that correct my protein deficiency?

And how many days it will take to get ok

No, cow's milk doesn't have enough protein to sustain a person. The RDA for protein is 50 grams per day.
According to http://cahpwww.vet.upenn.edu/mun/milk_protein.html and http://www.milkfacts.info/Milk%20Composition/Protein.htm milk has barely over 3% of the content as protein... so that means that for an 8 oz glass of milk (which would be about 240 grams), there would be barely over 7 grams of protein (about 14 grams in 2 glasses)... that's just not enough.

There is protein in all sorts of other foods, though. Any sort of meats (beef, pork, fish, chicken, etc), soy products, eggs, many nuts, and all sorts of other sources have protein as well.
If you are deficient and you aren't getting enough from your diet (for example, if you don't like meats), you could also add some protein powder to your milk and get plenty of protein from 2 cups of milk with added protein. You can find that at any health food store, but I would go for one that is a smaller container, just in case you don't like the taste... each brand has a different taste to it (depending on their processing), so you may have to try a few brands over time to find one you really like. I personally like adding flavored syrup to help the taste, but I also like sweeter drinks myself. Good luck and I hope I helped!  (+ info)

I am vegetarian ...what is the plants that can replace meat products for no deficiency in protein?

i m stopping eating any meat milk fish products only PLANTS but am also a body builder so i don't want to lose my strengh and my muscles fit tines ...any plants the have all the amino acid the body needs .???

Don't buy into the protein myth. You would have to starve yourself to not get enough protein. The top places to get non animal protein: beans, pea's, nuts, seeds, and whole grains.

Get the Vegetarian Starter Kit from -
Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine

Vegan Body Building & Fitness -

Organic Athlete - Vegan Athletes
http://www.organicathlete.org/  (+ info)

Could protein deficiency by preventing weight loss?

Story: for the past 2 months, I've been confined to 1200 calories a day and working out 5 days a week. And how much weight have I lost .... 0. The only thing that I can think of thats preventing weight loss is the fact that I don't get enough protein in (im a vegetarian so I only get about 20 g a day).

Just curious or could it be something more serious (ie; thyroid)

  (+ info)

What are the symptoms of deficiency of protein?

And how much protien we daily need

The human body can’t store protein, so it must be supplied on a daily basis from the foods we eat. Strict vegetarians who don’t consume any animal products at all are at increased risk of protein deficiency if they don’t eat a wide range of complementary plant proteins. Symptoms of protein deficiency include:

* Wasting and shrinkage of muscle tissue
* Oedema (build-up of fluids, particularly in the feet and ankles)
* Anaemia (the blood’s inability to deliver sufficient oxygen to the cells, usually caused by dietary deficiencies such as lack of iron)
* Slow growth (in children).
* Poor wound healing.

Amount of protein required per day :

* 0.75g/kg per day for adult women
* 0.84g/kg per day for adult men  (+ info)

28 Week Growth Scan for protein deficiency?

I had a 20 week sonogram today and found out that my last blood test showed a low number for a growth hormone (protein A I believe?) I asked questions when I was there and thought I could just come home and do research. Can't find anything!!

Has anyone else run into a similar issue? The baby is growing great now and is measuring normal. I am so worried and could use some honest answers (I also want to be prepared).


I think if ur baby is fine I wouldn't stress bout it honestly just enjoy ur time while being preggo  (+ info)

Can you take birth control if you have a Protein C or S deficiency?

During my last pregnancy (my daughter is 8 months old now) I found out I have Protein C deficiency. I have been taking birth control pills for the past 10 years prior to getting pregnant with her and haven't had any complications.  (+ info)

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