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Would a protein deficiency cause my period to do this?

Missed period for 3 months, now brown discharge with a tiny bit of lining visible.

I was thinking that since this has never happened before, and recently I have unintentionally stopped eating red meat, could I be lacking in the protein needed? (I dunno, my mother always told me to eat protein because of the blood lost during your period)

I'm 22, have had my period for 9years now and am pathetically single so defo not preggers.

oh sorry, I think I meant to say Iron, not protein.lol

sorry idk.. although i recently became a vegetarian and i got mine very early this month but for only a short time? i guess it does effect it somehow.  (+ info)

What is the result of protein deficiency in newborns?

Protein deficiency, especially in newborns, will cause fatty liver. It is the liver's job to process carbs, fats, and proteins. The liver processes fats by putting a protein coat to make a lipoprotein so that it can be able to be transported in your circulation. However, since there is a protein deficiency, the liver is not able to apply the protein coat on the fat, and as a result, the fat stays in the liver and thus fatty liver. This is also called kwashiorkor.  (+ info)

What is my protein deficiency called?

I have "Alligator skin" which means that i have bumps on my skin all the time, also i have flat, thin fingernails. I also have very thin hair. i know there is a scientific name for it, i just don't remember it. if you know what its called, Thanks.

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is hair falling out a sign of a protein deficiency?

i don't mean big clumps of hair. just a few here and there but more than usual.

Not just protein, but also lack of oil and fat in your diet. Oil and fat are essential to good health, good skin and good hair and nails. You need that fat in your diet. Make sure it's healthy oil and fat and not chemical fat or saturated fat. Olive oil is a fantastic way of getting good fat into your diet. You can use it for salad dressings and it's healthy.  (+ info)

I ate a huge amount of protein yesterday, and today didnt eat any, could this cause protein deficiency?

For breakfest I had eggs,toast,and milk. For lunch I had water, and a meat sandwhich(dont know what the meat was), I forgot what I had for dinner, but that day I also had dranken two muscle milk shakes filled with protein, and a protein bar. That was yesterday, but now today, I havent eaten any protein foods.
So basically what im asking is can your body sort of grow a tolerance to protein?

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Will my daughter's diet cause a protein deficiency?

All my seven year old wants to eat is fruits, veggies, peanut butter banana sandwhices, and my kashi go lean cereal! It's really the strangest thing. She does not like any meat, any type of cheese, and hates eggs. While I'm thrilled she's eating her fruits and vegetables (and even whole grains) I worry about her getting enough protein. My husband says pb sandwhiches every other day are no good but is there really any harm in that? I think not but any help here?

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Does anyone else on here have Protein S Deficiency?

How do you deal with it and are there any alternative meds other than coumadin?

Well I haven't been able to find any alternative medicines. But really you can only take it one day at a time and just be strong. I know this is very hard but it is either that or you will go crazy. Maybe you could start a journal and see how you progress. Also join a discussion board with others with the same thing. Good Luck and remember you are not alone.  (+ info)

Could this be a protein deficiency?

I've been vegetarian for a little over a month now, but lately I've been feeling really tired. Also the sides of my ribs hurt and bruises where my best friend bites me have started to feel a lot worse than they normally do. My shoulders hurt a lot and I'm starting to get bruises from my backpack. I've had to slow down on cheerleading because my right leg hurts too much to walk on it right now. My math teacher told me that I could have a protein deficiency, is that what it is? How canI take care of that w/o meat? I've been eating protein bars...but they really don't seem to help much. Is there anything else I could do?

i dont think you could get a protein deffeicency in a month! but if i were you i would eat plent of the 'fake meats' because they taste good and they contain protein also beens, milk and cheese... good luck and well done for making the right choice ; )  (+ info)

Is there anyone out there that has a protein S deficiency?

I was just diagnosed with this and have to be on blood thinners for life. This is a very rare disease. Only 3% of national population has this. Only 0.03% of caucasians have this. It is most common amongst the Japanese. If you have this let's talk or do you know of a support forum??
My email is [email protected] Please contact me if you do not accept emails.

yes, i have been diagnosed with this for quite a while now. i am 62 & have been on cumadin 10 yrs. they found out after i had my first stroke!! it's so hard when there's no one to talk to
about & almost no information on it . i have found a very good hematologist about 4 months ago & i have been very pleased so far!! he said it just goes away some times & i'm looking forward to that day!! no one in my family has it. i will be glad to talk with you . you can let yahoo. know & they will forward your e-mail address & i will tell you all i know . god bless you!!  (+ info)

How many ounces of protein do humans require per day? too little = deficiency, too much = turns into fat)?

so about how many ounces is correct.
Some sources say the size of your hand, this is so vague, do they mean when your whole hand is open, or when you make a fist, also, everyone's hand/fist is a different size, so that's not helpful.

A serving of protein (meat, chicken) is the size of a deck of cards, or the palm of your open hand. A serving of fish is the size of a checkbook.
Most people don't need more than 50 grams of protein a day; there are many things that people need to be worried about not getting enough of, but protein is not one of them. People who are trying to build muscle or just stay fit will need between .7 and 1 gram for every pound of body weight - so for example, that would be 80-115 grams for me at 115 pounds.  (+ info)

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