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does masturbation cause protein deficiency?

im 14 and masturbate quite alot. 2-3 times a day actually, but i still hang out with friends and play sports, however im very focused also on muscle building and of course protein is required, can my masturbation hamper my muscle building? i heard you lose protein in masturbation.

masturbation will not affect your protein levels. it has no ill effects at all. your muscle building will not be hampered in any way.  (+ info)

What is the effect of protein deficiency on brain?

Children with chronic protein deficiency are more prone to delays in brain and cognitive development that improve little over time.

Child malnutrition, a major problem in our country, is associated with a wide range of cognitive defects in children. Chronic protein energy malnutrition, in particular, causes stunting and wasting in children that affects the ongoing development of higher cognitive processes during childhood (>5 years of age).

To examine the effect of stunted growth on the rate of development of cognitive processes in children, researchers from India assessed the cognitive development of 20 malnourished children and 20 adequately nourished children at different ages.

It was found that malnourished children performed poorly than adequately nourished children on most of the neuropsychological tests they were given. These children had problems with tests of attention, memory, visual perception, verbal comprehension and other higher cognitive processes.

Moreover, minimal cognitive improvement was noted in malnourished children with age. The cognitive performance of malnourished 5- to 7-year-olds was poor and much lower than that of adequately nourished children of their age.

The above findings support numerous other studies that have shown a wide range of cognitive deficits in malnourished children in India.  (+ info)

Does Whey Protein Power is Treat Protein Deficiency Fast or Not Plz Helpppppppp?

If you are consuming a high quality chemical free whey product minus the fillers and additives than you will get plenty of protein. One of the benefits of whey protein is it's fast absorption rate and provides a quick protein rush.  (+ info)

I`m Suffering From PROTEIN DEFICIENCY When I Take Protein Capsules my Weight is Increase or Not plz Help?

& also Tellme Morning time is best for (after Wake up From sleep) taking Protein Capsules.
& how to stop Gaining weight help plz

  (+ info)

Does having Protein S and C deficiency keep you from getting pregnant?

  (+ info)

Protein Deficiency along with a beta blocker. Could this be harmful?

I'm about to begin a beta blocker for SVT (Toprol). My mom suffers from protein c & s deficiencies and had a stroke at a young age. She has recently told me that it's hereditary and that there is a strong chance me or my sister may also have it. I'm going to speak with my doctor about this on Monday but I'm wondering if they could be bad when combined (a beta blocker and a protein deficiency).

I would think so. Beta Blockers can hinder the absorption of B12 and if you are protein deficient, you are already low on B12.  (+ info)

Protein S deficiency linked to Factor V Leiden?

Does anyone know if these two are related? I was told I may have the protein deficiency, and when I looked it up, it mentioned the other one. What are the chances I have both?

Both of those deal with your coagualation pathway in your body. And basically what that is a whole bunch of signals that work togethe to form a clot in your body. When working correctly, they only cause a clot to form when there has been damage to a blood vessell. Protein S is one of the signals that tells another signal (with the help of other things) to shut off. So protein S acts on factor 5. The other signal that works together with protein S to shut off factor 5 is protein C

A deficiency in protein S is not the same as Factor V leiden. Factor v leiden is a mutation that causes factor V (Roman numeral 5) to completely ignore protein C.

So if you can keep that all straight, sorry it's so confusing. Protein S and Protein C work together to shut off Factor V. If they don't shut it off, then your body might randomly clot. If you're deficient in protein S, then your body can't turn off factor V, which would be in your case. But in Factor V leiden, you have enough of everything, it's just your Factor V doesn't listen to Protein C.

I had to learn this pathway for school, and it is SO confusing, but if you wanted to see how they directly work together I included some refrences at the bottom.

Best of luck!  (+ info)

How common is D-bifunctional protein deficiency? Please refernce it to a journal. TY?

Very uncommon. Fewer than 10 births per year in the US. The Emedicine article states that Zellweger Syndrome, the most common inherited peroxisomal disorder, occurs in the US at a frequency of 1 in 50,000 to 1 in 100,000. D-bifunctional protein deficiency is much less common than Zellweger Syndrome. There are 3-4 million births per year in the US.  (+ info)

copd early honest without protein deficiency, is it possible?

can you get COPD at an early age, say like 34?

Yes, there is a genetic condition called alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency that is associated with the development of COPD at a younger age. Smoking accelerates the progession to COPD in these patients and all patients. Even if someone does not have this condition, they could get COPD at age 34 if they have a significant enough smoking history.  (+ info)

discuss the symptoms of protein deficiency disease, where it is found and how it affects the body?

this is my food studies' homework... but I don't understand... please help me.. please answer in simple English.. because I don't understand difficult English..

eat meat!!

http://sify.com/news_info/education/ollessons/fullstory.php?id=13360554  (+ info)

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