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Approximately what percentage of children worldwide have protein-energy malnutrition?

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nutritional interventions for protein-energy malnutrition?

including the latest prevalence

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How long before running should you eat a protein/energy bar?

for doing cross-country how long before running should u eat a basic protein/energy bar?

It really depends on your body - if you feel good and have no problems you can eat while running, lol. some people can eat minutes before exercising and some need a couple of hours.  (+ info)

Does anyone know a high protein energy bar that Asda might sell?

Basically im going to Asda later on and I want to get a pack of high protein energy bars to help me in my weight loss plan, something that tastes nice and is not to high in calories and fat, just enough to give me a boost do you know if Asda sell any, and if so what are they?

Thanks x

Sorry no, but you should get your protein from whole food sources such as lean meat, nuts, cottage cheese, quinoa, beans, legumes.  (+ info)

What is the best tasting protein or energy bar?

I need an easy to eat and easy to carry protein or energy bar that will provide me with at least 15-20 grams of protein, energy is good too but protein is my main concern. What are the best flavors and brands of protein bars that you guys have had? I am pretty picky with foods, but usually peanut butter and chocolate bars work well for me, but I am open to trying new ones! Thanks!!!!!!!

I love Nutrilite trim advantage Chocolate Peanut Butter Crunch bars. Protein 16g, great source of Vitamins A,D,K,B6,B12. I also like Xs Energy Pre-workout chocolate nut roll. It has 16g of protein. My husband likes them too.

You can check them out more at:
just select incredible edibles.  (+ info)

Is there a difference between Protein/energy bars made for women and the ones made for men?

Above title says it all. Like, the Luna bars: Nutrition FOR Women, compared to ClifBar Builder's Bars, are there any differences between the two in how the nutrients are compiled? Would it be bad for a man to eat a Women's bar, or vise versa?

Thanks in advance!

i just think it may be to do with the calorie content thats all. A man requires slightly more than that of a woman.  (+ info)

When is the right time to us protein and energy powders during a workout

Ok I swim, and I am using a protein/energy supplement. When should I drink it? During the workout, before or after?
Also what product should I use? protein powders, supplements, creatine or something else?

The energy supplement you should take before workout. Be sure it doesn't have too much caffeine in it or you'll crash pretty heavily. I am a soccer player and I use an energy drink called FRS. Works pretty well for me because it is low caffeine and sugar. It uses healthier ingredients to get me going. I found a free trial here http://www.voernix.com/2008/07/frs.html, otherwise I think you can get it at stores too.

As for protein you can take it both before workout and after. If you only want to take it once then take it after you workout. For protein either take a powder or a bar.  (+ info)

What is your favorite nutritional snack bar or protein/energy/fruit one?

Which one do you like best?

Lara Bars! They're vegan, raw, (just compressed fruit and nuts) they have no preservatives, no sugar, and they don't have that weird medicinal flavor that added protein has. The chocolate coconut and the key lime pie are my favorites.  (+ info)

What are some yummy protein/energy bars?

Cause I just bought some from hyvee, and they taste like dirt!!!
im on a diet, so i need energy bars so i can workout, and im a vegetarian, so i need the protien...
so what are some good protein bars? and where can i get them?

Hy-vee? LOL I shop there too.

Anyway, I found that Luna bars taste the best. I generally don't like protein bars, but the Luna brand is yummy.  (+ info)

Minimum grams of protein per day to avoid protein malnutrition?

I want to know the minimum amount of protein I can eat to avoid protein malnutrition.

I've heard your hair can fall out if you don't get enough protein so I don't want my hair falling out.

I'm 5'9" and weight 270. I've heard a half gram for each pound of body weight. I can't get 135 grams in my food a day.

Is 40 grams a day alright? I'm on a restrictive diet.

Yes you can, people get 400 grams in. If your on a restrictive diet, you need to lower fats and carbs, make sure you get enough protein.  (+ info)

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