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what is the best medication for pruritus vulvae? huhu?

me and my boyfriend are still virgin

one day we just rub ourselves with each other naked

but we didn't do sex

day after

i'm experiencing a very itchy vulva

i don't know why what's the cause

one time i decided to self-medicate

clobetasol proprionate (dermovate)

the itch was gone

but i tried to stop the medication

but i can feel slowly the itch will resume again

what really is this

i'm shy to tell my parents

i'm so worried

what is the best thing to do?

or what is the best medication i should use?

i'm not sure if this is only just pruritus vulvae

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What is the difference between pruritis and pruritus?

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How do i know if i have Pruritus? My legs itch like crazy but there's not rash? Do you think i have it?

SO my legs( thighs and calves), and the creases of my knees itch likt crazy. i'm scratching them almost to the point of bleeding....Do you think i have pruritus? How do i know? I'm in chlorine alot, and everytime i get out of the water, my skins itch? IDK what to do? what do you tink?

IF I may let me explain why if I were you I would make the choice to watch for "toxic-triggers".

In the past I also have had many problems with asthma and with skin rashes and itchings. I have learned that all the things that trigger these problems are very very toxic to everyone's health and I have learned to ‘run’ from them.

I also learned that my nutrition was below what it needed to be, so that I could easily have an allergic reaction to something that was toxic, AND my skin and/or lymph and/or kidney and/or liver organs were not strong enough to deal with it quickly, so the rash/itchings were a continual 'warning.'

I have since learned that better nutrition will make the skin and 'purifying' organs stronger in order that they can more easily deal with toxins that we all might have a hard time identifying and running from. (Google browse: “Pellagra-Wikipedia”)

Toxins include chlorine and fluoride in the drinking and shower water, or pesticides preservatives nitrates chemicals synthetics or enrichments in foods, or pharmaceuticals you have consumed or applied on your skin, or molds or smoke or aerosols.

I hope you learn your triggers and make the choices to become stronger.



IF you are interested, I feel I have become an expert on rashes and pruritus itchings after many years of off and on flare ups. So to do my part to make a difference in the world I now take a little time each week to help others understand why better nutrition is so important, and I have posted much of my own story via the link at: <> http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20091016160457AAkysKW
<>. I hope you will have learned something today from my own mistakes and would not duplicate them. My best to you and yours. A1- nutritionist  (+ info)

How does acupuncture treat pruritus ani? How successful is acupuncture in treating pruritus ani?

In Chinese medicine, there are acupuncture points and herbal formulae that treat this condition very well. I can only speak in theoretical terms, and of course you will need a practitioner to examine you and decide what is causing your sign and symptoms.

An imbalance can cause the anus to become inflamed, burn and/or itch. There are some types of deficiencies that can cause trouble there too. In Chinese medicine, this might be caused by too much heat or excessive dampness. Once your therapist determines what pattern of symptoms you have then they will create a set of acupuncture points to address it (acupuncture points are the specific locations on the body where the needles are inserted). Certain acupuncture points have a cooling effect on the body, while others have a draining effect. Still other acupuncture points have a tonic purpose and some have an impact on the Large Intestine in general. Acupuncture can be very helpful, but I would certainly consider Chinese herbal medicine as well. You will have the best chances for success that way.

I would also suggest you see your medical doctor so that you can rule out causes such as fissures, infections, etc. Please make sure your acupuncturist is qualified and fully trained using Chinese medical principles.  (+ info)

What is the best cure for anal pruritus?

If you're itching down there, get tested for STD's first off...secondly, just apply some cream daily, and hopefully that will help. Your skin is probably irritated from something.  (+ info)

Please help me to heal body pruritus problem?

it is almost 15 days I have pruritus and some rash itch skin problem in almost all body and don't know the exact reason/cause. I went to doctore and he give me PREDNISOLONE and Avil tablets which does'nt healI. I need a doctor advice ,what medicin to use to get rid of this sickness.

thanks so much for your support in advance

What kind of physician did you see? I suggest you either go back and let this doc see that it is not resolving, or see a dermatologist. This is not normal to go on this long. You need to really see a doc to get the right medication for this problem.
I would suggest the dermatologist.
Good Luck, and don't wait to go to the doctor, ok?  (+ info)

I have problems with constant punctate pruritus. I don't have any obvious skin issues. Is this a neurological?

It doesn't seem to have to do with any fabrics or allergies nor with outside nerve stimulation, I can be touching nothing and still random nerves seem to just go off. All day every day I'm going crazy here.

It could well be neurological, if you have not had a specialist referral I would suggest you get one...good luck in getting it under control...;  (+ info)

what are the signs and symptoms, causes, treatment and prevention of pruritus?

Pruritus is an itching sensation that triggers the desire to scratch. It is a distressing symptom that can cause discomfort. Scratching may cause breaks in the skin that may result in infection. Pruritus can be related to anything from dry skin to undiagnosed cancer.
Maintaining healthy skin may relieve pruritus. Good skin care includes adequate nutrition and daily fluid intake, protection from the environment, and cleansing practices that don't dry the skin.  (+ info)

Does neurontin or sodium valproate cause pruritus?

They can, especially if you have not taken it ever, and you have an allergic reaction.  (+ info)

Why do you get pruritus when you're jaundiced?

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