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pruritus in liver cirrhosis ?

what makes people with cirrhosis get pruritus ? is it conjugated billirubin or unconjugated ?

It is neither! Cirrhosis leads to a certain degree of intrahepatic obstructive jaundice (hepatocellular jaundice). This results in the elevation of conjugated bilirubin and bile salts in the blood. Bile salts are deposited in the skin and are responsible for the intense itchy sensation. (pruritus)
Unconjugated bilirubin levels are usually not elevated until very advance stages of cirrhosis. This is because the presence of a relatively small number of functioning hepatocytes is adequate to carry out the livers conjugation function to a great extent. However the intrahepatic obstruction caused by the fibrosis results in obstruction to the bile canaliculi and the subsequent release of conjugated bilirubin and bile salts to the blood.  (+ info)

does anybody know what is leucoplakia simplex vulvae?

how can i make it go away

i think it's d.t herpes simplex virus.....leuco- means white and plakia means deposition it's precancerous lesion...it's present in the vulvae of the female genital system  (+ info)

Is there cure for annal itching (Pruritus Ani)?

I have aclose friend who has occassional irritating itchy anus.
He has tried all the remedies in the pharmarcies to no relieve.
he thinks of tryin even herbal medicine if the current one does not work out.

The first step in treating a parasitic infection is to get a proper diagnosis. This is mainly dependent on a stool analysis.

NOTE: the natural treatment of parasitic infection should be done under the guidance of a knowledgeable health-care practitioner or a doctor.

1. Black walnut - 30drops or 250 mg, 3/day.
2. Wormwood- 20 drops or 200 mg, 3/day with meals.
3. Oregano oli - 500 mg capsule, 4/day.
4. Grapefruit seed extract- take as directed on the container for a powerful antiparasitic effect.
5.Goldenseal- 30 drops or 300 mg, 4/day.
6.Ginger - 500 mg, or 20drops of the tincture, or 1 cup of fresh tea- 4/day.
7. Probiotic, containing at least 4 billion active organisms, 2/day.

Diet- sugar products should be reduced or avoided to optimize the health of your immune system.

Fresh garlic, ginger, and onions are excellent as prepared foods, because they have antiparasitic effects.
Raw pumpkin seeds kills worms and parasites. They can be ground up if desired. Consume 1/4 cup to 1/2 cup daily with 8 oz of water.
Papaya juice has antiworm effects.

Personal Hygiene Changes -The following practices will help reduce the risk of continuous self-reinfection:

Bathe when you wake up to help reduce egg contamination.

Change and wash your underwear each day. Frequent changing of night clothes is recommended.

Change underwear, night clothes and sheets after each treatment. Because the eggs are sensitive to sunlight, open blinds or curtains in bedrooms during the day.

Personal hygiene should include washing hands after going to the toilet, before eating and after changing diapers.

Keep fingernails trimmed short.

Discourage nail-biting and scratching the bare anal region.  (+ info)

How to rid of the sores on anus caused by pruritis ani?

Seriously was diagnosed by colo rectal specialist as having pruritis ani. Didn't think aobut asking how to rid of the sores though as they were not a problem then. How do you get rid of itchy and somtimes bleedy sores on anus caused by pruritus ani?

  (+ info)

Aquagenic Pruritus??????

i have aquagenic pruritus and its really getting to me ive had it for 3 years now does any one know how to cure or manage it also i heard about naltrexone has helped any information on how to cure it would be great please help????

Treatments can include applying capsaicin cream on the affected areas, and filtered Ultraviolet-B Phototherapy in a hospital or health clinic, often using a vertical light cubicle in which the patient stands for the exposure duration. Some people utilize tanning beds to accomplish such treatment, but skin cancer can become a concern for frequent tanning due to the broader UV spectrum of the beds.

Liberal applications of baby oil before or after bathing, or lanolin-free Aqueous cream, an emollient, immediately after drying off from a bath or shower can help to reduce the symptoms of the condition.

Since pruritus is sometimes believed to be a result of histamine, H1 and H2 blockers such as Claritin or Cimetidine may be helpful.

The symptoms may recur after each water exposure for years. Some sufferers control the itch by turning the shower water to hot for the last 5 minutes, and/or using heatpads or hairdryers on their skin immediately after showering. However, others find that excessive heat during bathing can actually worsen the pruritus, and limit the water temperature to tepid. The use of cotton clothes and bedding can prevent itch or provide relief to some sufferers.

Use of naltrexone has been described.[1]

Anything more e-mail me.


red erythematous scaling plaques on face and upper chest, occasional itch pruritus?

You may want to talk with a dermatologist but it sounds like it may be psoritic in nature.  (+ info)

Pain in the butt...pruritus ani?

I've been seeing my doctor a lot latly. He diagnosed me with pruritus ani. Its really been a pain. I've been on suppositories for almost two months now and things havent got any better. I think I got this from a previous yeast infection and possible because I am always working in extreme heat. I was wondering has anyone else had this and has any helpful advice? My doctor is not helping me at all and I dont have the money to keep making appointments anymore...
I was also wondering how serious can this condition get? Right now there is itching, occasional soreness and burning and pain, with reddness, and there is a dark purple color right at the opening. also have a red line down my butt crack. I know, gross, but I dont know what to do any really want to know if anyone can help me with this. It would be much appreciated...

The suppositories might be making the area wetter, thus irritating it, and making a breeding ground for bacteria and fungus, namely yeast. If you dry out the area, then your fungal infection should dry up.

In your shoes, I would go get some sensitive soap for intimate areas, and wash that area as many times as you can per day. If you wash after work, you have about 8 hrs. to walk around in air-conditioning. Maybe when you are relaxing (and either alone or in very familiar company) rest with your legs open and a fan blowing on the area to dry it out.

Then wash before bed.  (+ info)

what is pruritus ani?

google it  (+ info)

I have anal pruritus and i have been applying cream to no avail, and it has worsened. Help please.?

Have you talked to a doctor??? Maybe you have an infection.....  (+ info)

Pruritus Ani (Itchy Bottom) question.?

I have a persistent itch around my anus area particulary at night before going to bed for about 3 months, besides itching there isn't any other symptoms besides small amount of bleeding from constant scratching. I am worried, could it be a symptom of anal cancer? I am 28 years old. Thanks.

Congratulations! you are the proud parent of a family of pinworms (enterobius spp.)! It is quite common in developed countries, though some people a almost asymptomatic. The treatment is albendazole or mebendazole, which are both usually well tolerated and don't cause too many problems. Immediately after reading this, start washing your hands more often, even with treatment, the itchy anus can lead you to scratch and later you touch something and eventually it gets into your mouth and the eggs get back into you.  (+ info)

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