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a pain in the bum (pruritus ani)?

well i guess the title says it all. it is however not so much pain as itch. ive googled it and found about a billion things i dont have. id be very greatful for any help.

the feeling that there is something "sticking out" of my bum.

im afraid its terribly complicated to explain. somethings up, no doubt about that but "itch" is really the closest i can get to describing it. the power of suggestion has done much to distort my experience of it but i would describe it as a feeling that a worm is hanging out and wiggleing about. i havent seen any worms in my stool though.
(this is incredably embarrasing to write about even with the shield of annonymity)
hopefully i dont have something deadly like colon cancer.

physical status
21, male, healthy -well otherwise- i just have a tendency not to get sick, on the thin side (always have been -probbably not tapeworm), and i havent engaged in anal sex, i live in sweden - probbably not tropical bujabujawhatever worm

grateful for any reply

Sometimes hemorrhoids can cause lots of itching and a feeling that something is "hanging out or wiggling". Hemorrhoids not only occur on the outside, they can develop on the inside too. You won't know for sure unless you see a doctor  (+ info)

what is the pruritus?

Pruritus is the medical term for "itchiness". It is not the name of a disease, but can be the symptom of many things from normal dry skin to chronic kidney failure.  (+ info)

meaning of pruritus?

itching  (+ info)

Itchy anus (pruritus ani)?

Hi there

I've had this condition for a long time now, and am too embarrassed to go to the doctor about it. Basically during the day it's fine, but during the evening while I sleep I itch my anus. Almost as soon as I lie down and try to sleep it starts to itch. I'm pretty sure it's not worms or anything like that, I've never seen any my stool and tried the sticky tape technique and didn't see any. It's driving me crazy, because there's nothing I can do about it because I do it in my sleep.

I've tried using creams, but it still itches. It also hurts when I wipe because I continually aggravate the problem when I scratch at night. I've tried wetting the toilet paper, just dabbing with it, but it doesn't help.

It's driving me crazy and I don't know what to do!
Please help

  (+ info)

Before bloodwork showed with liver or kidney probs, what symptoms did you exhibit?

For those people with liver or kidney problems...did you have your symptoms long before you were diagnosed with a problem?

I seem to be exhibiting every serious symptoms of a kidney or liver disorder except bloodwork is showing nothing.
Severe pruritus, itchy/buring skin, inflamed RUQ, swollen eyes, nausea and swollen joints, burning eyes. NO blood indicators.
I have a lot of suspicion of have kidney problems, because it started when was holding 10lbs of water.

Swollen kidney? Enflamed Nephrons? Without blood problems?

Thanks very much for sharing your experiences.
Also, this has gone on over year, without letting up... Im holding water in my gut too.

I have PBC - Primary Biliary Cirrhosis (Stage 3 liver disease) and am on medication for it. The only symptom I exhibited before being diagnosed is severely itchy skin, which I assumed was dry skin but never had professionally diagnosed. Apparently some liver diseases cause you to itch a lot. Luckily, I was diagnosed during a routine physical where my doctor ran a panel of blood screens and they found the liver enzymes were high. That led to more tests by a specialist, which eventually led to a biopsy to determine for sure what was going on. Anyway, have you gotten a second opinion or gone to a different lab for the blood work? Maybe the doctor isn't running the correct tests on the blood? Good luck, hope you feel better soon.  (+ info)

A person who has psoriasis will experience which of the following?

A) syncope
B) cyanosis
C) colitis
D) hidrosis
E) pruritus

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why is ranitidine given post-op? how about diphenhydramine HCl?

ranitidine is for ulcer but i dont have ulcers.

do people get rash or pruritus after surgery so they give benadryl?

During many acute disorders and also after traumas like surgical operations, the patient may be more prone to produce peptic ulcers or allergies. So ranitidine and diphenhydramine are given .  (+ info)

need help!!!why is my vagina so itchy though i always cleanse it!?!!it realy hurts!!!?

help me pls, there are already scratches in my rep. sys. because of pruritus.. help me pls, wat should i do to treat this?=(

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Spicy Food Allergy...I Need Doctor's Help?

Whenever I eat spicy food, I experience itchiness/pruritus on my scalp and only on that area. Can somebody please explain this. I don't get rashes or experience pruritus anywhere else. It is specific to my scalp. Please help!!!

Dandruff,sun burn,seborrhoic dermatitis,psoriasis,hair dye,hair oil,hair cream, head lice could be the cause. Spicy food is not generally the cause if these are ruled out.  (+ info)

What disease is this?

The symptoms are:
Trouble breathing
A perpetual fever
Ocassional pruritus
Severe weight loss
Fainting when under stress

The disease is supposedly fairly rare and gradually becomes worse. Do you have any idea what this disease is called?
No no no no... I don't HAVE the disease :) These are the symptoms a character in a book I'm reading has, but the author won't say what the disease is (she did say it's based off a real disease though). I'm just trying to figure out what the disease is.

How old is the character, and what gender is he/she? Do you know how hot the fever is? And lastly, where is he/she itching, and are there any changes in color/appearance of the skin? Is there swelling in the neck area?

He/She could have Grave's disease, also called hyperthyroidism.

"Hyperthyroidism affects about 1% of people in the United States. It can occur at any age but is more common in women during menopause and after childbirth."


That website has useful information about it. It's where they thyroid glands in your neck become too active. It can be treated early or reduced unless it continues for a longer period of time. By then, it will have affected the heart and other organs.  (+ info)

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