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Is California a good place to live with people that have cerebral palsy?

I'm a 22 year old male who has cerebral palsy and I'm thinking about moving from Tennessee to California.How is California toward people in my condition,and where would be the best place to live at?I know San Francisco is to hilly so please can some one help me out here.

I am not familiar with CA and how they react to people with Cerebral Palsy as I live in another part of the country, but one way you can find out is to check with United Cerebral Palsy's chapter in the San Franscico area. You can find out more about this by going to: http://www.ucp.org or find them on Facebook.  (+ info)

Is it odd that 3 people from the same church have come down with bells palsy?

We know a lady at church that came down with bells palsy a little over a month ago. Then about 2 weeks ago my Dad came down with it. Today I learned that another lady we know from church now has it. Is this strange?

The devil gave them bells palsy, stop going to church... haha

just kidding, but yeah, bells palsy isn't communicable, maybe like the person above said they're all just stressed out  (+ info)

Has anybody heard of or sought alternative medicine for Bell's Palsy?

I have had Bell's PAlsy for 3 years now. It was severe at first but now is about 70% recovered. I still have ear pain and my mouth is visibly droopy (a bit) I believe the nerves did not heal properly as my eye waters and partially closes when I smile. I'm tired of doing nothing and was interested in accupuncture, cupping or herbal remedies. I heard that in China there are many 'ancient' treatments. Can anybody help? Thanks!

Try Edgar Cayce's wet cell appliance, medically known as iontophoresis. Alternate gold chloride(nerve regeneration) and colloidal silver(kills or weakens bacteria and viruses-most common cause of Bell's Palsy). Contact the A.R.E. Clinic(757-428-3588). A TENS unit or similiar muscle-nerve stimulator, massage with a vibrator, and a heating pad will also help.Supplements that help are vitamins(whole complex-antioxidants and nerve support) and Flaxseed oil and fish oil, both for external massage, and, as capsules for internal use to fight inflammation. Vinpocetine/Gingka Biloba tablets improve blood flow for nerve support.Aloe Vera Juice(allantoin in the juice, doubles to triples cell division, providing nerve support) as a massage and/or internal use, may be of benifit. Hydrocortisone cream melted in 99.99% liquid DMSO can be massaged into and around the ear to fight inflammation-use caution and do NOT use more than 2-3 days, then lay off for a week. All of the above are WELL DOCUMENTED, not hearsay.Clyde Nassif, CMA,Holistic Consultant, www.naturescorner.com  (+ info)

What is a good paying job for people with cerebral palsy?

I have cerebral palsy And i would like to know what is few a good paying job that i could do for years. I want to have a profession that at least pays 50-60k a yr or more. Currently i am a junior in high School and do not have any clue on what a good Career for me would be. Remember I have Mild Cerebral Palsy and want to make enough to live comfortable

My hubby has CP and has a good job with the government.

Don't let anyone tell u that u cant do this or that because u have cp. The doctors told my hubby's parents that he may not for some amount of years,or go to school,graduate, marry, have kids, hold a job, lots of thing. he did ALL this because he did not let people tell him that he could not do them. He even has two kids and he is the bread winner of his family. he make enough to send his kids to private school and take care of his wife's medical bills cause i have epilepsy. I don't let ppl tell me no either.

Anyway, go to college after high school and get your degree in what your interested in. Don't think of what job might take u, go for the degree that u like. When u are finished getting that degree go look for that job and don't let ppl tell u no u cant have it. Find a way u can get a job in that field. Don't shout or demand that u will get this or that just be confident. do research, it helps. It is good that u are looking into this now.Look into places in your field that have disabled ppl already there or have accommodations for the disabled like ramps and accessible bathrooms. Accommodation's that are up to really nice level not something that was just put together to make it accessible.

how can i stress it. go with confidence, don't let people tell u no!

Good luck in the future  (+ info)

My friend technically has cerebral palsy, does he still actually have it?

My friend has cerebral palsy. He couldn't walk or go up stairs until the 8th grade. Now that he's a sophomore in high school he can walk and go up stairs just fine; he can even run insanely fast! His only problem is a small shift in how he walks which is barely noticable. Does he still have cerebral palsy?

Yes. CP is the result of brain damage. Brian damage cannot be reversed. However, physical therapy can be very helpful for people with brain injuries.  (+ info)

Does mild cerebral palsy have mental or physical limitations?

Say if the person with cerebral palsy talks to herself, and has tantrums. Does that have anything to do with cerebral palsy? Or is cerebal palsy just physical?

It CAN be both.... depending on how severe it is and how old the person is? like a five year old does tht anyways.... lol.   (+ info)

How long does someone with Cerebral Palsy normally live?

Iam dating a lady with a child with severs Cerebral Palsy, hope child lives to be a 100, but just wondering how old do one with severe Cerebral Palsy live to be?

They lead a mixed sort of a life, intermingled with better health and health complicated by infections, and usually survive till about 30 years. This age is not sacrosanct and individuals with better health and with freedom from infections may continue to live almost the same duration as is for a normal person.  (+ info)

Driving with cerebal palsy? Programs to help get a specially crafted vehicle?

My little sister has cerebal palsy will be 16 in June, are there any waiting lists she can be put on to receive assistance in purchasing a specially made car? I know absolutely nothing about this and I want to present her with as much information as possible. Thank you soo much!

Usually, the first step starts with an evaluation from a vocational rehab specialist to determine what type of devices are needed (generally called assistive technology) along with size specifications. You would be looking for car controls that are added to an automobile. The state gov. and many hospitals have specialists available. The first link has a search for specialists by ZIP code.

Most state health/ welfare departments have financial programs , and the United Cerebral Palsy organization has grants - second link.  (+ info)

Why did my friend and her husband have 2 kids with cerebral palsy?

What could cause a couple to have 2 kids with cerebral palsy? I know that she did some drugs back then... namely LSD. but could drug use make that happen?

Although CP is associated with problems at delivery, or with premature birth that requires the newborn to be on a ventilator, there are cases where doctors never do figure out what caused it. It is possible that her drug use did play a part, because many of them do cross the placental barrier. Drug using mothers also don't tend to eat right or have prenatal care, and those also raise the risks of having problems with the newborn. It's not a genetic problem, but it can be a developmental problem during the pregnancy itself or injury during the birth process. Given the history of drug use, especially if it was during pregnancy or in between them- yes, that could be part of the explanation.  (+ info)

I want to know if exposure to extreme cold can cause Bells palsy?

I recently went to the US and in a few days was found to have Bells Palsy. I would like to know if exposure to extremely low temperatures (0 to 4 degrees) can cause Bells Palsy. I had symptoms of loss of taste buds in my tongue about 3 weeks before this problem was diagnosed. I want to know if the loss of taste which I had 3 weeks back is linked to the same problem. Was that a starting symptom for this problem.

I have had bells palsy since May 2007.
I still have the bitter and metallic taste in my mouth at times. The loss of taste buds can be very frustrating.

I have spoken with many and was even told by one of my doctors that some believe exposure to cold can bring on this disorder. The literal translation of Bells Palsy in Chinese even means "wind attack".

Also, many who suffer with Bells Palsy get it after some sort of viral infection. I had what I thought was the flu and was only getting over it when my Bells Palsy reared its ugly head. Current research shows that there many be a connection to the chickenpox virus or a strain of the herpes virus.

My starting symptom was a severe headache days before paralysis began. I then had twitching in my face that was more aggravating than anything else that preceded the paralysis.

I hope you get better soon. Heres an article if your interested that talks about vitamin B-12 therapy. I used this myself and feel it truly sped my healing process along.

http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/631345/alternative_and_holistic_treatments.html  (+ info)

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