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what chromosome is found to cause pseudohypoparathyroidism?

20q13.3  (+ info)

Can anyone tell me how they treat a child with pseudohypoparathryoidism?

I have been told that my child has pseudohypoparathyroidism. He has hypothryoidism already and this just makes things more hectic. He already has some affects of the bones not growing correctly and short statue. Is there any treatment or can this be cured. I have done research on the net but have not found the answers to my questions.

what? is that for real?

pseudo = appears to be, but is not. hypo = low. para = outside the normal. thyroidism = irregular thyroid function.

It looks like hypothroidism but its something else.

I have no clue how to treat what you describe.  (+ info)

do all people with single palmar lines on their palms have down's syndrome?

or any of these disorders:
Down syndrome
Aarskog syndrome
Cohen syndrome
Fetal alcohol syndrome
Trisomy 13
Rubella syndrome
Turner syndrome
Klinefelter syndrome
Gonadal dysgenesis
Cri du chat syndrome

i'm a fairly normal girl. (ask anyone to testify) i'm in my sophomore year at college and i haven't manifested any signs/symptoms of any of these diseases.

it's just that i learned today that children with down's syndrome have simian creases on their palms and that got me worried because i have a single palmar line on my palm.

i strongly believe that i do not have Down's. or do i? Down's doesn't run in the family. nor do any of the aforementioned disorders.

could it be that i just happen to have a single palmar line? is this a normal finding?

I can tell you for sure you do NOT have Down Syndrome. That is something that they would have determined at birth and your parents would know along with teachers and doctors. Just because you have a "line" on your hand does NOT mean that you have some sort of disorder. And by the way my son has Downs and he has two palmer lines on both hands. Stop reading into things, you Will only make yourself think that you are sick!!  (+ info)

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