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Can you get SSI with the condition known as Pseudotumor Cerebri? Can you get any help?

dont know: apply. you should be able to  (+ info)

pseudotumor cerebri any tips ?

do you have it or have you had it ? any tips on coping and diet tips, also how to take care of myself, thanks .

It isn't cancer. There is a lot of information online but a doctor is the best source.  (+ info)

Pseudotumor Cerebri - Any good Doctors in Tulsa, OK area?

Do anyone know of a great Doctor in Tulsa, OK that specializes in Pseudotumor Cerebri or Intracranial Hypertension? I was seeing a neurologist who recently quit and need to find a new doctor.
Thanks all!!

Find a Neurologist (American Academy of Neurology)
http://www.aan.com/public/find.cfm  (+ info)

My pseudotumor cerebri shunt maybe failing. Has anyone ever experienced this?

Diagnosised with Pseudotumor Cerebri x 2yrs ago. I had a shunt put in to releive elevated pressures and was fine until a week ago.All my symptoms are coming back. I spent all last week in the ER. What hell. Has anyone else had this? What can I expect? My neuro appointment is not until friday. Ouch my head.

Yes, I have a VP shunt and this is my third one.

They are known to fail because of clogging. and such.

Because our bodies produce minerals and such it builds up in the shunt and the tube causing it to plug or the tube could possibly have a cyst on the end of it not letting it out. or you could have possible just started producing more fluid and the shunt cannot keep up.

You are not alone.

Please feel free to check out this website.

there is also a support group
www.livingwithptcih.com/supportgroup  (+ info)

Has anyone ever had pseudotumor cerebri while pregnant?

If so what did they do? I had it before and they did many lp and put me on Diamox but the Diamox gives me kidney stones.
What are the effects on the baby while I have this?

actazolamide (diamox) is pregnancy category C, you should not be getting this in pregnancy, I could think shunting as a good treatment during pregnancy, it may not be comfortable but there are no drug side effects. You need a high risk obstetrician and not just a regualr OB, good luck  (+ info)

Heard about this condition Pseudotumor cerebri?

I am suffering from this illiness and no cure is for it. It is too much spinal fluid in the skull and person suffers from severe headness dizziness and may have vision problems. My doctor is doing nothing for me and good advice.

After you brought this disease to my attention I read the article about it in the link below. Have you undergone the proper testing to see if you meet the Dandy criteria? Are you on any drugs to try to relieve the intercranial pressure, like Diamox? Alternatively, have you considered surgical treatment options like shunt implant or optic nerve sheath fenestration if there is significant visual involvement?

I'm sorry that I can't help you more.  (+ info)

Pseudotumor cerebri - anyone know anything about it?

My daughter has been diagnosed with it and no cause can be found. She is taking medicine that seems to be helping. Just wondering what others know or have experienced with this.

I suffer from it, literally means it's a false brain tumour. here is some info for you
Pseudotumor cerebri (PTC) is encountered most frequently in young, overweight women between the ages of 20 and 45. Headache is the most common presenting complaint, occurring in more than 90 percent of cases. Dizziness, nausea, and vomiting may also be encountered, but typically there are no alterations of consciousness or higher cognitive function. Tinnitus, or a "rushing" sound in the ears, is another frequent complaint. Visual symptoms are present in up to 70 percent of all patients with PTC, and include transient visual obscurations, general blurriness, and intermittent horizontal diplopia. These symptoms tend to worsen in association with Valsalva maneuvers and changes in posture. Reports of ocular pain, particularly with extreme eye movements, have also been noted. go to this web site  (+ info)

LP shunts and pseudotumor cerebri?

I have pseudotumor cerebri and in December 2004 they put in a LP shunt and a head tap thing (that can use a syringe device to remove CSF fluid to measure the pressure) what is the scientific name of the head tap, the surgery called that was used to put it in, and how often should the shunt be checked out, and why?
The LP shunt is one that goes from the spine to the abdomen. The head tap replaces spinal taps but is located in the head. Can anyone provide more info?

Here's a website with most of the information you're looking for. The "head tap" I think you're referring to is a Spinal Tap. The Surgery is either called a Lumbar Puncture or a Lumbar Drain Replacement surgery. As to how often it should be checked on would be up to your local doctor. There is a risk of infection due to the small size of the tubing.

uscneurosurgery.com/infonet/surgery/understand/risks/procedure/lumbar%2520drain.htm  (+ info)

Pregnancy and Pseudotumor Cerebri or IH?

I'm now 15 weeks pregnant with my first chld. A couple of years ago I was diagnosed with PTC( Pseudotumor Cerebri) also known as IH (intercranial Hypertension). I went into remession last year. I stopped the meds Diamox around 8/06 and became pregnant 1-07. I have been without symptoms since that time when I stopped meds. Now I'm noticing that the blurry vision and headaches are returning again and I fear that I have this problem again. I have made an appt. but I have to wait a couple of weeks to get in to see the Dr. Does anyone know anything about PTC or IH during pregnancy? I haven't been able to find much info on the web. Has anyone experienced this? Please any info is a help... Thanks

Oh my GOD - I had the same experience - they could not figure out what was causing my problem, PTC or IH - It turns out the neurologist diagnosed me with Basillar artery migraines. I just stopped my meds in November and got pregnant in January. Yesterday the headache and blurry vision was so bad I stayed in bed all day. It is awful....
What will you do about it??? I have no idea what do about mine - I just cannot see going back on meds while pregnant. Guess I will be spending lots of time in bed,....
Sorry I wasn't helpful but at least you know you are not alone!  (+ info)

Pseudotumor Cerebri , your opinion ?

ive been having this non stop bad taste in my mouth, is this because of diamox? also what are your experiences as a person with or has had Pseudotumor Cerebri ?

Yes, it is the diamox. I have been diagnosed with this in the past. I basically had terrible headaches for a long time. The solution for me was losing weight, but I don't know your situation.  (+ info)

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