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What are the multidisciplinary team responsibilities for the patient suffering a pulmonary contusion?

I have a case scenario which I am writing an assignment on. (Pulmonary contusion and Acute Respiratory Failure) part of this assignment requires me to discuss the multidisciplinary roles. The info on this is not very clear, I recognise there are roles played by the physiotherapist and nurse also the physician and have a general idea of what they are but need confirmation, Can anyone help?

let the nurses do everythng, cause they are the know-it-alls of the medical field.  (+ info)

What is unique about blood in pulmonary arteries compared with blood in other arteries?

a. It is loaded with carbon dioxide.
b. It is moving toward the heart.
c. Blood in pulmonary arteries is always blue; it is red in all other arteries.
d. It is the same as blood in other arteries.
e. It is moving away from the heart.

A and C...but if you had to choose go with A  (+ info)

What are the post op recommendations for pulmonary valve stenosis repair in infants?

My son recently underwent open heart surgery for stenosis of one of the pulmonary valves. It has been a week and a half since that and I'm following all of the doctors orders, but I would just like to know if there is anything else I can do to help him recover better/faster.

It is always good to follow your doctors advice.  (+ info)

What is the difference between asbestosis and pulmonary fibrosis?

My husband has been advised by his consultant to claim industrial disease allowance for his pulmonary fibrosis.Has he worked in shipbuilding with asbestos we expected to be told he had asbestosis!Should we be pleased or is it two names for same illness? He has lost a lot of former colleagues to asbestosis and so we and especially me, are very concerned about his quality of life in the near future.

asbestosis is caused by exposure to asbestos asbestos fibres are thin and microscopic and easily pass through the filters in the nose and bronchi into the lungs it sticks to the lungs and scars the lung tissue it makes it harder for the lungs to function properly and gas exchange gas exchange in the lungs gets harder it can cause respiratory failure and can take years to develop
pulmonary fibrosis scars the tissue in the lungs eventually the air sacs in the lungs are all replaced by fibre or scar tissue this tissue is thicker and the tissuyes cant transfer oxygen to the blood anymore  (+ info)

What is bilateral pulmonary disease and what causes it?

Recently a friend became ill and everyone including her felt it may be flu as it is flu season. But, she complained of shortness of breath and had to be given oxygen. Later she had the problem again and had to be given oxygen. It is said that she had a bag full of fluid removed from around her heart and mucus started to solidify in her lungs.Diagnosis was bilateral pulmonary disease which few people have heard about or understand except that it affected her breathing. What causes such a disease? Could the aircondition in an office be a factor?

  (+ info)

How long after the initial symptoms would a pulmonary embolism cause serious problems?

I am doing an essay on 'sudden death' (cheerful, eh?) and am looking for info on pulmonary embolisms / infarction

Could anyone tell me how long after initial symptoms (pleuritic chest pain / cough etc) someone wouyld expect to go before hospitalisation is required ? Do PEs come on over time or are they sudden ???

A Pulmonary Embolism would cause immediate problems. Depending on the type of emboli. How about this:
At 2:01 pm a person throws a PE to the lung:
1. Short of Breath
2. O2 Saturation Drops
3. Unable to get oxygen into the system
4. Hypoxiema
5. Tachycardia
6. Someone had better dial 911 or this person is going to be shaking hands with St. Peter.

Time 2:10

7. Cardiac Arrest

All right sometimes it is not that dramatic. But on Sunday, I had a patient do just that. Lucky for us he was already on life support and we were able to treat. So sometimes it does go that fast and sometimes it depends on just a lot of other things like:

Is the person previously healthy with no lung disease? Then they have a better chance than someone who has extensive lung disease.

What is the person's age? Why did they throw the PE? All of these things come into play.  (+ info)

When is it safe to travel after a pulmonary embolism?

A friend visiting from Europe developed a pulmonary embolism after a surgery. She has been started on a blood thinner. When is it safe for her to fly back home?

Never. She needs to become an American citizen and stay here forever. Or at least take a boat home and not a plane. LOL  (+ info)

Is it possible to get a Pulmonary Embolism while on Warfarin if you've already had one?

I sufford from a Pulmonary Embolism while is hospital about 3 months ago. I am now on Warfarin for 6 months but I am wondering is it possible to get another Pulmonary Embolism whilst on it. Every time i get shortness of breath or pain in my leg i panic! Sensible answers only please! Also, after Warfarin, will i be at a greater risk of getting one even if I'm active?

It is possible, but not likely. When you're on warfarin, you should be having blood tests called a P.T. (Prothrombin Time) and a P.T.T. (Partial Prothrombin Time) which lets your Dr. know if you're blood is anti-coagulated enough. That way the Dr. can adjust your dose when needed. I had a blood clot in my leg that broke off and went into my lungs and my MD had me take these tests weekly for 10 years. I felt the same way you do for many years, but if you have these tests done, that should make you feel less panicked.

Also, there is a new injectable medication now called Lovenox, which acts immediately.

If you're not having these tests done, you should be.  (+ info)

What kind of diseases or symptoms does a pulmonary disease doctor treat?

How do I know if I should see a pulmonary doctor for my symptoms?

Respiratory diseases, diseases of the lungs. Such as asthma, emphysema, etc.  (+ info)

What are the details of having a hole in the pulmonary artery?

My doctor called me today and said I have a hole in my pulmonary artery. They said its a small hole so its not an emergency and the doctors cant fit me in for an appointment for a month so I cant ask them any questions about it yet. What does this mean and how can it be fixed?

Get a second opinion as the first person said.

Never trust just one doctors opinion, they often make mistakes. I was sent home to die twice by this one doctor and when i was back in emergency the third time I got rid of her since she was incompetent.

I live in canada so you can't really get second opinions easiloy since there is not many doctors working in the hospital, but luckily I got rid of her!

IT could be that the hole is really not an urgent thing but i'm not sure. IT sounds urgent to me, but i'm not a doctor.

Doctors don't really get excited or scared about things like this because it's not happening to them, therefore the outcome really doesn't matter all that much.

They treat life threatening illnesses often so they are very jaded and often don't take it as seriously as you do.

Get a 2nd opinion please, and call into the office to see if yo ucan be put on a cancellation list to get in earlier for the time being.  (+ info)

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