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What bacteria causes the disease rat-bite fever?

i need the answer for a science project that my class is doing on different types of bacteria

Spirillosis and Streptobacillosis of course. Come on, like you didn't already know that. You just want to let people get points don't you.  (+ info)

Can I still get Rat Bite Fever?

My pet rat bit me pretty good about 6 months ago, and it bled a lot and was swollen. It healed up fine and I had no problems. She bit me again tonight (deeper) and I was wondering if I didn't get Rat Bite Fever the first time, can I get it this time? I'm only worried because Im alrIeady recovering from a pretty bad wound that I had a tetanus shot and stitches from hiking and getting cut on a log.


Hope this helps  (+ info)

rat-bite fever (also known as Spirillum minus)?

is rat-bite fever dangerous? a rate of 1-10. 10 being the most harmful and 1 being the weakest


Untreated, the death rate from spirillary rat-bite fever is less than 10%, but the little devils are very sensitive to antibiotics, so dying despite treatment is pretty uncommon. On your danger scale i would put it at 2-3.  (+ info)

rat bite fever? please help me!?

hello, about a month ago i bought a pet hairless rat, he seems really healthy and every thing, and about a week or two ago i developed this rash on my face, theres a rash by my eye, and on the side of my nose.. and it seems to not be improving, it itches really bad, and is just annoying.

i went to the doctor and he checked it out and said he has no idea what it could be, so he prescribed me this cream that i am using hydracordizone, its been two days but not working its spreading more if anything.

my question is,.... could it be rat bite fever? if so does it kill people?
and am i going to be okay? what can i do to get rid of this?
yeah i have been diagnosed with exzema before! and i told the doc that and he said it really could be, but i also didnt tell him i have a rat... lol

Really doubt it's from your rat... it sounds like eczema.  (+ info)

rat bite fever attacks what system?

i need help figuring this out
i dont have it it would be homework

Rat bite fever is an infectious disease caused by Streptobacillus Monlliformis and Spirillum minus. In the US, it is primarily due to infection with S. Moniliformis.
Gerbils can also spread the infection to humans. You can handle the infected rat and get the disease also.
Symptoms are chills, fever, vomiting, pain in the back and joints, headache and muscle pain. And no you cannot spread the disease from person to person.
Rat Bite Fever is a Systemic illness. Now you google the word Systemic and you will know what system it attacks.  (+ info)

waht is the structure of rat bite fever pathogens?????

pleeze help!!!

Rat-bite fever is primarily due to infection with S. moniliformis. Spirillum minus causes Rat-bite fever cases in countries such as Asia and Africa.
Rat-bite fever is an infection which usually develops after having been bitten or scratched by an infected rodent.  (+ info)

What to do for a minor pet rat bite?

I got a rat bite on my hand just deep enough to bleed (a pet rat, not from the sewer or anything). After I wash it well, does it need anything other than antibiotic ointment and a bandaid?

If the rat is in good health you should be ok. But if you want to read more about it check out the websight.

http://www.cdc.gov/HEALTHYPETS/lcmv_rodents.htm  (+ info)

What kind of spider bite will cause a rash vomiting and fever?

My cousin got bite by a spider. She didnt see the spider so we dont know what kind it was but she know has a rash on her hands, fever, a severe headache, and vomiting. It bit her on her left butt cheek. Any clue in what kind of spider it could be. They gave her antibotics but she cant keep them down.

Brown Recluse or possibly Black Widow. Take him back to the ER that Is to harsh a reaction and could lead to shock or dehydration..  (+ info)

Rabies infection chance by Rat bite and Pregnancy?

My wife is in 2nd month of pregnancy and is bitten by a rat which has caused a small cut and little bleeding. My question is whether any chance of contracting rabies is there and if she takes an anti rabies vaccine is it safe during pregnancy?

Check with her OB doctor. Rats rarely carry rabies, however they do carry other diseases that should be checked out. See my piece on rabies below...
http://www.examiner.com/x-7707-Tampa-Disease-Prevention-Examiner~y2009m4d13-What-you-need-to-know-about-rabies-part-1  (+ info)

Home remedy for tick bite fever for dogs?

My dog has tick bite fever and the vets are very expensive, so I wondered if I can buy antibiotics at the pharmacy and inject him myself? What other remedies are there?

Tetracyclins including Doxycycline are DOC.  (+ info)

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