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rectovaginal fistula?

My daughter had a rectovaginal fistula. She was 10 years old and died from leukemia. But i have reason to believe she was molested and that the same person also molested my other daughter..I was just wondering what are the causes of this type of fistula and could it be that the fistula was caused by her being molested?? This is very important please dont be mean with your answers. thank you

I would say that it certainly could be possible - especially in a girl that young, and especially if there was repeated molestation. Fistulas, if not congenital, usually are a consequence of traumatic injury or severe infection and abscesses. Certainly her leukemia (especially if she were getting chemo) could have played a role. This is all speculation at this point. You would need to discuss it with her physicians.  (+ info)

Rectovaginal fistula?

Today when I was passing gas I felt it come out the vagina. Everytime I get the urge to pass it it comes out that way and the other way. However, when I went #2 there were no feces that came out of the vagina or anything. I don't have any incontinence/pus/urgent bowel movements/uti's/foul smelling discharge. But why am I getting gas from the vagina? Please, help or someone explain to me why this is happening.

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Can a baby suffer a rectovaginal fistula, from bearing down hard while constipated?

I guess I'm worried because my baby girl always cries so intensely while trying to pass a BM and I always find a little poop across the perineum into her vaginal area. Is this normal or could she have suffered a fistula?

I highly doubt it. Ask her pediatrician to make sure... but she'd have to have a horrific case of constipation for that to happen.

Crying while pooping can be normal... I'd be concerned if her BMs were hard, usually little pellets/marbles but especially if she's passing one large solid lump... and from what I'm searching it is also related to diverticulitis, which is super rare in babies.

When babies poop in diapers, it can go everywhere!! I've had to bathe my daughter to get poop out of between her labia majora & minora and from around her clitoris that I was afraid to just wipe off w/ a washcloth/baby wipe in the first few weeks. Finding poop on the perineum is totally normal, just clean thoroughly, especially if it is actually on her labia or vaginal opening (that's when I'd go for the bath, or at least what my mother calls the "booty bath" just sort of sit her in the bathroom sink w/ some warm water and gently wipe w/ your hand!)

Defenitely call your pediatrician for more info on constipation, that alone can be painful!

Here's one good pediatrician's advice on infant constipation: http://www.askdrsears.com/html/8/T081100.asp  (+ info)

Would a pelvic ultrasound reveal a rectovaginal fistula?

I keep getting gas from the vagina when I sit down and feel the need to pass it, sometimes when standing I feel it. Also, I'm on my period. I've never felt this before and I'm not getting pus/pain/swelling/redness/feces from vagina, but my mind is locked on
fistula. Would a pv ultrasound reveal a fistula?

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can rectovaginal fistula affect virgins and what is the treatment?

I suppose it is possible if the person has some underlying weakness or predisposition for one. I would think if that is the case, that it would be found and treated at a very young age. Usually, though, in a young person, this would be from a trauma, most probably of a sexual sort.

The only treatment I know of for this is surgical.

I hope I helped  (+ info)

is it safe to have a colonoscopy after a c- section has anyone ever had rectovaginal fistula?

I've not had a rectovaginal fistual but have had experience with having several procedures done and I would recommend checking with your dr that did your c-section first to see what they say about how soon (depending on how long ago your c-section was) you can have the colonoscopy done.

If the c-section was just recent it may be too soon to have the colonoscopy but as I say check with your dr for further information.  (+ info)

Hi any one have a trans-abdominal rectovaginal fistula repair? does it hurt?

I am soon to have this procedure and want to know as much as possible about it?

I haven't had it but this person did and has offered info on it...

http://www.geocities.com/dinimerz/rectovaginal_fistula.htm  (+ info)

prgnancy caused rectovaginal fistula?

I think I have this... what should i do? is it urgent enough to go to the emergency room? the only symptoms i have is the smell and slight discomfort during sex. what are some other symptoms that i should be expirencing? the only information i could find was on IBS or khrons cause rectovaginal fistulas.
What should i do?!?

Make an appointment with your OB/GYN as soon as possible. It's not an emergency, but the earlier it can get fixed the better. Often women with these will have fecal incontinence as well, or rectal bleeding. Pregnancy can cause these, usually in the case of a very long labor and pushing stage.

Best thing to do is get it checked out by your OB, since they can do the repair as well.  (+ info)

pregnancy caused rectovaginal fistula?

i had a baby 10 and 1/2 months ago. since then i had the iud Mirena put in. In the past week i have had a 'feces' smell coming from my vagina. After doing some research online, the only explination for this could be that i have a rectovaginal fistula. i am small (5'4'' 110lbs) and had a 8.6 baby vaginaly without tearing or needing stitches.
What are some other symptom of RVF? Are there any other explinations for this?
What would happen if i didnt get to a doctor? Im in the process of getting insurance
i am not having any other symptoms
the smell gets stronger during sex

This does sound like a rectovaginal fistula. This needs immediate treatment. Don't delay, get to a doctor. You need a colo-rectal surgeon, not OBGYN.

It is likely the smell increases during sex because the penis is acting as a pump, drawing out gasses. RVF can vary; from small tears allowing only gasses through to full breaches with fecal matter crossing into the vagina. It certainly won't get better without treatment and it can get worse.  (+ info)

After childbirth question:Rectovaginal fistula?

I have never heard of this (neither have any of my friends or family). I just had a baby in May and went in for a 6 week checkup and this is what my doctor found. I have a Rectovaginal fistula and now will need surgery to repair this. The doctor that delivered my son was anything but nice during delivery, I pushed for 3 hours and tore very badly and ended up with about 30 stitches, now this. I am wondering if anyone has had this and what is the deal as far as having future children? Thank You.

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