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Renal Artery passage way?

How would you trace a molecule of urea from the renal artery through the kidney, and to the urethra. Listing all the vessels, endothelia, tubules, and passages in order of their encounter.

Consult a biology text book.
GOOD LUCK.  (+ info)

renal artery stenosis????

i have a 4 year old girl patient suspected to have renal artery stenosis..
i just want to know:

WHAT IS THE NORMAL DIAMETER of renal artery in pediatric ???

A good radiologist would know. (or at least know where to find out).  (+ info)

renal artery 100% occlusion,,¿ a smaller artery on it's own bypassed?

Had three stents put in on July 23rd,, right renal artery, right illiac artery, left illiac artery,, Vascuiliar suregon says left renal artery 100% occlusion , thou a smaller artery created its own bypass..¿Did it repair itself and is this safe? Suregon says I can have bypass, or wait and see,,He says pulse seems good for now,,¿So I should wait for smaller artery to block or what? I guess maybe he thinks a bypass too risky as long as smaller artery has good blood flow,,, Not sure

I would wait and see how the natural bypass does; if it doesn't seem to provide sufficient blood flow, or if it becomes occluded, then a bypass is in order.
However, I would ask your surgeon what he thinks the safest option is for the health of your kidneys, and if he thinks you should recover from your recent surgery further before considering more surgery.  (+ info)

Is Artery obstruction a heart attack?

If you have an attack meaning the symptoms of chest pain,arm pain, vomiting and go to the ER, and the diagnosis is artery obstruction did you have a heart attack?
Diagnosis is: obstruction of the arteries. An incident that had symptoms of a heart attack, so is obstruction of the arteries with incident a heart attack?
I meant to say Symptomatic not with incident that is what I meant Symptomatic
I also want to add that 3 out of 4 doctors said I had a heart attack. The fourth doctor said,nope it was obstruction of the arteries.
The doctor that said it wasn't a heart attack also said there was no damage to the heart muscle.
ER then transported to heart and trauma center same day then discharged next day from trauma center.
I had one stent placement and have to return for another, from what I understand one more.

An artery obstruction would cause a heart attack if it occured in the coronary arteries of your heart, leading to the death of muscle tissue up there (myocardial infarction).

If it occurs anywhere else in the body, then no, it is not a heart attack. Artery blockages can be caused by emboli (an object blocking your artery). For example, an arterial blockage in your brain would cause a stroke, not a heart attack.

I would say that this had the major hallmarks of a heart attack (e.g. chest pain, arm pain (usually the left), vomiting) but it depends if the artery was completely blocked off or partially obstructed.

If it is partially obstructed so blood could get through you would be suffering from mild to severe angina (which is like a heart attack) but if it was completely blocked then it would be a heart attack.  (+ info)

RAS renal artery stenosis?

If someone has RAS and they take blood pressure medicine, the blood pressure is then well controlled and that person is send for a ultrasound of the renal atereries... will they find RAS? or will the sonographic evidence show normal flow?

And how severe does RAS have to be to cause blood pressure? can it be very mild?

The degree of stenosis doesn't have a direct corelation to the BP.

We see a number of patients with > 70%, but with normal BP and renal function.

Sometimes, we'll run a catheter into the renal vein and get a sample. The lab will determine the level of renin. based on that, we might dilate & stent the narrowing.

In general, we don't intervene on the renals unless the BP can't be controllled on 3+ meds OR the renal function is deteriorating.  (+ info)

Renal Artery Stenosis?

Is there anything I can do at home to help myself stay healthy? I need a way to rid my body of toxins as a narrowing artery causes my kidneys to function at 25%

Bring a notebook to the doctor's and any other experts you meet. Ask in a pharmacy for free leaflets.

Try for the following.
1) Probably limit protein, but not excessively, because excess protein has to be processed and part is excreted as urea.

2) Go for aerobic fitness, and cardiovascular health. Build up exercise slowly.

3) Avoid any salt unless it is special low-sodium salt. Avoid junk food. If you avoid refined sugar, you will delay or maybe eliminate the occurence of diabetes. Diabetes is a well-known cardiovascular risk factor. Eat plenty of fruit and / or vegetables. Brown bread. Unsaturated fat.

4) Limit stress.

5) Get regular sleep.

6) Stay connected in a social way.

7) Drink a reasonable amount of water.  (+ info)

my mothers non medicated renal artery stent keeps blocking up?

her stent has blocked up in just one month she had another non medicated stent put in and that one has blocked up again. she is on ticlid because plavix gives her a reaction. why would her stents keep blocking up. the doctor has no idea. THANKS

Why didn't they insert a drug-eluding stent the second time? It could be due to her plavix allergy, since drug-eluding stents require an extended prescription of plavix. (Recently they have extended it to years or even indefinitely). I don't see why ticlid would not be a satisfactory substitute for plavix if it has been an issue in determing whether to use drug eluding stents.
One month is extremely fast for a stent to become totally occluded again. I'm guessing that she was on plavix for the first stent and that because of the reaction she stopped taking it. That would explain the first occlusion. I would then question whether she has been aggressively taking her ticlid, or if her ticlid dose was appropriate.
I would think a drug eluding stent is the way to go.  (+ info)

why blood pressure is more in renal artery than aorta?

Why do some people like hearts the others??

Some people like heart questions. (?'s)

At first, I thought it might be the blood's reaction to heading to the kidneys. What a waste! After a little research I thought, maybe the blood vessels are increasing the pressure in addition to the heart muscle, more and more as the blood heads to the kidneys because the resistance in the kidney to being pressure cleansed needed additional pressure not needed in other passages of the arteries.

But, after further research, it appears Answerer 1 is right. UNLESS, the asker is asking what does it mean, what is the condition called when the blood pressure is more in the renal artery. Then the answer should start: When this condition occurs it is outside of healthy artery experience it is called:

"Abnormal pressure in the blood capillaries can result in abnormal exchange of fluids to and from tissues which can result in conditions such as oedema" which I found at the source listed below:

HAH!  (+ info)

what is the icd9 code for stenosis of the renal artery?

cant find the correct code

what are you billing and for what state, state of pa welfare is one code, state of wva medicare is a different code, maryland medicaid and medicare both use different codes and so do fl. and is it out pt or in pt and was there surgery involved at this admission. all this detail must be considered before giving correct code. i was a hospital legal clerk for 15 years at a trauma hospital PS i called my local libary, they stated that most libarys carried a medical section that include ICPcode books, take a trip, iam sure they keep updated code books there or at the local college libary for students. good luck, iam still looking for you  (+ info)

Should renal artery stenosis be treated either by stenting or bypass? And why? Thanks?

The article below has a good section on the different treatment options for renal artery stenosis, including when to use which approach. The authors probably know a lot more about this topic than any of us here on Yahoo! Hope this helps.  (+ info)

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