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Fish oil capsules during renal insufficiency?

I have renal insufficiency (serum creatinine 3.5). My doctor has recently adviced me to take fish oil capsules. (Maxepa fish oil morning and evening).
Does anybody know about the positive or negative effect of fish oil on the kindey especially during renal problems?
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It can reduced the decline of renal function and help with blood pressure. It will also benefit your creatinine levels. Some people complain of rashes or allergic reactions. Make sure you take a brand your physician recommends and watch the expiration dates on your pills. Good luck to you!  (+ info)

Anemia and hypertension usually go along with renal insufficiency. If you are having antihypertensive medicati

Anemia and hypertension usually go along with renal insufficiency. If you are having antihypertensive medication it should be one of the ones that a) protect the kidney and b) prevent/reverse cardiac remodelling. The ACE inhibitors and angiotensin II antagonists have shown these effects where other antihypertensive drugs have not.

so whats the question.  (+ info)

Is pain felt in kidneys when renal insufficiency develops?

I kinda have been feeling very mild pain in my kidney areas (on both sides of my spine at the lower back level) for the last several moths. I researched renal diseases on the internet, and kidney pain is not really mentioned as a symptom. Can something be wrong with my kidneys? The pain is very mild and it doesn't interfere with my daily activities; I forget about it most of the time. I know you will tell me go see a doctor, but I would appreciate if medical professionals or people with kidney disease could give me some insight here.
I don't have blood in my urine.

The pain that you refer is more likely due to low back pain. Usually renal insufficiency is a severe disease that can be easily rule out with some basic blood test done by your physician.
The only disease related to the kidneys that your sort of pain might reflect could be a urinary infection, that gives other symptoms as well.
In case that you are thinking about an specifically disease that you observed within your family, then just go to your doctor and explain your doubts. A few urinary and blood test are going to ease your mind faster than trying to fish information on Internet.
From the information you give, the frequency that happens and the long term mild pain, it is more reasonable to think in low back pain, due mostly to muscular causes, bad position or simply stress.
The best you can do is to rule out a severe disease if you are already doubting, at least is what I would do if I were in your place.  (+ info)

What is the difference between Acute Renal Failure and Renal Insufficiency?

Acute renal failure is sudden onset of failure, kidneys are not working and will not recover. Renal insufficiency is when the kidneys are not able to work to capacity for some reason and is chronic or been going on for awhile.  (+ info)

What is the difference between renal insufficiency, renal impairment & renal failure?

Renal insufficiency, also called renal failure, is when your kidneys no longer have enough kidney function to maintain a normal state of health. Note that the term renal failure is beginning to be replaced by renal insufficiency when in the context of chronic kidney disease.
Renal impairment is the inability of the kidney to do its job, this is manifested by many things including increase in some substances that the kidney does not get rid of because it can't. Some of these substances can be and are estimated in blood to evaluate the degree of renal failure.

Sometimes, renal impairment and renal failure are used interchangeably.  (+ info)

Okay, folks, what is the difference between chronic renal insufficiency and regular renal insufficiency?

Are there any doctors in the house?

I'm not a doctor and the key word here is Chronic. Chronic means long term. Acute means happening now. If you have a chronic condition it is going to be with you, probably, for several years if not your whole life.  (+ info)

Is Acute Renal Insufficiency usually treatable with out resorting to dialysis? Is dialysis forever?

Acute Renal Insufficiency/Failure (ARF) is treated with dialysis in severe cases when patients have dangerous electrolye or fluid problems. Dialysis does not fix the kidneys, it merely does their job while they are not working.

ARF is often reversible, and patients can then stop dialysis safely. This depends on the cause of the initial renal failure, and other medical problems the person may have. The physicians involved can monitor bloodwork for evidence that the kidneys have recovered and advise on how long dialysis is needed.  (+ info)

My serum creatinine was 1.7. Do I have chronic renal insufficiency? Is there hope for complete recovery?

I have been taking high doses of prescription ibuprofen for arthritis (800mgx4/day). Have experienced mental confusion, itching feet, nightime urination, high blood pressure. No blood, protein or sugar in urine (tested normal). Never had any of these symptoms before. Rheumatologist made appointment for me with nephrologist for next month. Have stopped ibuprofen and all symptoms have disappeared.

A creatinine level of 1.7 isn't horrendously high but bears watching. You cannot be diagnosed online, I'm sorry. Neither can you be given a prognosis for a condition for which you can't be diagnosed with online.

What was your BUN/creatinine ratio?

Your creatinine levels cannot be accurately interpreted here. A level of 0.7 may indicate renal disease in one person while a level of 2.0 may be normal for another. An interpretation of your particular levels requires access for much more health information about you.

Keep up a fluid intake of 2-3 liters throughout each day. Avoid alcohol. You've already discontinued the ibuprofen. That may be the best thing you've done so far. Keeping the consult appointment with the nephro will be the next best thing you will do.  (+ info)

Is renal insufficiency precipitated by NSAID use, reversible?

Is this for you? I don't know the answer, just wanted to send you a big hug, and wish you the best of health. Take good care, my friend!!

((((((You)))))) :)  (+ info)

I Heard about renal insufficiency want to know if my symptom mean it a good possibility that this is what i h

very very itchy skin, nothing stops the itchiness. constantly go to the bathroom and urine is very light. i get alot of headachs, i have a pain in my lower left back that does go away. if this is what i have, what kind of doctor do i see

The symptoms you describe are general and for a doctor to determine your medical problem " if any , I hope not " he has to do some examination and lab tests, go to a GP" general practitioner" or a family doctor first.
also if you want some extra reading about renal insufficiency try the Health Information Center : http://google.com/coop/cse?cx=007185308018807068018%3Ax2z07lqx3mg where you get health information from top trusted websites.  (+ info)

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