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What injury will the doc give me at least 2 weeks off work for?

I know its naughty, but i want to go off on the sick from work, its for a good reason. What injury can i make up to get 2 weeks off work or more? I dont want the doctor to give me a sicknote and say come back in 2 weeks, cus i wont be in the country. Ill be with my love;) Thanks for the help

I would go with the whole "stressed" or depressed scenario personally.

Cannot argue with it, plus you dont actually ahve to injure yourself. In order to be signed off of work...you would need to injure yourself pretty bad, so save that.....

say your getting headaches really badly at work, your heart feels like it is going to explode everytime something happens, and you can feel yourself tensing like your going to explode. Say you need some time off or something.....

either that or just say your really depressed.... but I would go with stress, as depressed they may just give you anti-depressants and tell you to get on with it. Depends how sympathetic your doc really is, and ow much they believe mental health affects you!  (+ info)

What injury of the knee is associated with pain behind the kneecap and the inability to fully extend the leg?

I believe I injured my leg while doing sprints during soccer. I hadn't played in a while and I think this was the cause. Is this an injury of the tendon?

I have patellofemoral syndrome which gives me kneecap pains. I don't have a problem extending my leg though, so it might be something else. See a sports therapist, and they'll figure out what it is and give you a list of exercises to help.  (+ info)

What injury causes one to be paralyzed on both sides of the body and in respiratory arrest?

During the biggest game of his high school football career, Bill, the best wide receiver in the league, leaps high into the air in the end zone to score the game-winning touchdown. A player for the other teams hits him hard, knocking him into the goal post. Bill crumples to the ground, unmoving. When the EMTs get to him, Bill is paralyzed on both sides of his body and in respiratory arrest.

Where is Bill's most likely injury? How can you tell?

I am going to have to say his spinal cord. That is pretty much the only thing I know of to cause total paralysis, as far as an injury is concerned.  (+ info)

Can an injury start hurting again after 2 years?

My horse ripped my entire finger nail off two years ago. It has since healed and has never hurt since. Yesterday I woke up and my finger hurt under and around the nail. I didn't do anything to it at all. My husband suggested that it is the old injury. Is that possible? I don't know what else it could be. I am on keflex for a skin infection in my abdomen so I doubt it is some kind of infection. Any other suggestions?

I agree,it's true.I was thrown from a horse 12 years ago and broke my tail bone.Took for ever to heal.Several years later I began to have severe lower back pain.Due to the broken tail bone.I was thrown again about 2 months ago and nothing broke but in doing an M.R.I they found a bulging disc they say happened from the first time around.  (+ info)

Had a work related injury that consisted of 2 knee surgeries. How much compensation should I expect ?

Had a work related injury that consisted of 2 knee surgeries. How much compensation should I expect from Workers Comp?

Firstly, that depends on who's fault it was.

Secondly, how much loss of earnings you have experienced.

Thirdly, what additional suffering you have experienced.

Each case is decided individually.

However, if you are even partly to blame, you might not get anything.  (+ info)

What is the worst injury your baby has ever inflicted on you?

I have a nice big fat lip this morning thanks to an over zealous game of patty cake with my 11 month old yesterday. My last serious injury before this was a quarter size bite mark on my left breast. Have I mentioned that I work with victims of violence...this doesn't bode well for my credibility.

Anyone else want to share their war wound stories?
Hey "Regina" I blocked your boyfriend. What a moron!

At one stage or another, within their first year, my 3yo twins William & Tobias broke my nose.
They had their head butting under control at an early stage.

My 4yo baby, Dominik, has giving me a black eye.

All 5 have left bite marks. Actually all 6, even Daddy left a mark.  (+ info)

What is a football injury that could put you out of commission permanently?

What is a football injury that could put you out of commission permanently? Besides death. Something that would make a football player no longer able to play.

My husbands Cousin played college football. He hit another player so hard that his helmet broke apart. He bruised his brain badly enough that if he had hit someone that hard again it could kill him. So he chose to stop playing football.

Other injuries could be torn knees or broken backs.  (+ info)

How to cure a shoulder injury sustained during gym workout?

3 weeks ago i injured my shoulder during a shoulder press workout in gym. I sustained this injury probably due to lifting a little overweight. My Left shoulder, neck and arm are in great pain, more when i am sitting or standing positions . I get some relief when I lie down. Request advice on how to overcome the pain.

If You Get Someone To Give You A Nice Massage It Will Ease Of The Pain And Try Not To Move It.

.. I Dotn Know Of Any Proper Medical Help Unless You Go To The Doctors.

.. Pain Killers? x  (+ info)

What are some behavior changes when a traumatic brain injury occurs?

Hi! Im writing an essay how brain injuries can effect the three parts of the brain.

What behavioral changes happens when injury occurs in the:



If you have links ill greatly appreciate it.

Well then you'll need to do some research on the subject. Problems with the frontal Cortex I think has to do with impulse control. There are some videos on Youtube that may help out if you're too lazy to do you own research. The right brain controls your left side and your left brain controls your right side. BTW I am brain injured. I was able to find brain injury links, and some of them say you aren't allowed on them for research purposes cause jerks go there to harrass these disabled people.  (+ info)

What is it called when a brain injury victim's hands and feet start to curl in?

I have a brother who suffered a traumatic brain injury 4 mos ago. He is on a vent, is partially conscience & opens his eyes, however more recently his hands & feet are curling in and his head is starting to tilt downward. He is very stiff, muscle relaxers are not helping. I want to know what the "curling" condition is called.

palsy  (+ info)

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