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How are microorganisms prevented from causing infections in lower respiratory system?

Describe how microorganisms are prevented from entering the upper respiratory system.
How are they prevented from causing infections in the lower respiratory system?

Hair like cilia cells beat in rhythem within your respiratory tract thus expelling them. Also there are globlet cells that secret mucus that traps micro organisms and the hair cell sweep them upwards. Eventually you will end up spitting it out or it can be swallowed and eliminated via your digestive tract  (+ info)

Does anyone know anything about Fibromyalgia and Adrenal Insufficiency?

I have recently been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Adrenal Insufficiency. I am concerned about the Cortef that I am taking for the AI. My face is swelling and I have gained about 8 pounds in two weeks. Is this normal?

Here is an excellent yahoo group for people with Adrenal Insufficiency:
[email protected]
Here is one for Fibromyalgia:
[email protected]
I would join these groups to learn as much as I can. Just pose your question there and someone will be glad to help you.  (+ info)

How would you expect this to affect blood ph and respiratory rate and is this a state of acidosis or alkalosis?

Patient ingested E Coli and was diagnosed with food poisoning and has had chronic diarrhea for the past 24 hours. The patient has a medical history of Chron's Disease. The diarrhea has been going on nonstop for 24 hours. How would you expect this to affect the blood ph and respiratory rate? Is the patient suffering from a state of acidosis or alkalosis and would you expect this to be related to metabolic or respiratory disorder and why?

To answer this, you need more information. Renal function and pulmonary function will influence the end result. Also the activity of the Crohn's needs to be established, and whether an enteroenteric fistula is present.

However: Assuming he has non-secretory diarrhea (ie not bicarbonate wasting as in a villous adenoma of the colon), then the primary event will be a metabolic alkalosis due to volume contraction. If his kidney function is normal, he will attempt to retain sodium (along with bicarbonate) and lose potassium in the urine. Due to some fairly complex actions in the proximal and distal tubule, he will effectively retain bicarbonate, leading to the alkalosis.

If he has normal pulmonary function, he will probably not have a respiratory compensation (it would have to be hypoventilation, which is hard to do unless other things are going on (such as sedatives, altered level of conciousness etc).

As time goes by, and if the diarrhea persists, in the absence of volume replacement, he will ultimately develop pre-renal azotemia, which will affect the metabolic component (he will develop a metabolic acidosis that is distinct from the metabolic alkalosis he already has).

If he goes on to develop hypeovolemic shock, other things come into play - etc etc etc.

Its not always straighforward. I hope this helps.  (+ info)

What are the requirements for becoming a respiratory therapist?

Are there any vocational schools in San Diego that teach respiratory therapy or do I have to go to a regular college? How much does it cost and how long does it take ?

Resp therapy is a 2 year degree. It is generally housed at a community college
cost depends on the school. I went to a state community college and it was less than 8 thousand for the 2 years about 6 years ago.

www.aarc.org  (+ info)

What is a good respiratory disease to do a research paper on?

Ok respiratory therapists help a newbie out. I have to do a research paper on a disease related to the respiratory system. Of course all the biggies are taken. Any suggestions?
Thanks alot
RT student from Iowa~
copd,asthma, cf,etc are all taken. i am looking for something less known

I'm not a respiratory therapist but rather a professional patient...LOL If you want to do a good reasearch paper on a disease relating to the respiratory system, I'd like to suggest primary ciliary dyskinesia. It's a recessive genetic disorder. You may also have heard of it referred to as Kartageners syndrome or immotile cilia syndrome. Most of us tested for CF first because the symptoms are similiar.

People with PCD do not have functioning cilia. Their cilia may be completely paralyzed (immotile cilia), beat inadequately or in an ineffective fashion (dyskinetic cilia), or may not have developed at all (ciliary aplasia). Without functioning cilia, people with PCD are unable to protect their respiratory system. Frequent infections of the lungs, ears, throat, and sinuses are common.

As a result of PCD, I had a lung collapse at age 9, subsequent removal and currently have mild bronchiestasis in both lungs. I have a few friends listed for double lung transplant. I use the vest daily. Airway clearance is VERY important for PCD'ers

Interesting side note-
Roughly half of all PCD'ers (including myself) have reversed organs( situs inversus)

It's intersting, it's rare....what more could you ask for...LOL  (+ info)

What are symptoms are involved with the respiratory and the chest?

Listed as 786 in the ICD-9-CM coding index.

What are the symptoms involved with the respiratory system?
Yes, this is a broad topic.
I'm not looking for any certain answer.

it depends if you smoke, bronchtis and emphysema( if not smoking then you might have tuberculosis)  (+ info)

What is the recovery like after having respiratory failure and being resuscitated?

Say a man is having acute respiratory failure, is resuscitated and is back to consciousness, what will they be like physically and mentally? Would they be able to stand and function fairly normally etc?

I am very limited in my knowledge of medical subjects and could not find the information online.

The context for this question comes from writing a fictional story.

Thanks in advance, no one ever seems to be able to answer my questions.

Would probably have motor skill issues...but i would check med websites. Depending on the trauma of getting the respiratory failure...it could have mental backlashes, but it really depends on how it happened.

And the motor skill thing shouldn't last long... It depends on how it happened and how long they were out.  (+ info)

How important is it for Respiratory Therapist to have BA instead of AA degree? Or does it matter?

I am trying to decide whether to get my Bachelor's in Respiratory Therapy, or stick with Associates... I keep hearing it's rather pointless to spend money on Bachelors degree in Respiratory Therapy field... Does it affect pay, career options, or chances for hire?

I find a bachelors in RT to be a waste ... I still find it important to at least get a bachelors, but get it in something that will provide your a broader scope of employment opportunities ... the BS in RT limits you compared to say a BA in Marketing or Finance, Education, etc  (+ info)

How can i get rid of a upper respiratory infection fast?

i have a upper respiratory infection, and i was told to drink a lot of fluids. but it hurts so bad when i swallow anything, even just spit, that i just cant handle to drink anything. can anyone help me? have any advice of how to make this infection hurt less, or end faster? ive been taking advil and tylenol, neither help at all.

drink lotsa water, use a nasal rinse, suck on zinc lozenges, and rest. wash your hands better, treat your symptoms, and follow up with your doctor.  (+ info)

The impact of respiratory diseases on our economy in lost work?

If you look at the impact of respiratory diseases on our economy in lost work time, and also in profits to the advertising and pharmaceutical industries - what would happen if vaccines were developed that prevented 95% of colds? What would happen to the number of sick days people took? What would happen to the cold/flu section of your local drug store?



www.who.int/chp/working_paper_growth model29may.pdf  (+ info)

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