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does anyone know about x-linked retinoschisis?

does anyone know anything about x-linked retinoschisis? My boyfriend has x-linked retinoschisis. i have found out some info but i really would like to know more. like i said my boyfriend has it and he is unable to explain to me about it without me getting so udderly confused.please help so i can have a better understanding on how much he can see. he is 20 if that helps any. thank you.

Retinoschisis is a disease of the nerve tissue in the eye. It affects the retinal cells in the macula (the central fixation point of vision at the back of the eye). Retinoschisis is technically a form of macular degeneration. However there are different types of macular degeneration and many people diagnosed with macular degeneration do not have retinoschisis.
Retinoschisis is a genetic eye disease that affects the vision of men who inherit the disease from their mothers. This condition frequently starts during childhood and is officially called Juvenile X-linked Retinoschisis. Affected men inherit this trait from their mothers who carry the condition but retain normal vision.

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Does anyone know of anyone who has retinoschisis and the prognosis for it?

It is a very rare disease I have and I have never known anyone who has it.

Very few affected individuals go completely blind from retinoschisis, but some sufferers have very limited reading vision and are "legally blind". Visual acuity can be reduced to less than 20/200 in both eyes.

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