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i have rhabdomyosarcoma a type of cancer any help on how to cure it?

I'm having chemo n stuff for it but any ways to increase chances on living?!!?

all that depends on whether it was all removed by surgery, how agressive the cancer itself grows, etc. Most cancers when cought in early stages have really good chance.. I have cancer, but have never heard of what you mention. Try cancer.org and see if their website helps  (+ info)

what disease processes will alter the function of the alveolar?

copd, cf, pulmonary fibrosis  (+ info)

How airway resistance, lung compliance, and alveolar surface tension influence pulmonary ventilation?

Help..any thing can help me out!

uhh, from what I remember about physiology:

Pulmonary ventilation - how much air exposure can you give your alveoli?

Airway resistance (eg. more resistance if bronchioles are narrowed in asthma).. the more resistance, the less pulmonary ventilation can be achieved.

Lung Compliance - how much "bounce-back" or recoil force there is from the lung (eg. emphysema.. have too little recoil force, and have problems exhaling). So there is a balance of forces here.

Alveolar surface tension - the little border between liquid and air in your alveoli. The oxygen in the air must get across the membrane to be absorbed by the blood vessels in your alveoli. The greater the surface tension, the harder it is for the oxygen to get into the blood. (example in some newborns, they don't have a certain chemical surfactant to reduce surface tension, and consequently can't breathe. They need treatment with a surfactant on the lung tissue) So the greater the surface tension, the lower the pulmonary ventilation.

Hope this helps  (+ info)

Has anybody else been on the VAC chemotherapy before?

Hi, I'm 25 and I currently have Stage 3 Pleomorphic and Alveolar Rhabdomyosarcoma. First PET has come back clean! :-) I am on treatment 16 of 30 scheduled VAC treatments. I was just wondering if anybody else has been on this regimen and what some of their side effects have been. Also I am still working full time and studying however at times it seems like it is a little difficult to focus and maybe someone may have some tips. Thanks!

Congratulations on having a clean scan.

My son was on HD-VAC cycled with Etoposide and Ifosimide for 9 months. He had nausea and fatigue while under treatment, but was fine in between treatment. He found out that he needed to stay in front of the nausea . . take meds before starting the chemo and to be very well hydrated (drinks lotsa water). He also used essence of peppermint to help with the nausea. He was an inpatient when he had his chemo . . 5 days for the VAC rotated every 21 days with IF/ET (3 days inpatient).

You might want to give yourself a break from working full time and studying too. Your priority right now should be your health and your body needs time to heal. VAC is an extremely rough chemo regiment. So . . slow down a little, relax, and allow yourself to rest.

Best to you.  (+ info)

what is the alveolar cavity?

i'd like to know everything about the alveolar cavity, it has something to do with breathing system. Thanks.

The human lungs are paired organs, located on either side of the heart and occupying a large portion of the chest cavity from the collarbone to the diaphragm. Air enters the body through a series of passages, beginning with the nose or mouth. It travels to the chest cavity through the trachea, which divides into two bronchi, each of which enters a lung. The bronchi divide and subdivide into a network of countless tubules. The smallest tubules, or bronchioles, enter cup-shaped air sacs known as alveoli, which number about 700 million in both lungs. Each alveolus is surrounded by a net of capillaries. As blood flows through these vessels, carbon dioxide passes into the alveoli, and oxygen diffuses into the bloodstream.The alveoli are clustered in groups, or lobules, and the lobules are clustered into lobes.  (+ info)

Can braces straighten the alveolar bone in the gum?

  (+ info)

what happens if both inferior alveolar block given to patient?

both the sides of d mandible will become numb due to d blocks.
both IAN blacks simultaneously is not contraindicated; though not advised.  (+ info)

The alveolar wall is delicate and subject to collapse. Why is there no smooth muscle in it's wall for support?

Smooth muscle would interfere with gas exchange, which is the hallmark of fibrotic lung diseases, therefore nature provides residual volume and surfactant.  (+ info)

what is the alveolar air equation and what does it represent?

sorry no idea, try a google search  (+ info)

My doctor says I have Alveolar Inflammation cause unknown. What does anyone know about this ? ? ?

Have you seen a pulmonologist. Have you had a pulmonary function test.

Alveoli are the air sack in the lung. There are a few dieases that can cause this. COPD and pulmonary fibrosis to name 2.  (+ info)

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