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my left alveolar breast looks more shinny than the right alveolar is it normal?

alveoli are in the lungs, you can't see them, so I am not sure what you mean by an alveolar breast. there is no such thing. are you perhaps talking about your aureolai, the darker tissue around your nipples?
if it is swollen and shiney, then perhaps you should ask your mom to have a look and get her opinion on whether or not a doctor's visit is necessary.  (+ info)

) Differentiate clearly between minute respiratory voloume and alveolar ventilation rate?

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Do alveolar ducts and alveoli have connective tissues?

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how do i give an inferior alveolar nerve block?

i need the exact location and tips on how to do it painlessly
I am a dental student and i would like to know the exact location where the needle should be, and some tips and hints on how to do it with least pain to the patient.. thanks in advance ! :)

please dont' practice on me. I hope for all our sakes that you are just a student and not some weirdo off the street who wants to do dentistry in his backyard.

If you are a dentist already please chuck out your registration and never look at another tooth so I can sleep at night.

....... open wide i'm going to numb you up.... Have i done it before?... well thats not important, i got some instructions off yahoo answers how to do it.  (+ info)

what is the inferior alveolar branch? also how would you describe masseter muscles???

what would be the best definitions....please dont use enormous words..
please help me!!!

artery in the face branches off the maxillary artery. masseter muscle is in the cheek. muscles of mastication are the temporal, masseter, and ptyergoid muscles.  (+ info)


one of my neighbor has it we are doing a ride for her i was wondering what is it?

look at this site...


Even if you don't find what you're looking for, it is very helpful in all aspects of cancer and knowing/ supporting people with it, and doesn't make anything more complicated than it is.

I'm sure she wouldn't be offended if you asked her, she will perhaps appreciate your concern...

Hope this helps and Many Blessings  (+ info)

how plumonary surfactant regulates alveolar surface tention?

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My granddaughter is 8 years old. She has had a cancer called "rhabdomyosarcoma" for four years.?

She has had this cancer for four years. She went into remission and now the cancer is back. There are four stages and she is in stage four. Is there anyone out there that has had an experience with this that can share some info with me. Thanks!

God Bless your grandaughter and your family. I have no experience with this however, have you contacted St. Jude's Hospital????  (+ info)

Why is my patient's alveolar bone exposed on the mandibular lingual area?

Review history of surgery or trauma or rule out tumor or osteonecrosis.  (+ info)

Does this reconstruct alveolar in copd patients?

Has anyone used Retinoic acid brand name Vesanoid or generic (tretinoin) that actually restored alveolar architecture with COPD? beebop10

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