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Would a Hairline Fracture on a rib need to be put in a cast?

I was just curious. If someone got a hairline fracture on a rib, would they be put in a cast, or just bound up and sent on their way? How is something like that handled?

no,even broken ribs dont need casts,you will be fine in 2 weeks,dont even bind them  (+ info)

If I got one fractured rib, how long would it take for me to bike ride again?

I got into a bicycle accident and fractured one rib. I heard it would hurt if I were to lift weights or do push ups, but what about biking and running.

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How Can I Make A Fractured Rib Heal Faster?

I fractured my rib around 2 1/2 weeks ago, i took a week off and felt better and made the mistake of playing sports again and it started to hurt. I know it takes around 3-6 weeks to usually heal.

Is there anything i can do to speed up the process, other than take it easy. Ive had friends tell me to drink lots of milk, is that true?

do exactly as the doctor ordered -a simple fracture can take 6-8 weeks to heal. follow up with the doctor for medical advice. treat the pain.  (+ info)

I have to have a steroid injection tommorrow where I fractured my rib from last year?

Can someone who's went through this, please let me know what to expect from that kind of shot? It's going to go in the nerve by my back rib. Will I be in pain after? Will they give me pain meds after?

The day you have been waiting for is about to arrive. Save you from taking the cough syrup. Do not worry about where they are going to do what, just remember you will feel better. Best of Luck  (+ info)

How can you tell if you have a bruised/fractured rib?

My sister was laying down on her back in my pool the other day and my little brother jumped off the ladder and landed on her. She's still in pain and it was 2 days ago. I'm worried if she bruised her rib or if it's more serious. It hurts for her to even inhale and exhale. How can I tell if she has a bruised rib?

You can only tell on an x-ray. If she is having trouble breathing, it may be a broken or bruised rib. If it's broken, it should be looked at to be sure it won't puncture her lung.

Broken bones are very painful, more than a bruise, and can cause serious health problems (even death) if the marrow of the bones leak into the blood stream. They can't put on a caste, but they can tape the bones in place.

Take her to an emergency room so they can x-ray it and at least ease her mind.  (+ info)

is their a way to repair rib fractures that connect to the sternum?

I'm tired of hearing thoracic surgeons tell my husband they wont reconnect ribs the next lazy mo fo that tells me that ill break his sternum off his ribs and see how quick he gets the crap repaired. is there a u plate like device that repairs the connection of ribs to sternum i can see my husbands heart beat through his rib "window" and these nurses and dr.s say they wont reconect it. im about to sue the next person that tells me they are going to neglect that not fixing ribs is like not fixing the undercarage frame of a car

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Is it possible to fracture a rib by sneezing?

I sneezed so had a couple of days ago and now my ribs hurt bad. I was trying to wait and see if the pain goes away before i see a doctor but it's still intense, especially when i take a deep breath. Could i have a broken rib from sneezing to hard?

Only if you have osteoporosis.  (+ info)

How can I tell if I have a broken or fractured rib without getting an X-ray?

I'm going to the doctors or hospital, and I know X-rays don't hurt, but I don't want one. Is there another method or procedure of seeing if my rib (s) are broken or fractured?
I know they don't do anyhting, I was wondering if there was another method for a doctor to do instead on an X-ray.

well if you feel your ribs i i am thinking that it will hurt, so that is a sign. and if you compare your rib that you think is broken to one on the other side you can probably tell, but if you don't know which one broken you can just repeat this step a couple of times  (+ info)

What does a fractured rib feel like?

What does a fractured rib feel like?
Does it hurt to breath, eat, drink, lift things etc?
I don't have a collapsed lung. About three days ago my ribs started hurting just below my breasts, mostly on the left side, but sometimes it aches on the right side too. Nurofen gets rid of the pain but as time goes on it gets worse. It's barable but I have a one year old and need to be in good health for him.

Yep, to all those questions. Have you had an X-ray for this? I would if I were you, because if it is badly fractured, you could puncture a vital organ if there is an intrusion of bone into your internal abdomen. Off to emergency with you!!!!!  (+ info)

Can you still work out with a rib fracture?

I apparently have a rib fracture and I was wondering if I can still work out? I take not working out very seriously. Usually if I stop, I'll get lazy and just watch TV and text all day.

Can I still work out with dumbbells and weights? What about sit-ups? I'm pretty sure I can't do sit-ups but just wondering.

P.S. I'm taking creatine.

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