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Is it true it's good to cough if you have a fractured rib?

I got into a car accident on Friday and fractured my rib cage.
The nurse told me you should cough to prevent a partial collapse of the lung tissue?
What if it hurts too much to cough?


Did she give you something called an incentive spirometer? It is a device that you inhale in and it will help expand your lungs.

Also, if it hurts to cough, take a pillow and hold it close to your body while you cough. This is called "splinting" and it will take some of the pain.

A fractured rib is bad, a collapsed lung is much worse  (+ info)

Why does my broken rib still hurt after 2 years?

I broke a rib 2 years ago. It was extremely painful for a long time. Of course the fracture has healed but I still have constant pain whenever I breath deeply, lay down or turn my waist.

Does anyone else have a similar experience with a broken rib?

ask you doctor for x-ray  (+ info)

wats d treatment for lower rib fractures ? do ppl need a brace or sth? can it be left alone?

by dat i mean ribs 10 11 12 th ribs...

Although chest x-ray remains the most effective means of diagnosing rib fractures, approximately 25% do not show up on x-ray and are diagnosed by physical exam. Rib fractures are difficult because simple breathing causes pain.

Treatment involves relieving the pain while the fracture heals. Because of breathing, the ribs cannot be splinted like other bones. Most rib fractures heal in a few weeks (about six).

There is little you can do yourself, apart from rest and allow the ribs time to heal. Medical treatment in the first instance should be sought.  (+ info)

I think i have fractured rib. Is being pregnant gonna make it worse?

I'm 17 weeks prego and my rib is really starting to act up. This happend last july so i didn't think much of it. Do you think it's gonna get worse through out my pregnancy?

  (+ info)

How can i strengthen a broken/fractured rib?

I hurt it about 4 months ago. I've been back to training MMA about two months but it's still not 100%. What can I do to prevent a re-injury?

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where can i find a pathophysiology of multiple rib fracture with a flow chart? ?

i need a patho of multiple rib fracture in a flow chart form. somebody know where can i find one? help!

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I fractured my rib 3 months ago and haven't been to the gym or running since. How do I git my go on again?

I spent 15 hours a week at the gym and ran 30-70 miles a week for years and now I can't seem to git motivated to start again. I was going to run another marathon again this year. What do I do?

Yeouch! How'd you manage to fracture a rib? You have a good excuse for being a bit out of sorts in terms of exercise with that kind of injury.
The best thing to do is, as long as you are all clear medically, i.e. your fracture is fully healed, and exercise isn't going to do it any damage, start in little bits. You can't expect to get back to your optimum all at once! :)
Just spend small increments of time doing exercise in anyway you like, and build up from there, increasing every day or couple of days by increasing the length of time and intensity of the workout.
This shouldn't be too difficult, as from the sounds of it, you are no stranger to a work out and are in great shape already!

You'll soon remember your motivation for running once you just get going, it is just one of those things you have to do, rather than sit there wondering why you should do it, as the longer you sit there thinking about doing it, it is like talking yourself out of doing it (well it is for me, a form of procrastination when it comes to.. well.. most things haha)

Since you fractured your rib, breathing exercises might be important, check you can breathe in and out deeply without pain in your ribs before starting anything.
Good luck! :D  (+ info)

Can someone give some advice on my rib pain?

I have been coughing a lot lately, and now I have this pain in my rib. It's not a muscular pain (I had that on the other side of my abdominal area, and this is different). When I apply pressure on that spot, it hurts. Could this be a fractured rib? I would think something like falling down or sports can cause a fractured rib, but none of the two apply to me. Is it going to help if I see a doctor?

It soudns like a gall bladder problem. Or a problem with your spleen or pancreas. You should get it checked.  (+ info)

How do you tell if it's a bruised rib?

I played basketball, this guy shouldered me and now my upper ribs hurt. It hurts to breathe, cough, laugh. I can't breathe deeply without pain. How do I know if the rib is fractured or just bruised?

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What is the sharp pain in my rib area whenever I breath ?

I have had them occasionally in the past, but lately I've been having them multiple times per day. It kind of feels like lightning is striking my ribs, and I have never broken or fractured anything.

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