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How long does a Fractured rib take to heal?

How Long?

It typically can take 4-6 weeks -- all depending on the severity of the fracture.  (+ info)

how long does it take a hurt rib to heal?

I got hit in the rib a little over a week ago and the pain hasn't got any better. I haven't seen a doctor because I'm told that there isn't anything they can really do. SInce I don't know the condition, I'm wondering how long does a bruised rib take to heal as opposed to a fractured rib?

same about of time, i have broken several ribs and bruised some too due to rugby or messing around, yes its painful and yes there is nothing the doc can really do about it, my doc actually my damaged ribs me which made me squeal so i didn't go back again haha,

they take about 2-3 weeks to get better if bruised, but it does depend how bad they are damaged

hope this helps  (+ info)

How long does it usually take for a fractured rib to heal?

lets see..for ur BONE to grow back together..hmm, i bet a few weeks!  (+ info)

Anyone have to have a c section due to a fractured rib?

I'm 34 weeks pregnant with baby #1..And I've had a great pregnancy so far, but due to bronchitis and coughing so hard I fractured a rib!!! It's very painful and I'm just wondering if this has happened to anyone else and if so how things went with labor?? Did you have to have a c section?? I'm just so worried about how things are gonna go??

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What are some common secondary injuries that may occur from a rib fracture?

Torn or strained cartilage between the ribs. This can take longer to heal than the bone.  (+ info)

My husband has very addictive tendancies and has been perscribed darvoset for a rib fracture.?

He is an alcoholic and he smokes and he is terrified to take the pain meds because he doesn't want to get addicted. This is a guy who refuses to take an asprin for a headach! The pain is severe and he does need the pills. Does anyone know how long you can take darvoset before you become addicted?

it ususally takes 2 or 3 refills. i think he should be ok. darvocet isn't that strong of a narcotic anyway. you could give him 800 mg of ibuprofen in between doses of the darvocet and see if that keeps his pain at a manageable level. the ibu might actually work better. darvo just masks the pain, ibu actually does something about it- takes away the inflammation.  (+ info)

If you have fractured a rib or if it is swolen is there visible bruising?

or is just internal bruising so you cant see it so therefore will only be able 2 know if its fractured from the pain?

There is not always visible bruising, trust me the pain is enough to let you know you have broken or fractured a rib.

You should be x-rayed at the hospital to be sure, however the only thing you can do for it is tightly wrap your ribs.
My father broke 3 ribs a couple years ago and he used a velcro based back brace (found in any pharmacy) to hold his ribs in place while they healed. This method was doctor approved.  (+ info)

Wondering about anyone who has had a rib fracture before?

I was in an accident about 3 months ago and fractured my rib. I'm back to work after 2 months off, but sometimes it still gets really sore. Has anyone else taken a long time to recover from that. They say it should be healed in like 8 weeks, but mine did not heal that fast.


Fractured rib under my right shoulder blade?

I fractured my rib playing football three weeks ago with my friends. It is the first (top) rib under my right shoulder blade. The doctor says it was kind of a freak accident, but also says that I can't play sports again for 4-6 weeks. Right now, a week before the "deadline" I feel great. I know I don't want to push it, but how long do i have to wait? I can't stand not playing sports!

I would wait til next week at least before I get back to sports.  (+ info)

I think I minorly fractured rib what to do?

I was playing b-ball and tried to dunk so I put a chair in front of hoop and I stepped on tip of chair by accident and the back end of chair flies at my rib cage and now theres like a red spot there and I have a little trouble breathing what to do?

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