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I have Salivary Calculi. Doctor said I need surgery while I am asleep. why can't we do this reginal anesthesia?

Maybe the doctor is afraid you'll bite him while he is digging in your salivary glands... or maybe he has to go in through the outside of your mouth. Only your doctor can tell you the real reason for his decision.  (+ info)

How can I stop my salivary glands?

I just had a gum graft done, and my mouth is watering like crazy. How can I make my salivary glands stop?

you may want to call your surgeon and ask but your saliva has chemical and physical properties that help wash out bacteria, so its probably not a bad thing.  (+ info)

How dos a doctor know when someone has got an overactive salivary gland?

How does a doctor know when someone has got an overactive salivary gland?? what are the tests? how can they be sure?? also what is the overall cure?? i mean how do you get this illness to disapear completely??

I wish I knew as my doc says that is what i'm suffering from although I don't think I am. I have to be given a MRI scan. The side of my lower jaw swells up badly and they say it happens when eating. That does not happen to me. They can operate and pop the blockage out from the saliva gland not painful i am told. Hope that helped  (+ info)

Why when you eat sour food do your salivary glands produce copious amounts of saliva?

Whenever I eat something I know will be sour (e.g. a strawberry or an orange) just before I put it in my mouth my salivary glands go into overdrive. When I bite into the food my jaw muscles clench up and, if it is really sour, my eyebrows too. How come?

It seems like you have real sensitive taste buds, it doesn't happen to me... My taste buds really agree with super spicy food, maybe yours don't...
:o)  (+ info)

How do i reduce swelling of the lymph nodes / salivary glands?

my glands i think are referred to as lymph nodes or salivary glands?, well there is a swelling below my jawline /more like a puffyness on either side under my jaw, and i know i get this from when i purge (throw up).(im fighting bulimia at the moment, i am trying to recover)
anyway, i was wondering if there is anything to i can do or get to help reduce the swelling? thank you.

No, I am sorry there isn't. Salivary (sub mandibular) and lymph glads can be affected.
Unlike when glands are swollen because of infection there is no treatment. The swelling is due to the natural body’s defence mechanism, to counter the damage caused by constant attack from the stomach acids like Hydrochloric acid.
The rate of swollen gland recovery time will depend very much on your own body’s ability to reverse the damage done and that depends on your beating bulimia.
I hope you have support and understanding. It is so difficult to tackle alone.

Below are links to a UK site which I hope can help, but please if you do not have help try hard to make sure you get some.
There are other sites online that might be more useful for you, Google them.  (+ info)

What do I do about swollen salivary glands?

I just got my tongue pierced 2 weeks ago and I didn't really look at them before I got my tongue pierced but they look really weird now. My salivary glands are swollen and hurt and my mom said that it looks like a cold sore. What do I do?

have a doctor take a look at it sweetie, it could possibly be your body reacting to getting your tounge peirced in its own way, but go to a doctor though!! its really important to have a doctor look at it. hope it helped.  (+ info)

Why do my salivary glands hurt when I run?

I would really like to be able to run, but a few blocks into it, my neck and tongue start to hurt, and I start producing a ton of saliva. It hurts so bad, I have to stop. My dentist found nothing wrong with my salivary glands, but I there must be something!

I found U some sites that will help U diagnose Ur self.
What are your symptoms?
Symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment
The primary NIH organization for research on Salivary Gland Disorders is the ... Salivary Glands(American Academy of Otolaryngology--Head and Neck Surgery) ...
The major salivary glands are called the parotid, submandibular and sublingual glands. ... Salivary glands produce the saliva used to moisten your mouth, ...
Salivary Gland Malfunction: Certain diseases and disorders, as well as certain drugs, ... In rare cases, the salivary glands produce too much saliva. ...
These sites should help U understand what is causing Ur problem.  (+ info)

What to do about pain and swelling from salivary gland infection?

A few days ago during lunch I had a sudden pain in my jaw/neck. There was swelling. When I stopped eating it went away. Everytime I eat this happens. Always clears up after I stop. Prett much figured out this was a salivary gland infection. I started taking amoxicilin. Doesn't seem to have helped much. What can I do and is there some kind of relief for the pain while eating meanwhile?

You probably have a small blockage in your saliva glands (much like a kidney stone). When you eat, saliva production increases, and the blockage creates pain in the glands.  (+ info)

Is it possible to be able to feel your salivary gland?

I've been a bit worried that I could have swollen nodes, as I'm a bit of a hypochondriac and am fixated on the HIV thing right now. No other nodes in my body seem swollen, and even under my jaw the ones i can feel, feel like tiny little balls. But then there is a mass towards the back of my jaw, in front of my neck muscle. Right up behind the jaw bone that feels like an oval shaped thing. Maybe like a date or an olive...not as big as a date though. So I'm thinking could this be my salivary gland? Can you feel those in your neck? I've never had swollen nodes before and this doesn't feel like a ball/lump and you certainly cant see it from looking. I'm a bit paranoid and am worried I could have swollen nodes from hiv infection. I've not been involved in any overly high risk activities, but still...mind is a powerful thing.

I think you should see an ear, nose, throat specialist because it may be your thyroid gland if it's in the neck! I would ask the specialist to have an ultrasound of your neck done! Good luck!!  (+ info)

where in the UK can I get salivary hormone testing for testosterone, progesterone, and oestrogen?

I am living in Ireland, have just had a testosterone implant, but this is virtually unheard of here. I had heard that salivary testing for hormones is available in the UK, but have no address. I have just started Menopause and Prempak C for same.

Theres one at the link below.  (+ info)

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