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What is the cause of an overactive salivary glands?

hi, I have a health question. What is the cause of overactive salivary glands? and what is the cure??

Be glad it's overactive and not underactive.  (+ info)

How to remove salivary gland stone without surgery?

I got a sereous problem, salivery gland stone in my right side. I am very much worried about this, need to get rid from this without a surgery. Any one know about this and any kind of treatment or any doctor's whereabouts so that i can contact.

Go to a dentist. Its best not to fool around. You can always try squeezing it, but I hear the pain is intense and you could end up making it worse. Good luck.  (+ info)

I have a surgery to take out my salivary stone on Tuesday. Is this a good idea?

I have a salivary stone that is about the size of a pea. I tried getting it out myself but it wouldn't budge. The surgery is going to cost 650 bucks. Is there anything else I should try before I do the surgery? The doctor said he thought it would be too big to come out on its own.

I agree, I think it is necessary to have that removed. When you say surgery it makes me think of IV's, anesthesia, nitrous oxide gas, etc. that will cost more. Ask if you can have it done with just "local". Where they just numb the area with Novocaine, unless that price includes a lab fee for a pathology report if they suspect "something". Do you have insurance? This might not be classified as dental but maybe more on the medical insurance. Check into that. Also, find out it's classification of removal and call around to other oral surgeons for different prices. Sounds crazy but in my town there is serious competition for business. They should at least be able to give you a range of cost. Hope this helps.  (+ info)

What are possible diseases that could result from decreased salivary secretion?

Aside from tooth dacay, I was wonderingt if there was any others? A source of the website would be desirable.

Over 1800 drugs can make your mouth feel dry. Eighty percent of the top 10 drugs may cause oral dryness. Moreover, the more drugs you take, the more likely you will be troubled by dry mouth. Prominent among these drugs are those prescribed for high blood pressure, anxiety, depression, allergies, weight loss, Parkinson's disease, pain and many more.

Diseases: Decreased saliva and dry mouth are associated with a number of medical and psychologic conditions. A prominent disease which causes oral dryness (and dryness of the eye) is Sjögren’s (“Showgren’s”) Syndrome. This is an autoimmune condition which is characterized by generalized dryness. The dryness is brought on by damage to the salivary and other similar glands. Sometimes, Sjögren’s Syndrome is associated with rheumatoid diseases e.g. rheumatoid arthritis, lupus or scleroderma ( a condition in which the skin becomes thick and less pliable). Other diseases which may result in dryness are diabetes, AIDS, bone marrow transplants, dehydration, etc.

Therapeutic Irradiation: Treatment for certain cancers of the head and neck can include radiation, which may damage the salivary glands, and decrease or completely stop the production of saliva. These effects are sometimes irreversible, but some medications may partly restore salivary function.

Ageing: As we get older our mouth tends to produce less saliva. Although this loss is probably not enough to cause oral dryness, per se, it contributes to this condition.

Decrease in our ability to Chew: Chewing, is the normal exercise of the mouth. Like with any other form of exercise, when you don’t use it, things begin to shrivel up. When your arm is in a cast, the muscles shrink in size. And so it is with the salivary glands. If you cut down on your chewing, they will decline in size and produce less saliva. And this induces dryness.

Depression: People who are depressed and/or overly anxious have lower rates of salivary flow.

Since so many factors cause dry mouth, it is evident that the determination of what causes your oral dryness is not a simple matter.  (+ info)

Does an overactive salivary gland clear up by itself?

How long does an overactive salivary gland last for?? does it clear up by itself? if so then how?

Go see an ENT - we have no way of knowing why you have an overactive salivary gland - or what it entails - or how you know that is what it is or what is causing it - So- we can't tell you.  (+ info)

What does it mean when one salivary gland is higher than the other?

Its like in my jaw the one on the left and the right on is in the normal place.

I thought it would drop back into place but 24 hours later it still hasn't.

Any ideas?
I don't really know what its called but its the glands in my throat.

I'm not sure we are talking about the same thing... is it a lymph node? Lymph nodes swell in response to infection or inflammation. Salivary glands will swell if there is a small calcium stone blocking the duct. Without seeing you, it is difficult to know what is going on. Suggest you see your health care provider.  (+ info)

What happens to the salivary amylase in the stomach?

Is it digested by pepsin or it is denatured by HCl or it continues digestion of starch or it becomes inactive?

it is degraded by the sugars and starches, until it is merely H-C-C+ info)

Has anyone ever had this test - having dye injected into salivary glands then being xrayed?

I've just got back from the docs after telling him of my symptoms of a blocked salivary gland, and he is going to do an xray called a Sialography (silogram). Just wondering if anyone has had one of these and what their experiences of the test were?? (The doc told me nothing about this test!)

Thank you!

I have had a CT with contrast but it was of my kidney's not my salivary glands but the process is probably pretty much the same. They injected me with contrast dye through an Iv in my arm. It made me feel very warm all over and like i had to urinate. But it was not too severe, then they just took several x-rays of my midsection and they i went home. I didn't have any after effects from the dye and they told me to make sure and drink plenty of fluids to get the dye out of my system after the procedure was over. Don't panic it won't be anything to strange, just remember to stay calm and good luck!!  (+ info)

How do you control your salivary glands?

I want to learn how to control the salivary gland under your tongue
like when you yawn and it squirts you know ? and i want to know if it's
possible to forcibly make it happen and if so how could you do it?
i wanna be able to open my mouth and squirt people with saliva

you are nasty...lol  (+ info)

What can you do for an insanely painful salivary gland?

I can't eat. Every time I salivate, it is like a stabbing pain. Now it hurts all the time, even when I'm not eating (but much worse when eating). Anyone know what causes this and what I can do about it? Should I see a doctor?

Firstly I would go see a doc about this, I had something similar when I was younger, when I eat something the bottom left hand side of my jaw went all swollen and painful then I noticed a small white lump under my tounge, turned out it was a blocked saliva gland which was very unusual as this is only supposed to be common in male men over 40, I'm female and was 16 when I has this, they treat it the same way as a kidney stone as it's almost the same thing but as I said best check with your doctor to be sure  (+ info)

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