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Is there a difference betw salivary gland cancer and oral cancer?

btw: Salivary cancer is commonly known as Head and Neck cancer.

BTW: "head and neck" cancer is a general term for cancer which occurs in that region of the body, not just salivary gland cancer.
To answer your question, salivary gland cancer is just that-- salivary gland cancer. "Oral cancer" is also a general term, and applies to any cancer found in the oral cavity (i.e., mouth), which includes gums, tonsils, cheeks, palate, salivary glands (but not parotid glands) and tongue.  (+ info)

How do I cut down on the amount of Saliva that is produced by the Salivary glands?

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What would you like to ask?Have you or anyone you know ever suffered from Salivary Gland Cancer?

What were your symptoms? Did you suffer from any strange symptoms?

i have. i didnt get any symptons , i just had a big lump under my tongue and then i have to get surgury to get it removed which was a fairly simple procedure but takes a while. go straight to your doctor if you think you have it . all the best <3 .  (+ info)

do i need to fast before a salivary cortisol test?

i might be taking one tomorrow, do i need to fast or is eating okay?

You do not need to fast exactly, but you cannot have anything to eat or drink (or brush your teeth) within 30 minutes of the test so that your saliva is not contaminated with anything.

Your kit should come with detailed instructions on how, and when.

I hope your doctor is doing more than one - usually the kits come with several so that you can be tested over several days as a one test is, well, not very useful. I also hope that you were advised properly about when to test (i.e. when you are wired) and how to handle the swab, if there is one (not to touch it).

I took a lot of these tests.  (+ info)

What do you think is the function of the saliva produced by the salivary glands?

Saliva serves many roles, some of which are important to all species, and others to only a few:

Lubrication and binding: the mucus in saliva is extremely effective in binding masticated food into a slippery bolus that (usually) slides easily through the esophagus without inflicting damage to the mucosa. Saliva also coats the oral cavity and esophagus, and food basically never directly touches the epithelial cells of those tissues.
Solubilizes dry food: in order to be tasted, the molecules in food must be solubilized.
Oral hygiene: The oral cavity is almost constantly flushed with saliva, which floats away food debris and keeps the mouth relatively clean. Flow of saliva diminishes considerably during sleep, allow populations of bacteria to build up in the mouth -- the result is dragon breath in the morning. Saliva also contains lysozyme, an enzyme that lyses many bacteria and prevents overgrowth of oral microbial populations.

There is more at this site


and many others.

Good Luck  (+ info)

I have a white bump under my tongue.I read it may be a salivary duct stone. Any ideas what this may be?

I got this a couple days ago. It hurts when touched. Any ideas what this is/what I should do?

an ulcer.
get some medication, or some ulcer treatment. a good one is bongella, salt isvery effective too. but that really hurts and tastes disgusting.  (+ info)

What causes canker sores and salivary glands to appear on your inner lip??

and how big are they?? do anyone know?? are they contagious?? how can i get rid of them if i ever get them?? Anyone know? Thanks


are salivary glands visible on the inside of the lower lip?

i have noticeable bumps on the inside of my lower lip over on each side... are these salivary glands or something like pre-oral cancer? should i be worried?

also, if i keep touchign them wiht ym tongue are they likely to get irritated and get bigger... i sort of cant help it cuz theyre stressing me out

No, the salivary glands are on the side of your jaw like about mid way of the jaw area almost where your teeth meet.

probably those bumps are toothbrush hits causing your gums to swell.

Jabril ♀♂♀  (+ info)

Could I possibly have UTI or urinary calculi?

I feel like I must use the bathroom too frequently. Nothing burns when I must go, but I feel like my bladder fills up pretty quickly and I must use the bathroom? It is probably the cold weather? I also feel some sort of minor discomfort in my bladder area. Am I just thinking about it too much?

just drink a lot of coconut juice its very effective so that you can prevent UTI.... you have no UTI yet and if you feel you should go to the bathroom then go..!!!  (+ info)

I am suffering from excess salivary secretion since 2004.what is the cause of it?

I visted my family doctors many times,but my doctor was suggested that ,it will be allergic condition for unknown things.try your self the best which reduce secretion.I tred alot,but couldnot saw any improvement.please I need, expert in this flied inorder to cure from illness.
Thank you for your support.

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