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How dos a doctor know when someone has got an overactive salivary gland?

How does a doctor know when someone has got an overactive salivary gland?? what are the tests? how can they be sure?? also what is the overall cure?? i mean how do you get this illness to disapear completely??

I wish I knew as my doc says that is what i'm suffering from although I don't think I am. I have to be given a MRI scan. The side of my lower jaw swells up badly and they say it happens when eating. That does not happen to me. They can operate and pop the blockage out from the saliva gland not painful i am told. Hope that helped  (+ info)

What to do about pain and swelling from salivary gland infection?

A few days ago during lunch I had a sudden pain in my jaw/neck. There was swelling. When I stopped eating it went away. Everytime I eat this happens. Always clears up after I stop. Prett much figured out this was a salivary gland infection. I started taking amoxicilin. Doesn't seem to have helped much. What can I do and is there some kind of relief for the pain while eating meanwhile?

You probably have a small blockage in your saliva glands (much like a kidney stone). When you eat, saliva production increases, and the blockage creates pain in the glands.  (+ info)

Is it possible to be able to feel your salivary gland?

I've been a bit worried that I could have swollen nodes, as I'm a bit of a hypochondriac and am fixated on the HIV thing right now. No other nodes in my body seem swollen, and even under my jaw the ones i can feel, feel like tiny little balls. But then there is a mass towards the back of my jaw, in front of my neck muscle. Right up behind the jaw bone that feels like an oval shaped thing. Maybe like a date or an olive...not as big as a date though. So I'm thinking could this be my salivary gland? Can you feel those in your neck? I've never had swollen nodes before and this doesn't feel like a ball/lump and you certainly cant see it from looking. I'm a bit paranoid and am worried I could have swollen nodes from hiv infection. I've not been involved in any overly high risk activities, but still...mind is a powerful thing.

I think you should see an ear, nose, throat specialist because it may be your thyroid gland if it's in the neck! I would ask the specialist to have an ultrasound of your neck done! Good luck!!  (+ info)

How to remove salivary gland stone without surgery?

I got a sereous problem, salivery gland stone in my right side. I am very much worried about this, need to get rid from this without a surgery. Any one know about this and any kind of treatment or any doctor's whereabouts so that i can contact.

Go to a dentist. Its best not to fool around. You can always try squeezing it, but I hear the pain is intense and you could end up making it worse. Good luck.  (+ info)

Does an overactive salivary gland clear up by itself?

How long does an overactive salivary gland last for?? does it clear up by itself? if so then how?

Go see an ENT - we have no way of knowing why you have an overactive salivary gland - or what it entails - or how you know that is what it is or what is causing it - So- we can't tell you.  (+ info)

Does anyone have experience with a clogged salivary gland?

Whenever I eat the salivary gland on the left side under my jaw swells. It is quite painful sometimes, but goes away after I'm done eating. This condition comes and goes. It can swell to the size of what feels like a small egg!

my brother had this... dr. told him to massage it gently when it swells to work the saliva out... went away on its own in a couple/few weeks. i don't remember him having much pain though... have you seen a dr?  (+ info)

Are there any home remedies for salivary gland infections?

I believe I have a small infection in my sublingual gland, underneath my chin. It's painful when touched and irritating in general. It isn't red or visibly noticeable yet.

Is there any way to treat this without a trip to the doctor?
Without OC medication?

You can try massaging the gland by massaging under the chin to stimulate saliva flow to flush out the gland. Also, a few drops of lemon on the tongue will help stimulate saliva flow [or a sour sweet] again as a means of flushing out the gland. Other than that you really need an antibiotic, and of course you can take a painkiller to help relieve the pain. You could try grapefruit seed extract OR oregano oil as both have antibiotic properties. But consider the possibility that you may have a saliva stone so perhaps it is wiser to see your GP who will have a look at the gland, can probably minimally assess if there might be an infection and/or a stone and prescribe a suitable antibiotic.

When on antibiotics take a probiotic at the same time and for at least a week after cessation of the antibiotic to recolonize the gut with friendly organisms to prevent an opportunistic yeast overgrowth.

Best wishes.  (+ info)

What does it mean when one salivary gland is higher than the other?

Its like in my jaw the one on the left and the right on is in the normal place.

I thought it would drop back into place but 24 hours later it still hasn't.

Any ideas?
I don't really know what its called but its the glands in my throat.

I'm not sure we are talking about the same thing... is it a lymph node? Lymph nodes swell in response to infection or inflammation. Salivary glands will swell if there is a small calcium stone blocking the duct. Without seeing you, it is difficult to know what is going on. Suggest you see your health care provider.  (+ info)

What can you do for an insanely painful salivary gland?

I can't eat. Every time I salivate, it is like a stabbing pain. Now it hurts all the time, even when I'm not eating (but much worse when eating). Anyone know what causes this and what I can do about it? Should I see a doctor?

Firstly I would go see a doc about this, I had something similar when I was younger, when I eat something the bottom left hand side of my jaw went all swollen and painful then I noticed a small white lump under my tounge, turned out it was a blocked saliva gland which was very unusual as this is only supposed to be common in male men over 40, I'm female and was 16 when I has this, they treat it the same way as a kidney stone as it's almost the same thing but as I said best check with your doctor to be sure  (+ info)

What illnesses cause an overactive salivary gland?

What illnesses/diseases cause overactive salivary glands?

Cystic fibrosis and many others. I would see my doctor!  (+ info)

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