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Can someone still get pregnant after getting treated for salpingitis(inflammation of the Fallopian tubes?

My doctor put me and my husband on antibotic to clear up salpingitis.

Yes--but it depends on the circumstances, and if there's been any damage or scar tissue to the tubes.  (+ info)

Can intrauterine insemination be tried in bilateral tubal blockages, in caseof TB Salpingitis?

My niece has Bilateral tubal blockages due to TB Salpingitis, it was completely cured after treatment and she is 25years only and she wants children, what is the solution other than IVF,Can she be tried canalisation or Intrauterine insemination?

I haven't heard of anyone who's gone through canalisation - it may not be a very common practice. I would be careful to check the success rates (pregnancy rates) following the procedure.

IUI won't work with blocked tubes, so IVF is a good option... At 25, success rates are high. IVF isn't the end of the world :-)  (+ info)

My wife got TB salpingitis, & cured we tried IVF,negetive in first cycle,How can she pregnant?

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and even if u need a sperm donor pls be free to tell mr saad ok  (+ info)

Does an HSG cause Salpingitis?

I've read somethings on the internet how women were diagnosed through salpingitis of the tubes during an HSG but have no history of STDs.

Can the HSG be causing this?

Anyone with experience on salpingitis?

I don't have salpingitis but was wondering about the effects of an HSG.
I meant to say, "diagnosed with salpingitis". Sorry.

  (+ info)

what is treatment for bilateral tubal blockage in salpingitis?

my wife has tubal blockage in her uterus,so is not getting pregnancy? i would like to know the treatment for tubal blockage

There are a few different types of surgical procedures that can be done, depending on where the blockage is. You can read more about the procedures here
http://www.webmd.com/hw/infertility_reproduction/hw203637.asp  (+ info)

is TB salpingitis contageous to me if I had sexwho got cured?

I had sex with my gf when she is in periods, who got cured from TB salpigitis, now I married and my wife is pregnant of 7 months, will my coitus effect my wife or baby in the womb? if it is contageous what should i do?

No, you absolutely cannot get or spread TB in this manner. TB is not a sexually transmitted disease. It is spread mainly by droplet infection i.e. it is airborne. Abdominal TB can be gotten through drinking unpasteurised milk.
Once it is established in the lungs, the TB bacillus spreads via the bloodstream or the lymphatics to other parts of the body. That is how your girlfriend got TB salpingitis.
Also, TB patients are no longer infective 5 days after they begin treatment.  (+ info)

does anyone know about salpingitis?

i had a miscarriage 3 months ago and now have a infection called salpingitis. Apparently it is not a nice infection. Has anyone else suffered from this or know anything about it? Im starting to worry i might become infertile and have other probs in the future.

What is Salpingitis?

Salpingitis is the inflammation of the fallopian tubes. The fallopian tubes extend from the uterus, one on each side, and both open near an ovary.

When inflammation occurs, extra fluid secretion or pus collects inside the fallopian tube. Infection of one fallopian tube usually leads to infection of the other. This occurs because the bacteria migrate via the nearby lymph vessels.

Salpingitis is one of the most common causes of female infertility. If salpingitis is not promptly treated, the infection may permanently damage the fallopian tube so that the eggs released each menstrual cycle can't meet up with sperm.

Salpingitis is sometimes called pelvic inflammatory disease (PID)

Types of Salpingitis

There are two types of salpingitis: acute and chronic.

In acute salpingitis, the fallopian tubes become red and swollen, and secrete extra fluid so that the inner walls of the tubes often stick together. Sometimes the fallopian tubes may stick to nearby structures such as the intestines. In rare cases fallopian tube ruptures and causes a dangerous infection of the abdominal cavity.

Chronic salpingitis usually follows an acute attack. Chronic salpingitis is milder, longer lasting and may not produce many noticeable symptoms.

What are the Symptoms of Salpingitis?

In mild cases of salpingitis, symptoms may not be present. When symptoms are present, they usually appear after the menstrual period. The most common symptoms of salpingitis are:

Abnormal color in vaginal discharge
Abnormal smell in vaginal discharge
Spotting between periods
Painful periods
Pain during ovulation
Uncomfortable or painful sexual intercourse
Abdominal pain on both sides
Lower back pain
Frequent urination
Nausea and vomiting
What Causes Salpingitis?

In most cases, salpingitis is caused by a bacterial infection. The common types of bacteria that cause salpingitis are: Mycoplasma, Staphylococcus, and Streptococcus. However, it can also be caused by sexually transmitted diseases such as gonorrhea and chlamydia.

What are the Treatment options for Salpingitis?

The most common treatment options for salpingitis are antibiotics.

Complications of Salpingitis

Some of the most common complications of salpingitis are:

Infection to nearby structures, such as the ovaries or uterus
Infection of sex partners
An abscess on the ovary
Ectopic pregnancy
How is Salpingitis Diagnosed?

Your doctor can diagnose salpingitis by: Pelvic examination, blood tests and a mucus swab.  (+ info)

salpingitis isthmica nodosa?

Anyone ever heard of this condition? Otherwise known as SIN? I've just been diagnosed with it and wanted further information, as well hearing any success stories of pregnancies while having this condition.

  (+ info)

what are the things Causes Salpingitis rather than intercourse?

my wife have salpingitis and submucous fibroid. we are taking treatment for this.
Dr said, she has to get pergernet in 4 to 5 months.we both talking antibiotics for 2weeks, and than we going to try for baby.if not Dr will go for Artificial ( IUI- intrauterine insemination)
but my question is here our Dr said she got a infection from me that's why she got salpingitis.but about my self i don't have any symptoms in my health and i had sex only with my wife and I believe my wife also. we got married before 1&1/2 year.
now plz someone help me what are the things Causes Salpingitis?

Men can have an infection and not be aware of it, so it is possible that your wife's infection came from you. The concern, now, is not where it came from, but what can be done about it. Best wishes to you both for a healthy baby.  (+ info)

What is chronic salpingitis?

The histology from my hysterectomy said I had chronic salpingitis- I've googled this and everything links it with PID and as such being caused by an STD. I've been tested for PID (irrelevantly, because I've been with my husband for like 15 years all in all and neither of us has been with anyone) which have always come back negative. I had a vaginal infection following the (non-successful) vaginal reconstruction surgery a few months prior to my hysterectomy- could that have caused it? I was in more pain than I've ever been in my life prior to the hysterectomy (not broken bones, pyelonephritis or any surgery for endometriosis had hurt this much). It's immaterial because I can't have a baby now anyway, I just can't understand where this infection came from. Thanks for your answers x

Yea, chronic salpingitis is from forms of bacterial infections.

that's odd you have that and haven't had ANY type of vaginal/bacterial infection..

hmm that infection you had could have started it ..
what infection was it?

did you have a hysterectomy because of that?

you can always email me if you'd like  (+ info)

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