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Can a person with scleritis and uveitis wear contact lenses?

In the last 2 years I have had bouts with scleritis and uveitis in my left eye.One time the doc told me I could wear contacts when I wasn't experiencing a flare up of either condition.Six weeks later he says that he never said that and I can't wear lenses.
I'm going for a second opinion Friday.I'm just curious if anyone has experience with this? Thanks

You shouldn't wear contacts if you have an eye infection. The risk of reinfection is really high
  (+ info)

Does Scleritis really cause permanent eye damage?

I had Scleritis for about 5 days before getting treatment. What are the chances it will cause vision damage or re-occur in the future?

Along with visual acuity testing, measurement of intraocular pressure, slit lamp examination, and ophthalmoscopy, the doctor may order blood tests to rule out diseases affecting the body. If involvement of the back of the eye is suspected, the doctor may order imaging tests such as CT Scan, MRI, or ultrasonography of the eye.


Scleritis is treated with oral steroid and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication to reduce inflammation. Eye drops alone do not provide adequate treatment. In very severe cases of necrotizing scleritis, surgery may be required to graft scleral or corneal tissue over the area of thinned sclera.  (+ info)

Know anything about the eye condition Scleritis?

I have been told this is what is causing so much pain in my left eye and i wondered if anyone of you have had it, or knows how long it lasts etc?
Thanks in advance!


usually a secondary inflammatory process...meaning its usually a kind of side-effect of having some other inflammatory disease like arthritis or ulcerative colitis.

the people who get scleritis frequently get it over & over again ("recurrent").

each acute phase (when treated properly) usually lasts a few weeks or even months.

i've personally never seen this in 10 years of clinical practice. most people who are told by their GP that they have "scleritis" usually have something less serious...like episcleritis, iritis, pingueculitis, keratitis, conjunctivitis  (+ info)

Anyone know of a connection between food allergies and scleritis?

scleritis is associated with autoimmune diseases

and allergies are the immune system over-reacting or reacting to non-threatening materials, chemicals, etc.

so you might want to look at descriptions of things like lupus and rheumatism- you might find some similarities or early symptoms your doc hasn't recognized yet.  (+ info)

Has anyone heard of a person who has scleritis also having other auto immune problems.?

Problems including inflamation in other areas of the body, ie..face, back, hands, etc. causing pain. I have been placed on Methotrexate and am having quite a few side effects. Has anyone had any luck other than prednisone to help with the inflamation which causes the pain.

Scleritis is often associated with a multitude of different systemic autoimmune disorders, such as rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, sarcoidosis, Wegener's granulomatosis, ankylosing spondylitis, and polyarteritis nodosa.

As far as appropriate medications, this is something that you need to discuss with your doctor. Nothing works as well as prednisone, but it can have serious side effects if used for a long time. That's why your doctor switched you over to methotrexate. If the side effects are too much for you to handle, then your doctor could try something else like cyclophosphamide, azathioprine, or cyclosporine. Keep in mind that all of these immunosuppressive drugs can potentially have intolerable side effects. A lot of times it's just hit or miss. One drug works well for one person, but is terrible for someone else. Your doctor can give you the best advice about whether the side effects you are experiencing are common of if they warrant switching to a different drug.  (+ info)

Should I use computers if I suffer from Scleritis (inflammation of the white of the eye)?

I wouldn't if I were you.

Your eye needs to heal. If you use the computer, you'll put more strain on the eye - which means it might take longer for your eye to heal. It could even get worse.

I suggest waiting until your eye gets better until you use the computer again.

If you really have to use it (for work or something) then I would get an eye-patch so at least you don't strain your bad eye.

Get some rest and get well soon!  (+ info)

scleritis-- does anyone know about this?

i have rheumatoid arthritis and a very persistent red eye, i thought it was just from my cold but now i read up on it and am worried. would like to hear if anyone had this before.

yes, i answer. i gone for security to my close relation who undergone eye surgery where from i obtained some informations which will be described hereunder.

The scleritis relates to eyes. This is a discease. This is mostly contracted through association with other disceases of our human body. If any disorder while on periods, chances are there for this discease. mostly because of this reason young women affected by this discease. There are 2 or 3 types of scleritis. The symptom begin with eye reddish, changing the purple, severe ocular pain, photophobia and tearing. The vision reduced and sometimes it may lead to blindness. This discease needs immediate attention which may need surgery too. if it is in initial state, it can be cured by drugs. Commonly, it is suggested that
ibuprofen will be prescribed for severe pain and relief from the pain. we should be more causious and eyedrops has no power to cure, and therefore, an eye-doctor's advice is a must. when we approach for an eye-doctor, he will take utmost care.  (+ info)

Scleritis; I think I might have it?

I have quite bad vision.
And I wear daily contact lenses.
I wash my hands before I put them in. And have been doing this for about 2 years. But in the past days, my left eye as been extremely sore, and today, I was in agony. I cant shut the eye.. And its underneath my top eyelid. Its like a stabbing,stinging pain, all across the top. My eye isnt really bloodshot, but Ive had an eye wash, and tried cleaning it with some spare contact lens solution, but the pain was unbareable. Ive not got the contacts in anymore, just my glasses, but my eyes are watering so much !
If anyone knows whats wrong with it.. can you help?
My mum reckons ive either scratched the white part of my eye, and the contact has made it worse, or something like Scleritis i might have...
Help ?!?

Scleritis is possible but unlikely, it is a very rare condition.

More likely you have scratched the eye, have lid cellulitis, have a foreign body, iritis or have a corneal infection

See your eye doctor ASAP for diagnosis and treatment.  (+ info)

I had a Headache Fri/Sat/Sun, Sun morning i woke up w/ a broken blood vessel in my left eye..is that normal?

I have been having headaches on and off for a few months. I thought it might just be my cycle or from sinus problems. But I have started getting broken blood vessels in my eyes after/during the headaches. I went to an eye dr. almost a year ago and he thought I had Scleritis but that was my right eye, this time i am having problems w/ my left.
Oh, I forgot to mention that I have been Dizzy on/off for two months and feel like I am loosing my balance.....

I would go to a real doctor  (+ info)

C-Shaped Multi-Color Flashes In My Left Eye?

I experienced a sudden-onset c-shaped multicolor flashes in my left eye that was moving when I move my eye. It resembles half-a-circle around my upper left corner of my visual field. It appeared small at first and then enlarged to cover half of my visual field. I also experienced blurring of vision when it occured but no pain and no glare. I am worried because I underwent a squint correction surgery 2 months ago in my other eye (the right one) which got infected and then progressed to scleritis... Please help me if you happen to know anything about what happend to my eye...

It kind of sounds like you have a detached retina.

See an ophthalmologist immediately.  (+ info)

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