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Are there any dietary solutions to preventing the recurrence of scintillating scotoma?

I have had 2 attacks within a week. they are not followed up by any type of headache or migraine. Could this also be hormonal? I will be seeing doctor, just want to know what i may expect.

Scintillating scotomas are of a supernatural origin and are not physiological in any way. They are presented by a spirit for hypnotic reasons and are also the 'serpents' referred to in the scriptures.

If you did not suffer from any associated symptoms, that is good. Typically, a viewing of the serpents is indicative of sinful behavior.  (+ info)

what can i do about scintillating scotoma?

but i don't have migraines that cause or is supposed to be the cause of it.

Try a Yahoo search for "scintillating scotoma" (OR "scintillating scotomata") + "natural remedies".  (+ info)

Do you have a large blind spot/scotoma at all times?

No Neurologist or Neuro-ophthalmologist or even my brain surgeon can really explain why when I developed epilepsy in the Occipital lobe I also developed a blind spot.

It's due to brain damage but it's really annoying and I can make large portions of text and objects disappear by moving my eyes.

Anyone else have this? Thanks.

  (+ info)

Has anyone ever had a Scintillating Scotoma?

I was in school today(10th grade) and I was writing an essay in global and then all of a sudden i had blind spots all over my eyes and couldn't even read the words on the paper. I was so scared, my heart went so fast and i had an extremely cold feeling brush over me. It finally went away and had a terrible headache, so bad i didn't even eat my lunch and trembled the whole time and i went home and my mom told me it was a migraine, anyone have any similar experiences?

Unfortunately yes. I get migraines all the time.. At lease once a day. You should go to the doctors..  (+ info)

What are some causes of central scotoma?

Central scotoma (loss of part or all of the central vision) can be due to damage to any part of the eye, from the cornea (front), to the lens (central or PSC cataract), to the macula and/or optic nerve. Macular causes would probably be the most common causes of a central "only" scotoma. These would range from a macular hemorrhage (diabetes or macular degeneration), macular holes, cystoid macular edema, and macular scars (infection/trauma) and inherited macular dystrophies. Diseases that affect the Optic nerve (like multiple sclerosis) can also cause central scotomas.  (+ info)

Can anyone contribute any stories or facts about "scintillating scotoma"?

I have had it happen to me 3 times in my life (twice in the last 6 months).

Most common cause is a migraine aura. You can have an aura without a headache. Don't know your age- if you are in the stroke age group, or have risk factors, sometimes an embolus can mimic the aura of migraine. Irritative lesions in the occipital lobes can cause similar visual phenomena. The diagnosis will depend a lot on your age, your headache history, your family history (lots of "headachy" people?) and what happens during or after the scotoma. Probably a good idea to check it out, even though the odds are all in favor of migraine. BUT--I have seen a few occipital tumors cause homonymous scintillating scotomas. Not common, by any means.  (+ info)

Does anybody know anything about scintillating scotoma?

I just had one. I get them about every couple of months.
I've heard it called visual migraine as well.
What causes it and is it a warning of anything seriouos?
I'm terrified of losing my eyesight. I couldn't live without vision.
Crazy Guy: It's a crescent of multi-faceted, shimmering light in the visual field. The light can be black and white or rainbow-colored. They last for between a few minutes and an hour.

As usual go see your doctor or optician. I suffer from migraine attacks and get an 'aura' so I know what I've got.

You don't so see a professional.  (+ info)

Headache followed by bilateral scintillating scotoma...?

I've had a headache for about 3 hours and just developed a bilateral scintillating scotoma. I've had the scotoma before but the headaches have always occurred after, not before.

Is this just an ocular migraine, or something else?

Hey Happy, I haven't seen you in a long time. I'm sorry I don't actually have an answer for you, it sounds like that really sucks. Just thought I'd say hi. Glad to see you're still around.  (+ info)

scintillating scotoma WITH?

I get the migraine aura with different spots of flashing lights aside from the "arc", total confusion, lots of panic, and pain in the stomach. Sometimes I feel like someone else is in the room, that Im dreaming and can't wake up seems like everyone else I talk to just has the flashy lights. Help?

Ive seen Neurosurgeons, Neuro-ophthalmologists, Neurologists and no one can explain.

It sounds like a Classic Migraine aura to me. You don't mention whether you get a headache or not. I used to suffer from similar aura symptoms before a 3 hour headache struck. I was diagnosed in Accident & Emergency and after a consultation with my GP I was prescribed Sanomigran (pizotifen) which is a one a day prophylactic. Never looked back. I grew out of my migraine and really don't get them anymore.  (+ info)

Surgery to fix migraine aura or scintillating scotoma? Long....?

They look like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gV_37cao38U&feature=related

I have been curious about permanently fixing my migraine auras for years. I've had them since I was 4 years old, I'm now 22. Normally I get about 2 a week. 1 aura and 1 migraine, 2 times a week. But yesterday I got five auras in a row, then when the migraine hit, my vision started to 'tilt' you could say. Things seemed to spin, I couldn't stand up without falling down so I was crawling to get around the house, I was dry heaving in the toilet for hours, and I couldn't see straight. It was ridiculous. I looked pathetic.

I've been to darn near every neurologist there is in my home state. Even seen the docs up at the Mayo clinic, and they've all tested, tested, tested, and retested me in every way, shape, and form. And they all can't find anything physically wrong with me.

So, now I'm wondering, has anyone ever heard of a surgery to permanently remove the auras associated with migraines? I can handle the migraines. I can handle the pain and all the screwed up things that come with it. BUT I CAN'T TAKE LIVING MY LIFE HALF BLINDED BY AURAS!!! I am so fed up with wasting 5 hours of my day to these things!!! It's so frustrating when you have to leave your child in her room because you physically can not see her to watch her. I hate leaving her alone in her crib, but there is nothing else I can do!! I'm so sick of it!!

Is there a way to fix them, or get rid of them? Brain surgery, medication, would blindness even get rid of them? I'm just about ready to tear my eyeballs out so I don't have to see these stupid things anymore!!

consult with a chiropractor
it could be something as simple as your neck being out of place  (+ info)

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