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is blue baby syndrome a cancer?

Is blue baby syndrome just a disease or is it a type of cancer?

A blue baby is an infant born with a type of congenital heart disease that causes the infant’s skin to have a bluish tint (cyanosis). Cyanosis develops when the tissues and organs of the body do not receive enough oxygen. This, in turn, is caused when much of the blood circulating through the body is “blue” (or oxygen–poor) rather than “red” (or oxygen–rich) to nourish the baby’s tissues. Many different heart defects can cause this condition.  (+ info)

do lime green and sea blue go together ?

my older aunt (40+) thinks lime green and sea blue go together and i think they look very contrasting to the eye and mismatched! answers PLZ
her green top had green lines on it
it was lime green
the cargo short pants were sea blue
it really hurt my eyes and gave me a head ache with the contrasting colors
we are talking about bright blue and bright green

sounds matchy to me ..why not bold colors are in !!:)  (+ info)

names meaning sky, water/sea, blue or just remind you of any of these at all? PLEASE READ DETAILS?

NOT PREGNANT! WAAAYYY too young. But I would appreciate it very much if you could spare a moment to answer. And not blue like sad, but the color. Thanks so much! and please do not "double answer" it. if the answer you like is here, give it a thumbs up if you can. if not, answer again if you wish, but if you can "thumbs up" than please do! THANKS!

Azure, Azura
Indigo  (+ info)

treatment for blue and bloated syndrome?

Has anyone got any information about blue and bloated syndrome? My GP thinks I have it but is being very vague about things such as treatment and prognosis. I have only found a small amount of info online (wrongdiagnosis.com) which didn't really help. Anyone out there who can shed some light on this? Thanks

That's a 'code' expression for primarily chronic bronchitis (the blue bloater)..The PINK PUFFER is the expression for emphysema. So you have COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) and any good doctor can handle it with no problem.  (+ info)

Why is the sea Blue, When water is clear ? ? ?

I thought it was the reflection of the sky since the ocean seems to look gray on cloudy days. However these other answers are much better, and I just learned a lot.  (+ info)

I want to get a tattoo to represent my friend who has Down syndrome. Do you have any suggestions?

One of my best friends has severe Down syndrome, and I want to get a tattoo to represent him and the amazing impact that he has had on my life. I have been thinking about the blue and yellow ribbon for Down syndrome awareness, but that doesn't seem personal enough. I really want to be confident in what I pick before I get a something permanent on my body, so I thought I'd ask the Y!Answers community for their ideas.

http://www.bandofangels.com/ourstory/headlines/article.aspx?contentitemid=785 Personally I really like this! Simple, yet meaningful. It's the halo. You should read the article and see the meaning behind it.

“The Halo with a Twist® symbolizes the beauty and uniqueness of individuals with Down syndrome,” explains Band of Angels’ founder and CEO Cynthia Kidder. “It’s shimmering and reflective of light; a little different, sturdy yet beautiful. The light is reflected and radiated from it. The twist is the reminder of imperfections in each of us.”  (+ info)

I am looking for a dress similar to the recent aqua blue floaty maxi coast dress that is now sold out in store?

I am looking for floaty bridesmaids dresses in a aqua/sea blue colour. I was going to buy ones from coast but they are now sold out. It has a satin band with a cream flower around the waist. I am wondering if anyone knows where I could still get them or anything similar?

first i would try to contact coast by email directly and describe it to them if you cant find it on there for the name. they are really helpful as i have contacted them in the past.
other than that it is worth checking ebay cos sometimes you can even find these items brand new on there.
i hope you get the ones you want.  (+ info)

what color eyeliner should i use w/ sea blue eyes and brown hair?? Please answer and Quick i have a party 2 go

What a beautiful combination. A sage green would look lovely
which is a light green, a nice soft torqiose which is a blue green,

Also try an eyeliner that is not so expensive and if you like the color you can always get another with a better quality.

Have fun at your party and have a great time.  (+ info)

What is the awareness color for tourette syndrome?

Is it green or blue? I always thought it was green but a lot of sites on the internet say that the awareness color for tourettes is actually teal.

It is teal.  (+ info)

Was there any famous people with Blue Rubber Bleb Nevus Syndrome?

I dont actually know for sure but i would highly doubt it.theres only a few hundred cases worldwide.its very rare  (+ info)

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