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What's the difference between Body Mutilation and Body Modification?

I want to know how people think and feel about this subject, I have a Body Modification that some people would view as Body Mutilation.

there is no difference  (+ info)

How do I get help for depression/self-mutilation with no health insurance?

I've suffered a series of depression, self-mutilation, and led a drug addicted life for over 10 years. I am now 26, have an almost 3 year old daughter, and need to stop before she picks up on my behaviours or even worse winds up without a father. Please help.

Find a psychologist who uses a sliding scale for payments. It will be worth the money if you can change this one destructive behavior.Go to the first session and tell him that you have this one issue that you need to work on, but you have limited resources (we all do now). That way you can concentrate on getting it fixed quicker.You can try calling your county mental health association for information . Maybe there are free clinics in your area.  (+ info)

How come people get addicted to self-mutilation?

Why do they get into such an addiction? I have seen on Oprah Show that a girl wants to see the blood, especially out of her pubic area to see and know that she is alive. What is the pleasure in self-mutilation? Why are they cruel to themselves? Do they just cut themselves, slit their wrists and bang themselves against something hard like punching a door or do they have other ways? Is rehabilitation the only way to help them or are there some steps to quit the habit?

I've been dealing with cutting for years now. I have all these thoughts in my head, all these memories of past trauma, and memories of moments so embarrassing I can't bear to think about them, but they wont go away. I can't find a way to stop all these thoughts. It hurts, and I know I have to find a way to make the pain stop. When I cut myself, the only thought in my head is the pain, and the blood. I've been to hospitals, and gone through therapy but no one has helped me find a coping mechanism that works as well as cutting. I have heard over and over again how wrong it is and so I haven't been doing it as often. Lately however I've needed things to stop the pain, in public, or without cutting and leaving a mark, so I bang my head on the wall or on the back of the seat I'm sitting in. Not hard, or obvious to others, but It does help to stop the thoughts for at least a minute or so. Self-mutilation is the only way I've found to stop the emotional pain, and to release my mind of all the awful memories when they are racing through my head.  (+ info)

Is it abnormal to have thoughts of self-mutilation but know that you would never do it?

I have frequent thoughts of self-mutilation/cutting. I know that I would never actually do it. I have a visual image of actually cutting, but it is like a dream--not real. Is this something to be concerned about?

in my opinion its not strange  (+ info)

What is the best advice for teen self mutilation?

Give the best advice possible for a teen involved in self mutilation.

Best answer will be chosen approximately in one hour.

Thanks everyone. I appreciate every answer.

Sorry everyone, I will choose the best answer soon. I will have to wait for now.


It's not worth it,life is rough but you have to be driven by suffering and use it as strength,dont let it run you or ruin you,down the road you have to look at the scars and be reminded of it,better to leave that in the past and live for now,keep your head up because you're not alone  (+ info)

Is biting off little bits of skin from the inside of your mouth self-mutilation?

I tend to bite off little chunks of skin from inside my mouth and it always bleeds. When a section heals, I bite it again. Is this self-mutilation?

Technically, yes. But it's more complicated than that. I do it because I have OCD, though I never bite hard enough to draw blood. You might have OCD or something else going on. You're definitely not the only person who does it, and if it's that bad, you might want to seek help.  (+ info)

Does anyone know where I can find self-mutilation statistics?

Since self-mutilation is a serious, yet widely unregognized, issue, I am planning on giving a presentation about it to my school. I am in JR. High, which is another reason I'm giving it. 11-14 year olds are stupid about this kind of thing.
Anyway, it would really help me if I could give some statistics of self-mutilation. However, I've looked and I can't find any. Does anyone have a website that could give me stats?




for a start.  (+ info)

Why is male genital mutilation recommended?

We know that female genital mutilation has been banned in the United States among other countries but male genital mutilation is still prevalent in many areas. Isn't this sexist? What happened to equal protection under the law?

I assume by male genital mutilation you're referring to male circumcision.

First, it's not recommended by any medical body in the world. At best, medical bodies (especially those in Canada, Europe, and Australia) oppose it and say it's best not to do it. At worst, medical bodies (such as the US) maintain a neutral stance and emphasize presenting the pros and cons without bias (as if that ever really happens . . .).

Second, it isn't entirely unreasonable to suggest that to protect females but not males under the law from genital surgery (unless necessary) is sexist. There are a lot of sociocultural factors (e.g. Jewish/Muslim culture) in play that would make giving males the same level or protection difficult.

Last, people who say comparing female genital mutilation (FGM) and male circumcision (MC) is like comparing apples and oranges aren't TOO far off. For example, both apples and oranges are sweet, spherical, and fruits. So along this analogy, both FGM and MC remove tissue from the sex organs, are often done on non-consenting minors, are done out for sociocultural reasons and out of "cleanliness," and can have long-lasting consequences/complications.

Where people often differ on FGM and MC is that FGM is thought to be more destructive and removes more tissue than MC. This can be true in some forms of FGM, however, many (if not most?) forms of FGM is just as "benign" as MC. In many cases of FGM, only the clitoral prepuce and maybe the labia majora are removed. In its least extreme form, the clitoris is pricked so only a drop of blood comes out - and this is far less invasive than MC. So yes, the worst forms of FGM can't be compared to MC, but the least extreme forms are nowhere as bad as MC. People need to realize that it's on a spectrum with the extremes as a minority of cases worldwide (tragic though it still occurs at all).  (+ info)

Why is minor self-mutilation worse than smoking cigarettes?

Cigarettes can eventually kill you, and they are used by many people to relieve stress, and they are not only a mental addiction but also a physical one.

Self-mutilation, when done lightly doesn't even leave scars, and if done in a clean environment isn't likely to cause an infection of any kind.

Are they equally bad? Why is self-mutilation still perceived as horrible while smoking is just whatever?

Because cigarettes don't have short term bad effects other than cigarette breath (which some people actually like). You enjoy it now, and later you get yellow teeth, various cancers, spend thousands and thousands of dollars and so on. But the key is "later", and many people only think about now when making any decision.

Self-mutilation, you bleed now, you feel pain now. That's what the difference is - society believes it's ok to have fun now even if the pain comes later. That's why people binge-drink, overspend, have unsafe sex and all these other things, because society as a whole doesn't care about what happens in 5 years time or 10 years time or 50 years time. From society's standpoint, it's illogical to harm yourself now, but doing something that will harm you later is nowhere near as bad.

I don't smoke, but if I did, the "it'll kill you later" reason wouldn't faze me. People like to say "each cigarette you smoke is 5 minutes off your life" - yeah, but if you'll pardon the pun, it's 5 minutes off the butt-end. So I miss out on a whole 5 minutes of sitting in my rocking chair on the porch of a nursing home grumbling about the state of the world? Not exactly a deterrent, really. I think that many people have the same point of view, and that's why cigarettes aren't seen as especially deadly, because they're only deadly -eventually-.  (+ info)

What are some good residential self mutilation and alcohol abuse centers in Oklahoma?

Please give me a list and what you like about the facility. Also how much is costs. Thank you.

Hello, I live in Tulsa and know several people who work at Shadow Mountain Behavioral Health Systems. I would entrust my life to both of those people.

Also, I heard of someone who was suicidal who got help at Parkside in Tulsa. (on the link below)

Here is a list of other places.

I don't recommend Family and Children's Services of Tulsa OK because it doesn't seem to have helped the 2 people that I know who use their services.

If you live in OKC, try this link:

Cost is an individual thing, just like going to a regular doctor....depends on how long the treatment, what medications are needed, etc.  (+ info)

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