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Looking for ideas, International, treatment of drug resistant Testicular Cancer. Non-seminoma, choriocarcinom

Looking for quality information regarding clinical trials or experimental tx options. Previous tx with BEP and Flavopuridal-7 rounds with much success. Stabalized disease in liver, abdomen except for new mets in right lung. Now with rising HCG. 12,000 Brain mets controlled with radiation. TIP 3 rounds
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contact Lance Armstrong's former Dr
He is now at OHSU in Portland Oregon
Medical Oncologist 503 494-8469 Craig Nichols, MD


http://www.ohsu.edu/ohsuedu/newspub/releases/010907nichols.cfm  (+ info)

characteristics of the seminoma at the physical exam?

pls help and tell me the charcteristics of the seminoma at the phisical exam
doug 22123, it wasn`t this my question. seminoma is a testis cancer... I`ve asked the characteristics at the pychical exam

In a semen analysis, they have the man go to the washroom and masturbate into a cup. Then they analyze its volume, color, consistency, viscosity, and they look at the sperm under a microscope to do a count, and estimate the number of motile sperm.  (+ info)

how long does it take for stage 3 seminoma(testicular cancer)to kill you if not treated?

It depends on where the cancer eventually spreads to . . it could be very quick or very long. Lance Armstrong was suffering from severe headaches before he went to seek help for his stage IV testicular cancer. The cancer had metastasized. He had two or three lesions on the brain at that point as well as tumors in his lung and abdomen. I believe he had six months to a year of treatment over ten years ago and is now cancer free.

Lance Armstrong
http://www.livestrong.org/site/c.jvKZLbMRIsG/b.736583/k.C7AA/Lance.htm  (+ info)

Can microwave radiation from cell tower cause cancer ?

One of my friend is an electrical engineer who is working for a mobile phone company for the last 3 years. His job requires him to service BTS cell towers while they are running. Recently he found out that he has seminoma ( a germ cell tumor of the testis), which is in malignant stage. We were astonished because he is only 27 and its not normal for this age. So we were wondering whether it is due to massive microwave radiation from cell phone tower. For your information my friend is a smoker too.

Actually, seminomas are very common for someone of this age. The typical age of diagnosis is 15-35 years.


He's right in the middle of that age range. There are some websites which say median age is 40. Perez and Brady's principles and practice of radiation oncology (a common reference used by most doctors in radiation therapy for cancer) lists the age in the low to mid 30s as median. Keep in mind that median means MIDDLE. So there are many who are younger and many who are older, and this is normal.

Fortunately, these types of cancers have a very good prognosis. The smoking probably didn't have much to do with it, but people who have already had one type of cancer are more at risk for others later in life, so maybe he should keep that in mind.

I doubt it had anything to do with the cell phone tower - as this is a pretty typical age to get this cancer. It still sucks for him, and I hope everything turns out ok. But, keep in mind, that there is no scientific biological mechanism known by which microwave radiation can cause cacner. That doesn't mean that there is no way that it could, just that there has never been a proven link, and there is no way that anyone can discover that it would even lead to cancer.  (+ info)

I need answers for Classic Seminoma Stage T2... ?

So, my husband was just diagnosed w/ Classic Seminoma Stage T2. His HCG was <2 and his AFP was 1.2; what are the chances this has spread some where else? Since all his blood test have come back "normal" is there still a chance it has spread? I have to make an appt for him for an oncologist and I'm freaking out right now. His mother was diagnosed w/ stomach cancer in October 08' and I honestly don't know how to "stay calm" anymore. He has to have CT Scans and more then likely Radiation. Will this make him sick? Should I worry?

Anything I can do to ease my mind?
And if this helps... here is the diagnosis.

Radical Orchiectomy, right testicle (SH09-372): Classical Seminoma limited to the testis with Lymphovascular Invasion (pT2, NX, MX). The Tunica Albuginea and Resection Margin are Negative for Neoplasm.

The testicle contains a lobulated tan 4cm lesion.

Seminoma is the most common type of testicular cancer and about 25% have lymph node involvement when diagnosed. It is certainly a good sign that his HCG and AFP are normal and it is used to determine the stage, but T2 is only the tumor stage not the stage of his disease. They will not know the stage until the CT is done. At the very most he would be a 3A, which has a 5-year survival rate of 80-90%. Radiation should not make him sick, but it may irritate his skin. One kind of cancer cannot be compared to another, as they are completely different diseases. Stomach cancer usually has a poor prognosis, but testicular cancer is highly treatable even when it has spread. Try not to worry the odds are very good that he will be just fine. Best wishes.  (+ info)

what r the chances of cancer in child who's father is suffering from seminoma?

seminoma.........................testical cancer

  (+ info)

What can my son expect from chemo for testicular cancer? Nausea, hair loss, fatigue? He is T2 seminoma.?

Thanks for your answers so far. My son is married and lives about 2 hours away with the most wonderful woman ever! She is taking such good care of him, BUT they both (extremely intelligent, educated people!) prefer to get all their info from the 2 docs. They do not want to research the web much. I, on the other hand, have read for hours on end. They are receptive to my suggestions as long as I don't go overboard. They are coping so well. He will start chemo next week after sperm bank deposits! I am familiar with chemo from some other family members, but had desperately hoped that THIS type would maybe not cause as many side effects. No such luck, huh? Thank you all for your thoughts.
Anne, please be as direct as you want! The cisplatin has been mentioned.

First of all, I am sorry to hear what you are going through, many people forget the relatives or carers, but if your son is at home in between his treatments then there are things you can do. When his appetite is poor, give him food replacement drinks, chilled. Have somewhere convenient for him to rest if he is not going to bed, there may be nausea but if he's lucky, the hospital may run an anti-nausea drug through the drip along with the chemo drugs. My Husband lost all his hair including his eye brows and lashes, but they grew back. Be careful about the 11th to 14th day after every session because that is when his white blood count will be at its lowest point and keep him away from possible infections. If his blood count does'nt rise enough after that point, then he may get blood transfusions, which will benefit him. My husband was T3 seminoma and he survived,If your son developes a fever please do not hesitate in getting treatment for him, My husband had Viral Pneumonia which hit him hard with very little warning. I wish you strength and happiness. I hope that I have not offended you in being so direct but usually in cicumstances like this, when looking for answers, sometimes it is better to be direct.
PS. My husband's drugs were, Etoposide and Cisplatin.  (+ info)

Secondary Cancers from testicular cancer?

My husband had testicular cancer 2 years ago. He's just gone for his (hopefully) last CT scan. How likely is it that he could have secondaries now, and where might secondaries show up? He originally had a seminoma, with secondary nodes by his kidneys.

They probably will not find anything. I hope so.

Seminomas are the most common type of testicular cancer and usually metastasize in an orderly fashion and are most likely to metastasize to the bone. Has he had a bone scan or a PET scan? If not, I would ask for one.

Your husband would have had a stage B1-B3 cancer which has a 5 year survival rate of 80-90%. At any stage testicular cancer is highly treatable and curable. He should be fine. Best to both of you.  (+ info)

my testosterone level was 132 is that bad?

I had a seminoma cancer of the right testicle and have since had it removed and had cancer treatments which were successful. however i had a testosterone level test done and the nurse said it was 132 which she said was low, my doctor has yet to contact me on what i need done. is 132 really that low?

The normal range of testosterone for a young to middle aged man is 350 - 1000 ng/dL. However, testosterone levels naturally drop after about age 40. Low testosterone is not a dire medical condition, but can cause symptoms such as loss of energy and low libido. Testosterone supplements such as injections or transdermal gels can help bring levels back up, but make sure you get tested for prostate cancer first. Talk to your doctor about it!  (+ info)

Testicular cancer question.. observation... surgery.. or chemo?

I was diagnosed with a non-seminoma and recently had surgery where my right testicle was removed. Afterwards, I was given the options for Lymphnode Dissection, chemotherapy, or rigorous observation.. Has anyone else had to choose and what path did you take?

We have a friend who had cancer in one testicle. He had it removed and nothing was done further. Ten years later, he is still cancer free...and the proud father of a six year old son!  (+ info)

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