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serotonin syndrome?

Can it take months for all symptoms of serotonin syndrome to go away?

Im still having muscle twitches 2 months later.

I would say serotonin syndrome is an acute thing & shouldnt last 2 months.
I hope you were diagnosed by a Neurologist becuase it may very well be something else like "tardive dyskinesia".
my advice is to see a neurologist.
Good luck  (+ info)

Serotonin Syndrome?

Is it possible to get serotonin syndrome from 3 uses of ecstasy??? Lets say i took half a pill on june 30th 2007, then i took a whole pill july 21st 2007, then on sept 15th 2007 i took one and a half pills. Is this enough to get this serotonin syndrome or am i just freaking out over nothing??

I am going to treat this question as a real one. Seratonin is the body chemical that makes us feel good. Anti-depressants are known as Serotonin-re-uptake-inhibitors. They keep more of it in our system and we are depressed less often, accordingly. I don't know anything about the substance X, but everything pleasurable in your life involves serotonin. Draw the line. It can also be deadly.  (+ info)

How common is serotonin syndrome?

I am taking 100mg of Seroquel and 100mg of Zoloft right now. I read that my risk may be greater for serotonin syndrome if I'm taking an anti psychotic along with an anti-depressant. Do I need to be worried?

It's not common at all. From what I understand, it usually comes on early, soon after you start taking both.

Your pharmacist is a great resource for questions like this.  (+ info)

has anyone ever gotten serotonin syndrome from a SSRI?

Just wondering how hard it is to get serotonin syndrome from a SSRI? so if your brain has enough serotonin and you take a anti depressant or ssri, cant you get it?

From just one? No. Serotonin Syndrome is pretty hard to get. Usually you see it in massive overdoses of SSRIs (>100x an individual dose or more) or from mixing in appropriate things with SSRIs. St. John's Wort is notorious for this. Or combining an MAOI drug with an SSRI can cause it pretty readily.

So no. You can't get it like you're asking. Serotonin Syndrome is when you go so far over the top with sertonergic substances that your brain's internal mechanisms can't handle it. And that threshold is quite a good distance out of what you can get to easily.  (+ info)

Are there any tests for serotonin syndrome?

Have had problems with antidepressants because they spike serotonin levels which can lead to death. I don't know of any doctor who prescribes Serotonin re-uptake inhibitors who monitor serotonin levels.

muscle tightness is one of the symptoms of serotonin syndrome along w/ increased heart rate, sweating, raised body temp, if u experience any of these symptoms you should discontinue your medication and consult w/ ur doctor....i'm on anti-deps and i know when my dosage is a bit too high because i get a tightening in my calves

If you're considering starting a regimen, but are concerned about serotonin syndrome, ask your doctor about starting with a very low dose and then working your way up slowly as needed...  (+ info)

What are the health complications from a zoloft overdose ending in serotonin syndrome?

This weekend, while quite drunk and coming down from an MDMA binge from the day before, I ingested somewhere between 550 and 650 mg of zoloft (11-13 50mg pills). I also ate 3 gravol pills.

My friends tried to make me vomit, but thanks to the gravol, I couldn't. I passed out for about 2 hours, then vomited when I woke up. When my friends woke up, my pupils were fully dilated, my eyes were roving, and I was twitching uncontrollably. I switched from being really paranoid and hyper vigilante, to manically drunk and very confused. My friends looked up my symptoms online, and diagnosed me with seratonin syndrom. I didn't go to the hospital - instead they gave me muscle relaxers all day to help with the seizure-like twitching.

I was like that for most of the day - it didn't really end until midnight, even with muscle relaxers.

I'm wondering what the health risks of this overdose are. What kind of damage may have occurred, and is there anything I should do to help my body recover?

is there anything I should do to help my body recover?

Spend a year meditating on your near death experience, the reasons for your drug and alcohol problems and why you call people your friends that instead of calling an ambulance for you were filling you up with additional drugs.

Count your lucky stars girl because you spun the Darwin's award roulette wheel several times and your unlucky number did not come up.  (+ info)

What Exactly is Serotonin Syndrome?

I am on the anti depressant Lexapro, and I also have been taking Percocet 10mg every 6 hours for a back injury. I have heard this can cause Serotonin syndrome. What is that?

I thought that was when two anti depressants are taken together, not A pain medication like percocet. I dont understand how percocet could raise serotonin levels in the brain. Its probally a false statement that I've heard. Anybody know what this syndrome is?

Serotonin syndrome is a condition characterized by dangerously high levels of serotonin — a chemical produced by nerve cells — in your body.  (+ info)

How rare is Serotonin Syndrome?

How often to people develop serotonin syndrome? I just started taking zoloft (only 12.5 mg a day (haha)) for OCD and was wondering how often people develop it from simply taking zoloft and how serious it is? Thanks!

Serotonin syndrome is not very common. You would have to be taking much higher doses than what you're currently taking. Don't worry about it.  (+ info)

what drugs mixed together cause serotonin syndrome?

I take an anti depressant called citalopram and also a antipsychotic my doctor doesn't know about called stelazine. Can these two drugs cause any bad reactions when taken together??

Citalopram is an SSRI, which means it is less likely to cause an interaction inductive to serotonin syndrome than, say, an MAOI. What you want to avoid are other SSRIs. Stelazine is just your average downer, so I wouldn't mix it with alcohol or other strong downers, but that's about it.

If you don't mind me saying you might want to research this kind of thing before trying out a new combination. There are a lot of great resources out there (Google). Wouldn't want you to hurt yourself!  (+ info)

Can I get serotonin syndrome from Tryptophan & paxil?

I have been taking whey protein which contains 476mg per scoop of tryptophan with 10mg a day of paxil and was reading it can cause serotonin syndrome and for the past 1-2 weeks I have felt dizzy could this be the problem?

Ask you physician, no need to risk it.  (+ info)

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