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Can STDs tests also reveal other diseases that aren't sexually transmitted?

I'm just curious to know if when your tested for STDS with the blood work and all will it show other possible diseases that you may have that aren't sexually transmited? Sorry if this sounds dumb, I'm just curious.

No, and it might not even show the STD if the waiting period isn't long enough, i.e. HIV can show up as late a a year or more after infection.  (+ info)

What are the causes of aids and sexually transmitted diseases and where did the diseases?

I don't think gay people are the cause of those diseases.

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How do sex workers prevent sexually transmitted diseases?

Some STD's are transmitted even when you use a condom so how do sex workers prevent STD's? Do they ask their potential clients if they have an STD?

There would be no point in asking anyone if they have an STD. A lot of STD's have an incubation period when there are no signs or symptoms Bigger yet is sex workers wear protection and make their partner or client wear protection. They are tested on a routine basis (most of them anyway). So being proactive in prevention followed up with routine testing and having knowledge about STD,s keep a lot of the diseases at bay.  (+ info)

Identify and discuss various sexually transmitted diseases?

Identify and discuss various sexually transmitted diseases and how do you think you can protect yourself from being infected? How can you participate in global awareness and treatment of the diseases?

use a condom....done  (+ info)

Is it possible to be born with sexually transmitted diseases?

I mean, in the case where you never had sex, never used shared needles, etc. Then you go to the doctor's to be checked out. Is it possible that even though your parents didn't have any diseases can you be born with any of them or can they only be contracted through contact and not through birth or genetics?

You can only be born with HIV or herpes if your mother has it at the time that you are born. If your mother did not have any STDs when you were born, you could not have been born with any STDs.  (+ info)

What are the top 5 sexually transmitted diseases?

How are they transmitted? And what are their side effects?

Looks like some just randomly named STDs off the top of their head.

Do you mean prevalence or new infections? HPV and HSV have a higher prevalence by far as they are viral but trich would likely take the top award for new infections/year.

Since "new cases" are estimated, Ill list them in prevalence as reported by the CDC--

3 Trichomoniasis
4 Chlamydia
5 Gonorrhea

You could dispute the prevalence of HSV vs. HPV but there really isnt solid numbers to verify either way. Most STDs go undiagnosed in the first place so determining actual numbers is near impossible.

I left lice, scabies, candida, bacterial vaginosis, molluscum contagiosum off the list as they arent necessarily transmitted by sexual contact and therefor difficult to compare.

By the way, HIV infection isnt even close to being top 5.  (+ info)

Can contracting 2 sexually transmitted diseases be the reason why I cant get pregnant now?

The diseases were Tric and gonaherra, the first time I admit it happend from a one night stand and It happend the second time when I was dating my ex for over a year. Could this be why I cant get pregnant with the boyfriend I am with now?

These diseases can only lead to infertility if you have them for a while and don't get treated. When u these infections are in ur body for a while, they subsequently lead to Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, which causes infertility and has no cure! I'm not saying that having gono and trich caused ur STD per se...but if you had them for a while before u got treated, they may have indirectly caused infertility! But, you may not be infertile at all...you should check with a fertility specialist or ur gyno to see if u have PID!  (+ info)

What are the chances of catching sexually transmitted diseases?

iff a woman is on birth control is it really worth wearing a condom. What iff people have been using condoms their whole life but want to get pregnant, whats the chances one of them have stds.

Or are stds just a rare problem that mainly comes up with people who often have sex with diffarent people without using condoms?

No, stds are pretty common and you're taking a risk every time you have unprotected sex with someone. If you are in a long term committed relationship both partners should be tested before having unprotected sex...and even then you're putting your health in their hands by trusting them not to cheat.  (+ info)

What is the best way to eradicate sexually transmitted diseases?

How about promoting abstinence for people who are unmarried? Wait until you're married to have sex.

I'd hate to say this but, it doesn't matter whether you are married or not to sex with someone else, there will always be diseases. And it only takes one very irresponsible, stupid person not tell you he or she has something, and then let you be sucked into having sex with them, and bam you've got something. It is very rare to find people who will go without sex until they are married, that's just old fashioned. You can't stop std's from being transmitted, there will always be someone out there that has caught something from someone. And the bad thing is that these young people will never learn to wear condoms, that's why it's mainly young people who catch diseases, because they think that it will never happen to them.  (+ info)

Why the alarming rise of sexually transmitted diseases in Singapore youths?

The Singapore Health Minister says that the rise in STDs among younger singaporeans are on the rise. Why should it be surprizing? Isnt that the trend worldwide?

Who is surprised? People who refuse to accept that young people are having sex and therefore refuse to educate them regarding safe sex.
Just an opinion.  (+ info)

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