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What are the sexually transmitted diseases (STD) that can affect gay men?

I would like to know about the various STD's/STI's that can affect a gay man's health. Their symptoms, how to avoid contracting them and their treatment etc.

OK, firstly there are no sexually transmitted diseases that are only confined to gay men. All STD's/STI's can be passed on to gay and straight people.
So whether you're gay or straight you need to be careful!

There are many sexually transmitted diseases, some of which are:

Geni tal Herpes
Genita l Warts
Pubic Lice (crabs)
Non-Specific Urethritis
Lymphogranuloma Venereum (LGV)

I am attaching a few links that will throw more light on all these diseases. What are the Symptoms, How does one avoid contracting them, Treatment etc:  (+ info)

Do you get tested for sexually transmitted diseases if you fight in the golden glove?

I told my boyfriend we should get tested just to make sure were clean and he said he did before a boxing tournament. Im not sure if he thinks they did and maybe it was for something else or if he did get tested.

yes they do make you get tested, but you both should still go and get tested again, cant ever be too careful with that kind of thing  (+ info)

Can these diseases be sexually transmitted?

My girlfriend has several health concerns. One is anemia, another is a blood disease...I think she said it was something like MTHFR or something...I know she said that it's a blood disease where if she takes birth control that it might cause a blood clot...and another disease (my poor girlfriend is in rough shape) in which she has cysts in her uterus which make it hard or impossible for her to ever get pregnant. We want to have sex but I am just curious, are any of these diseases contagious to me if we were to have unprotected sex sometime?

  (+ info)

Which of the following are true about sexually transmitted diseases?

Check all that apply.

A. Most STDs are passed on genetically.
B. All STDs have known cures or vaccines.
C. Many people don't know they are infected because they have no symptoms.
D. As many as 65 million people in the United States have at least one STD.

C... possibly B but the number sounds pretty high  (+ info)

What is the best way of not getting sexually transmitted diseases or pregnant ?

.Don't have sex.  (+ info)

is there a relationship between women with tattoos and women with sexually transmitted diseases?

given that generally it is considered that women with tattoos are sexually promiscuous, has any study been done studying how it is more likely that a tattooed woman would have an STD than a non-tattooed woman?
Tattoos say: "I'm down for anything."

Are tattooed girls easy?
Your Tattoos No Longer Signify Anything, Except Sluttiness
Unattractive, promiscuous and heavy drinkers: perceptions of women with tattoos.

No. I doubt any such study has been conducted. It would cause a rude stereotype if they did find that tattooed women are more likely to have STD's. I have tattoos and I'm not promiscuous in the least. Therefore no STD's for me.  (+ info)

What's a way that I can teach kids about Sexually Transmitted Diseases?

Ok, so I work with teen & tweens, and I was trying to figure out what to do as a fun little educational activity about safe sex & std's.. Does any have any ideas for workshops? Thank you all for your time!

ok this may be hard to explain but ill do my best
its an activity we did in health class and was actually pretty fun
everyone in the class got a small cup of water in a dixie cup
then you swap water with 10 different people in the class
ex. id pour half of my water into my friends cup..then they'd pour half in mine
then after we did that to 10 people..our teacher poured a drop of this pink liquid into our cup..if our cup turned pink that represented that we had the STD

*****k so heres the thing..out of the 20 cups...1 started with the "std" [std was a weird chemical..sry idk wut it was]
[when you tell the kids to pick cups dont tell them anything about the turnout of the activity..only tell them to swap with 10 ppl and then do the rest written below]
k pretend bob grabbed the cup with the "std"
..then he swapped with sally..sally would instantly become infected with the ''std''..then sally swaps with molly and now molly has it
[the swapping of the water represented having sex and how easily that even if the person ur having sex with doesnt have a std..he could have one from a past person he had sex with and how quickly u can become infected

if u get the activity and wht im saying..its actually a really fun activity and helps people understand and to choose abstinence!!  (+ info)

I am in a new relationship and want a test to show I have no sexually transmitted diseases. How do I do that?

Have been in a partnership for 8 years, and before I begin another relationship need to know how to go about having a test done to prove I am clean and free from any transmittable infections. Where do I go to and how much will this cost. How long do the tests take?

you are making a wise decision.
you can go to planned parenthood. they will run a whole panel on every STD known to man.
PP will give you documentation to show your new partner.
a new partner and i did this 2 years ago, just to prove to each other we could trust each other. but ya know what? we still use condoms. cuz you can never totally trust anybody.  (+ info)

Animal origin of sexually transmitted diseases?

I just read an article that states all sexually transmitted diseases originated with humans having sex with animals. It said that right now in Africa men are having a lot of sex with dogs. What are your thoughts on this?

lol heres a simple solution.

HPV-from the best known dogs around: MEN  (+ info)

How many basic types of sexually transmitted diseases are there?

I started having sex recently with my girlfriend. The day after the first time, I felt a slight burning inside my penis, it is a constant feeling. It doesnt hurt. I just want to know if it could be something other than an STD like excessive friction, not enough moisture, ie dry humping, irritation from say baby oil. If it is an STD, which one is it likely? And what would be symptoms that follow this burning feeling? Anything visual?

you should go to the doc. some of the things u mentioned can be true but i dont think the feeling continues! also many stds have no symptoms / signs an u may look jus fine! just to b on the safe side go to the healthcenter an get checked out asap! its better to b safe tah sorry!  (+ info)

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