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Why do people lose weight when they have short bowel syndrome?

We had discussed short bowel syndrome in class the other day, and touched on the topic of how it causes people to lose weight. What are a few reasons why? Atleast two different reasons would be very much appreciated. :)

Most people don't realize how much waste can be trapped inside our bodies. Experts estimate that most people have 10-15 of waste trapped to the inside of their colon walls. Imagine how unhealthy this is with all these toxins sitting inside us. Oprah had a guest on her show that talked about how we need to make sure that we clean our bodies of this rubbish.  (+ info)

Can a short guy be manly without looking like he has short-man syndrome?

Someone who's 5'5'', can he appear manly? In what ways can a short man be manly without looking like he has short-man syndrome? Would a short man appear manly if he was the strong-silent guy who is calm most of the time and speaks with everyone calmly??
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No you’ll look like a shy guy or like you have a napoleon complex, but who cares what others think anyway?  (+ info)

What is the type of syndrome that causes a person to be indefinitely short and completely non-verbal?

Oh yeah, it also has to deal with the person lacking one chromosome.

Turner syndrome girls are shorter than the norm, BUT they are ussually given growth hormone so get to around 4ft 10" to 5ft 2".. Speech is almost always normal. It is caused by a missing or partial missing X chromosome  (+ info)

can any one help me figure out what exactly is short neck syndrome?

my 3 month old got croup and we were admitted to the childrens hopital because he was retracting and the doctors said he had short neck syndrome although i asked what it was im still confused can anyone help me out?

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Noonan_syndrome  (+ info)

What is the best way to handle a man with short mans syndrome.?

With a strong need to back stab, and undermine a team.

make him realize that others can also play the same game..  (+ info)

In Short Bowel Syndrome, why is it necessary to use a Central line?

why do we use a central IV line for TPN?
i know oral route cannot be used, but for clarification, my question is more about central vs. peripheral route.
i know oral route cannot be used, but for clarification, my question is more about central vs. peripheral route.

TPN is a very concentrated nutritional formula and cannot be given through peripheral veins as it is irritating to the vein. By giving it through a central line into a central vein the TPN gets diluted quickly as there is a greater volume and flow in a central vein versus a peripheral one.   (+ info)

A short definintion of crest syndrome?

I don't really know what it is, but i think my mother has it. I need to be able to explain it to her, but with good facts and detailsv with it not being to technical-sounding, i guess lol. Thanks!

I'll try and explain: CREST stands for Calcinosis cutis, Raynauds phenomenon, Esophageal dysfunction, Sclerodactyly adn Telangiectasia.

Calcinosis cutis: small nodules (usually multiple) that are moveable and not tender. (a depostion of calcium salts)
Raynauds: when exposed to cold the hands and feet blanch white, then a few minutes later turn blue. This is a blood flow problem and may be painful.
Esophageal dysfuntion: small amounts of collagen will be noted in the esophagus (throat).
Scerlodactyly: the fingers get stiff, the skin smooth and shiny. Often, the fingers will have a flexing that causes them to look like "claws"
Telangiectasis: there can be multiple red spots on the face that are caused by underlying blood vessels being dilated. This may also cause significant bleeding if these vessels are broken.

Hope this helps. Kind of hard to explain in "laymans" terms.

Dr. Dan  (+ info)

I have a 5 yr old little girl who has down syndrome and weighs 25 lbs and is very short .?

My question is to all parents oe health care workers who work in this specialized area. I am very lost and confused and tired of getting no answer's from my pediatrician.If you can help in any way or any resorces to help me I would really appciate it.

Hi....my son is 4 yrs old and has DS as well. he too is short for his age and looks more like a 2 yr old than a 4 yr old. below are some height and weight charts for children with DS. they use a different chart than ''typical'' kids. I wouldn't worry too much about it. kids with DS often are smaller than ''typical'' kids their age. as long as she is eating healthy and has no other health problems. though I would recommend getting another pediatrican....sounds to me like yours isn't of any help. try contacting your local down syndrome association and ask if they can refer you to different doctors that specialize in DS in your area  (+ info)

do u think children who walk on there toes may have short person syndrome?

well as they see us we can see everything that is tall and the way i see it they want to see it as well but cant wait to be tall enough so hence the walking on toes.

I'm 5'6", 61, and still do. I think I can get to where I'm going faster. You're not alone as you can see by the answers  (+ info)

My boss has short man syndrome, what is the cure?

Only serious medical responses please. Prefer for answer to have medical reference or for the person to be employed in the medical field or a student of medicine. God I hope he'll be ok.....

Hmm  (+ info)

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