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short course of hydrocortisone in nephrotic syndrome not responding to prednisolone?

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How do I prevent beef short rib crock pot recipes from becoming greasy or oily?

I've tried browning the ribs first, but my meals keep coming out very greasy . . .

You can't; the whole reason that short ribs taste good and cook so tender is because they are full of fat. Once you are done cooking everything remove it from the pot and ladle the juices into a grease separating measuring cup. Pour it out and make gravy from the defatted juices.  (+ info)

After having surgery for colon cancer, how do I best handle short bowel syndrome, malabsorbtion of nutrients?

I have been using codine to control my bowels but I would prefer some other product as this leaves me very tired and it doesn't do much good for me. Any other ideas?

Please work closely with your Doctor on your treatment.


Short Bowel Syndrome

Short bowel syndrome is a group of problems affecting people who have had half or more of their small intestine removed. The most common reason for removing part of the small intestine is to treat Crohn's disease.

Diarrhea is the main symptom of short bowel syndrome. Other symptoms include cramping, bloating, and heartburn. Many people with short bowel syndrome are malnourished because their remaining small intestine is unable to absorb enough water, vitamins, and other nutrients from food. They may also become dehydrated, which can be life threatening. Problems associated with dehydration and malnutrition include weakness, fatigue, depression, weight loss, bacterial infections, and food sensitivities.

Short bowel syndrome is treated through changes in diet, intravenous feeding, vitamin and mineral supplements, and medicine to relieve symptoms.


Treatment options:

Cases of short bowel syndrome that don't resolve in time need lifelong treatment. The aim of treatment is to provide symptom relief. Strategies may include:

Special diet - including high kilojoule, high nutrition, low fat and low residue foods.
Vitamin and mineral supplements.
Medications to slow peristalsis.
Bile salt-binding medications.
Medications to reduce stomach acid, if too much acid is a contributing factor.
In severe cases, a liquid diet given intravenously.
In severe cases, a small intestine transplant operation may be considered.

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How do I ask a doctor about slipping rib syndrome. I think I have it.?

I have always had it. I am 35 and as long as I can remember I have had a discomfort and movement of that area. It doesnt hurt but is annoying like someone is always rubbing against you in one spot. Does prolonactiv thing work. Do I see a chiropractor. How do I approach a doctor about it. I never go to the doctor and I don't have insurance but I am sick and tired of the discomfort.

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My stepdad has short man syndrome. He emotionally abuses my mom and my little brother. My mom is depressed?

because of this. She left him two times before but keeps going back to him and "the big house". they are married again and its the same old same old. I try to be civil with him as much as i can but i hate leaving my mom when i go back to college. My mom is only with him for financial security and this big house. I tell her it's not worth living a miserable life. Has anybody been in the same boat and have some advise? What are some things we can do?

All you can do is be her friend and lend a shoulder if she needs one. Eventually she will see what her choices have brought about in her life and how they have affected those she loves most. When she DOES realize this, she will have alot of guilt to live with for the rest of her life. Don't rub it in. Be understanding and non-judgemental. That's what you would want if you let love cause you to be selfish and blind and make bad decisions. Learn from your mom's mistake and choose wisely.
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Does anyone have a picture of hair with short sidebangs, and long (top of rib-cage length) hair?

Please, no weird "scene", punk or emo hairstyles, and no crazy colors.
Straight hair please
By short sidebangs, I mean by the eye or a little below.





http://img2.timeinc.net/people/i/2007/database/newpics/reesewitherspoon300.jpg  (+ info)

Borderline short PR syndrome on EKG?

I just had a EKG that said I have borderline short PR syndrome, my echocardiogram was normal but I have had a few episodes of tachycardia that is what led me to the doc.
Has anyone else ever been told this?? Should I be worried? What did the doc tell you to do. I am having a stress test Friday and I am trying not to worry too much.
I am only 30 have great blood pressure, I never had this probelm until I had my baby 10 months ago.

In my 30 years + experience it not something out of the blue to have a Pr syndrome on EKG. Once the BP is controlled it goes away and blood thinners are prescribed. There is no such thing as borderline , either one has it or not.
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What clothes should a short girl with a big rib cage, medium stomach, small legs, and athletic arms wear?

my sister is looking for a graduation dress that will look good on her. she's 5'2. also what other clothes will look good cuz she's really insecure.

dont over dress her or the opposite of it as well meaning dont undress her as well, like straps will only show of her broadness,
dress,should be something very simple but expensive, not to much jewelry,she can focus on high heels which will give her more hight and in turn she would look more sleaker to many curls and bangs of hair on the face will only make her apear to be more bulky so sleak look of straight hair might help to make her look taller, a good evening bag to cling on to and her smiling face is all she needs for that extra touch,  (+ info)

what is Short PR syndrome?

My mom just had an echo cardiograhm done and the doc said she had short PR syndrome. Ive tried researching it but cant find anything helpful. anyone know anything about this? or the treatments or any helpful websites?

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what are the complications in Short-bowel syndrome?

Does the patient end up with a colostomy, enteral feeding( artificial feeding?), and alabsorbtion of the food?

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